Rowl (ロウィル, Rouiru) was the commander in chief of the Val-Fasq's Second invasion fleet. He commands his fleet on the O-Chesra

Appearance Edit

Rowil is a tall, Val-Fasq male who primarily wears the purple garbs of the Val-Fasq. He has chest-length wavy hair and is one of the few characters to wear glasses. Being the fleet commander, Rowil has the trademark marks/lines across his body that shows how many ships he has under his control.

History Edit

Rowil is introduced early on as the first antagonist that the Elsior's crew must eliminate as he is the leader of the invasion fleet that stands between the Elsior and its mission. He was sent by Gern and was "accompanied" by Wein and Lushati to not only conquer Transbaal but also remove the significant threat of Tact and the Moon Angel Wing. Rowil's fleet is easily dispatched without too much issue when Wein assists in sharing information of his fleets. In the end, Rowil's undoing would be the Val-Fasq's inability to exhibit loyalty and Wein's information would lead the Elsior to his base and to his death.

However, his defeat was only part of Wein's plan to throw off any suspicion between himself and the crew of Elsior in order to gain their trust. he congratulates Wein "as a true Val-Fasq" as he dies in his ship.

Personality Edit

He cites numerous achievements in battle, and he was the man in whom the leader of the Val-Fasq placed the highest vote of confidence. He talked in a polite way and considered himself to be from a superior race. However, he is not prone to getting into long debates with the heroes like villains such as Rezom or the Hell Hounds were; upon his introduction he simply gives them a speech that that they will all be crushed and they have no hope to win, and then cuts the communication. Wein has to clarify for the crew that this is because Rowil is a man who is absolutely confident all the time in everything he does, which is why he's won so many previous battles but is also why the Angels defeat him.