Shuttles are unarmed transport vehicles utilized in both the Elsior and Luxiole. It's exterior is seen very rarely in the first trilogy and the only time it is implemented in gameplay is in the second trilogy.

Galaxy Angel Edit

The shuttle is rarely seen in the first trilogy of games and it's most notable appearances are in Mint's route in the first game and Milfie's in ML. Both were utilized by Tact but are not seen afterwards.

Galaxy Angel II Edit

The shuttle is used extensively throughout the second trilogy as the Rune Angel Wing make frequent planetfall across NEUE in numerous instances. Forte and Kazuya begin the series inside of one and the shuttle is frequently piloted by Forte and the other members of the Rune Angel Wing. By EK, newly transferred lieutenant Brenda becomes the designated pilot for the shuttle. It is prominently seen in Chapter 4 where it is chased down by the Will fleet carrying Brenda, Kelvin, and Grog inside.