Sorbet (ソルベ Sorube?) is the second member of the Will that the series introduces and the primary antagonist for the majority of Eigou Kaiki no Toki.

Appearance Edit

He is identical in appearance to Parfait as seen when Tapio and Noa mistook him for the former before he introduced him/herself. As with Parfait, his true gender is ambiguous. Sorbet has a similar hair color to Parfait but wears it in multiple "tails" instead of Parfait's straight hair. Sorbet wears a purple top that covers his chest but shows off his sides and wears a matching set of gloves. Covering the top is a white raiment that covers his bottom half and his shoulders.

Eigou Kaiki no Toki Edit

Sorbet leads the Will invasion of the multiple universes and acts as the game's primary antagonist before the true leaders of Will are revealed in the final acts of the game. Sorbet reveals himself during the Will invasion of Val-Rundal and is encountered multiple times invading the allied planets of NEUE as well as the Arms Alliance. He personally shows up to confront the Luxiole after the latter's crew were able to restore the Arms Alliance's citizens. He appears interfaced with the Astral Sorbet and chases the Luxiole down before his ship is destroyed and the secondary ship, the Divine Sorbet is used to fight the Luxiole head on.

Sorbet is killed after the Rune Angel Wing damages the Divine Sorbet enough for its main functions to cease. Before the ship goes down, he attempted to take Tapio onboard the bottom half of the separated Luxiole with him but fails when the latter manages to move the ship from the explosion's effective range.


Sorbet shares a near similar attitude to Parfait, the only major difference being Sorbet's full knowledge that the Luxiole's crew have no intention of joining the Will's cause. He isn't as congratulatory or inviting as Parfait yet still keeps the air of mystery with his extremely calm tone. Sorbet has full confidence in the Will's technological capabilities and looked down at the human races trying to stop him and showed annoyance at how Noa was able to reverse engineer some of the Will technology just from a single encounter with Parfait a few months prior. Sorbet however showcased an audible change in tone to anger when Coco and Tapio were able to destroy the Astral Sorbet.