The Spard Destroyer is the most basic vessel utilized by the Transbaal Empire military and the Black Fleet.


As Enemies Edit

From the start of both Galaxy Angel and ML, Spards are the general enemy that are paired with Cruisers for the starting portions of the game before they are replaced with more specialized ships. As the weakest enemies in the series, they are no trouble to deal with.

As Allies Edit

Unfortunately, Spards are generally useless as allies in nearly all three games. While they are generally faster than Cruisers and Carriers, Spards have the least amount of health and their weaponry deals very little damage. If anything, they die way too easily before they can deal any significant damage.

They are seen again in the final moments of GAII where they appear to assist in the final push toward the Central Globe.

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Trivia Edit

  • 3 different models of the Spard exist.
    • 1: The original Black Fleet version used by Eonia
    • 2: The second Black Fleet version used by Nefuria
    • 3: The allied version with lighter color scheme.