Verel's Insurrection was the hostile takeover of the Central Globe and the planet of Seldar orchestrated and led by Verel. When the original, administrant race that inhabited ABSOLUTE abandoned the facility due to the effects of the Chrono Quake Bomb engineered by the young Val-Fasq race, they left Verel in stasis for reasons unknown. Centuries later after the Val-Fasq's defeat at the hands of the Transbaal Empire, the Elsior's crew discovered the Chrono Gates and ABSOLUTE where they ventured into the Central Globe to find Verel in stasis. Verel was released and he was confused as to where his kind went and openly granted the EDEN inhabitants usage of the facility.

When NEUE was discovered, the EDEN universe began a campaign to revitalize the civilization and modernize its technology. Milfeulle remained in the Central Globe as the only Gate Keeper at the time and she was protected by a fleet of EDEN ships. During that time, Verel remained in the facility and eventually came to a realization that his abandonment by his people must mean something. Other than Milfeulle, Verel had all the knowledge on operating the Central Globe's technology and had access to things left unexplored. With this reasoning, Verel thought that destiny had chosen him to remain in ABSOLUTE and use his knowledge and lineage of the original admininistrant race to rule the surviving universes. Utilizing the Shadow Moon with his native access, Verel constructed an automated fleet to destroy the EDEN fleet outside the Central Globe and puts Milfie under stasis, shutting down the Chrono Gate to EDEN.

Verel identified only one figure that could get in his way and prioritized in getting rid of Tact Mayers and the Luxiole. With the NEUE Chrono Gate's proximity to Seldar, Verel quickly subdued the planet's military and threatened for the cooperation of former Moon Angel Wing member Forte Stollen to stage a coup against the Seldar royal family. Unless Forte was cooperative of leading a contingent of his forces under the faux goal of forcibly installing NEUE's technological advances, Verel had installed a number of devices to destroy the planet. Somewhere during that time, the estranged witch Dieta allied herself with Verel to pursuit her vendetta against Magiic. Verel's coup however was not long lived as Tact proved worthy of his title as "Hero of the Empire" and his leadership of the Rune Angel Wing not only eliminated Dieta but also liberated Seldar after a fierce fleet battle against Forte. Verel was chased down to ABSOLUTE where he utilized the Shadow Moon agains the lone Luxiole but was negligent in defending the Central Globe itself as the former members of the Moon Angel Wing freed Milfie and activated the EDEN Chrono Gate, allowing for the Elsior commanded by Elsior to arrive. While the Chrono Break Cannon was ineffective against the Shadow Moon, the upgraded Dual Chrono Break Cannon destroyed the Shadow Moon and Verel made one last stand against the combined Angel Wing.

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