The United Parallel Worlds (平行世界連合 Heikō Sekai Rengō?) or simply the UPW is an organization created after Verel's coup that focused on assisting recovering civilizations. This only extended to assisting in sharing technologies and revitalizing civilizations as the UPW did not involve themselves in a given universe's politics. But if the issue should begin to affect other universes, the UPW would be obligated to step in. The UPW operated from the Central Globe within ABSOLUTE and many of its operatives were formerly from EDEN, including the Luxiole and its crew. Tact Mayers was chosen as its first Chief with Lester Coolduras serving as Vice Chief with Almo Blueberry as the latter's aide.

The first major conflict the UPW faced was with the Three Marquis of the Arms Alliance invading and occupying planets within the Seldar Alliance and the Luxiole was forced to respond to their series of challenges. After the battle at Seldar, Tact himself arrived on the Luxiole to formally oppose the Three Marquis but the latter's disappearance after the fight had the higher-ups immediately setting up talks of peace. The UPW and the universe at large then encountered the Will and promptly identified their agenda as invasive and directly against what the UPW stood for, thus, they were labeled as the UPW's greatest enemy. By the start of the Will's multi-dimensional invasions, the UPW sent out the Luxiole to patrol NEUE while Tact and the other members stayed in the Central Globe to coordinate with the EDEN military to safeguard the other universes.