Sigurd Sidmeyer (シグルト・ジーダマイア Shiguruto Shīdamaia?) was the supreme commander of the 3rd Area Army based in the Rhome Star System. He held the rank of General. He tended to yield to anyone with great power or authority, reluctantly doing whatever he was told. As such, in conspiracy with Emperor Gerald, in TCY 407 he incited Eonia to revolt, but when the fighting began, immediately betrayed Eonia and led him into a trap. It is said that his actions then earned him his two-rank promotion from Major General to General. Perhaps due to his own weakness when dealing with figures of power or authority, he looked down on those who were weak, and fawned on those with great authority, like Prince Shiva. During the Eonia coup d'état, he was Shiva's ally; however, he let his guard down after winning a few skirmishes and was killed instantly in the surprise attack by the Black Moon.

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