I won't let you reach Lord Eonia...You will not get in the way of that man's dreams!

– Sherry Bristol

Sherry Bristol (シェリー・ブリストル), is Eonia's 2nd in command and his most trusted officer and friend. She led a contingent of fleets that pursued the Elsior.

Appearance Edit

Fitting the position of Eonia's 2nd in command, Sherry wears a dignified military uniform accompanied by a black mantle and shoulder pauldrons. The rest of her dark red outfit reaches to her feet while a black sash runs down with it. Her light pink hair reaches down to her back.

History Edit

Around a decade before the events of the story, Sherry was presumably one of his followers that were exiled with Eonia to the frontiers of the Transbaal Empire whereupon Eonia discovered the Black Moon and planned for his vengeance.

Sherry is encountered in Chapter 4 where her squadron of pursuers chase the Elsior before it escapes into Chrono Drive. However, she would remain in pursuit and would confront them immediately after they drive out and chase them before the Elsior reunites with its allies.

She is present onboard Eonia's flagship during Fargo's destruction and sets off to hunt the Elsior down once more as it makes for the White Moon to access its information. Sherry would meet her end in this encounter where she intercepts the Elsior and directed her burning flagship on a collision course with the Elsior, dying in the process but ultimately failing to stop the Elsior.

Personality Edit

Having known Eonia for the longest time, Sherry is an extremely devout and loyal servant to his cause and follows him without doubt. Her loyalty also borders on love as she yearns for his affection but ultimately did not survive the conflict to ever mention her emotions. Nonetheless, Sherry's devotion made her intimidating to her enemies and her persistence proved troubling to the Elsior's crew. In her dying breath, she hoped that her sacrifice would be valuable time bought for Eonia to reach the White Moon first.


  • Sherry's first name comes from a Spanish wine called sherry.