Transbaal is the home planet of the Transbaal Empire where the royal family are based on. Over 100 planets are beneath the empire's influence and houses many of the planets, most of which are unnamed, that are the homes of the characters of the series. During the dark ages following the Chrono Quake, the empire would have died out if not for the arrival of the White Moon whereupon the empire regained its foothold and set out to reclaim its lost civilizations.

Transbaal was attacked Eonia Transbaal during his bloody coup where he bombarded the royal palace from orbit and took the shattered royal vestiges upon himself as the new emperor. Eonia was however soon dethroned and his cousin, Shiva Transbaal became its empress. In the events of Galaxy Angel II, the White Moon is transported to the NEUE universe while by EK, the Black Moon is reconstructed and acts as the native "moon" for EDEN.

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