The Zem carrier is a large ship that act as both defensive and offensive satellite stations.


As Enemies Edit

Galaxy Angel Edit

Zem carriers are encountered early in the game along with Destroyers and Cruisers before they are replaced with more specialized units as the games goes on. Their visuals are distinct in that it appears to be more of a satellite than a cruiser. The Black Moon evidently stops using this model of Zem in favor of its new model based off the Zarf carrier.

Moonlit Lovers Edit

Both allied and enemy Zem carriers now take the regular shape of the new model of carriers that were also used by the Transbaal fleet in the final mission of Galaxy Angel.

As Allies Edit

They only appear in the newer models in the later missions where their respectable damage and armor far outclass the previously allied cruisers and destroyers. Their effectiveness continues through the trilogy as their firepower can take down larger, more threatening ships. However, their speed make them unfit to combat fighters.

They appear for the last time in GAII's final missions where they appear along with the Spard Destroyers and Barmell Carriers, along with the allied NEUE fleet in its penultimate mission.