Shadow Moon

The Shadow Moon in TCY 417.

The Shadow Moon (影の月 Kage no Tsuki?) is a defensive satellite, much like the White Moon and the Black Moon, thats guards the Central Globe. Like the Black Moon, it had the ability to mass produce unmanned, remote control ships. It possessed a shield much more powerful than either the White or Black Moons, with enough output to nullify any damage from even a fully charged, limiter-released Chrono Break Cannon. It also had the ability to cloak itself from sensors so that the only way to be aware of its presence was to see it directly. It was used as a base of operations by Verel during his attempt to conquer all universes, but failed when the Shadow Moon was destroyed by the Luxiole using the Dual Chrono Break Cannon.

The cloaking ability is later installed onto the newly-reconstructed Black Moon as seen in EK.