The Three Marquis (三侯爵 San Kōshaku?) are the three respective representatives of the three Arms Alliance planets of Cudgel, Pike, and Hatchet. In the events of the Galaxy Angel II the Three Marquis consisted of Calvados Cudgel, Benedictine Pike, and Genievres Hatchet. They were previously contacted by the Will emissary, Parfait, and were offered highly advanced technology if they proved themselves worthy. Agreeing to prove themselves, the three were given a highly advanced fleet to conquer the main planets of NEUE and later, to challenge and defeat the Luxiole and its Rune Angel Wing.

The three were easily able to subdue the main group of planets in the Seldar Alliance and Calvados challenged the Luxiole first to face him and his fleet at Azeat. Afterwards, Benedictine continued their efforts on Pico followed by Genievres on Magiic. The three were given one more opportunity to prove themselves and the three chose their final battleground on Seldar where they allowed the Luxiole ample time to recover and gain reinforcements. The three are defeated yet again and their judgement was quickly met with the Infinite Corridor pulling their flagships into the abyss where they were eventually confronted by Parfait and while the crewmembers of the respective flagships of the Three Marquis were given pardon and were allowed to leave freely, the three themselves were not. When the Luxiole answered Parfait's call into the Infinite Corridor, their last "test" was to face off against the Three Marquis for the final time. Subsequently, Parfait offered the Three Marquis their last chance to return home alive if they were successful in defeating the Luxiole. On this occasion, Parfait somehow transplanted the Marquis' consciousness into their flagships, allowing them an immense increase in mobility, firepower, and accuracy.

The Three Marquis are however defeated and Genievres struggled to deliver one final message to the Luxiole to warn them not to accept what Parfait planned to offer them. In Natsume's post-game omake section of EK, it is revealed that the Three Marquis' flagships were discovered intact.

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