Rune Angel Troupe: The 4th Concert (ルーンエンジェル隊 4th コンサート?) will be the 4th concert featuring the voice actors of the Rune Angel Troupe, and comes a year after the previous Rune Angel concert, Rune Angel Troupe: The Third Concert.

Time and PlaceEdit

  • Date: May 18, 2008.
  • Time: Concert hall opens at 16:30, concert begins at 17:30.
    • Starting at 13:00, concert merchandise will begin to be sold, but people without concert tickets will only be allowed to buy merchandise until 15:00.
  • Place: Nihon Seinen-kan Hall (日本青年館 大ホール?) in Kasumigaoka, Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo.




Ticket PricesEdit

  • SS Seats:
    • Preorder: 8,500円 (including tax)
    • At the door: 9,000円 (including tax)
  • S Seats:
    • Preorder: 5,500円 (including tax)
    • At the door: 6,000円 (including tax)

All seat tickets come with an extra gift.

Ticket SalesEdit

Starting from March 29, tickets could be bought at GAMERS and AniBro GAMERS stores. Ticket pre-ordering could also be done online at the GAMERS online store starting from 0:00 on March 7th. Also, a limited number of pre-orders were taken at the AniBro GAMERS Ikebukuro branch on March 25. Finally, tickets could also be bought at the BROCCOLI booth at the TOKYO INTERNATIONAL ANIME FAIR 2008 on March 29-30 at TOKYO BIG SIGHT.


  2. GO! GO! Rūnenjyā
  3. Rocketrouble・Love
  4. Eien no FRIENDSHIP
  6. kiss on the cheek
  8. Fantastic Shimashō
  9. Kanashimi Ryūseigun
  10. Izayoi Seigi
  11. Dota☆Bata☆Fiesta
  12. Sakuraba Saizensen
  13. Wing of Destiny
  14. Eternal Love 2007
  15. Taiyō no ARIA
  16. Merry-go-round Uchū
  17. Rune Angel Troupe Solo Medley
    1. FIGHT-FIGHT ga Tomaranai Medley ver
    2. Wasuremashō ne Yayayayayan♪ Medley ver
    3. Cosmos yori Ai wo Komete Medley ver
    4. Let's Apricot Taisō Medley ver
    5. Nano-Nano Nano Dance Medley ver
  18. HappySmile・Galaxy
  19. Yamete Meteor
  20. Uchū de Koi wa Rurun Rune
  21. UNITY


  1. Eternal Love (Event ver)
  2. Sayonara 1-ppun YUME 9-fun

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