The Rispior is the mass-produced model of the Elsior after its sacrifice near Val-Rundal. Similar to how Noa created the Holy Blood by modeling it after Emblem Frames, the Ripsior was built with the same concept of replacing the Elsior.

Gameplay Edit

Storywise, the Rispior appears in the beginning of the seventh chapter of Galaxy Angel II Eigō Kaiki no Toki where the Luxiole is called back to the White Moon near Seldar where Mint commanded the ship after being reinstated to the military for wartime.

It is usable as a unit in the final mission assisting the fully winged Rune Angel Wing, where 6 ships commanded by all the Moon Angel Wing members arrive to assist. They are obscenely durable and deal a hefty amount of damage that allow them to deal with the rest of the enemies while the Rune Angel Wing target the Will's flagship Areruia Will. Each Ripsior is notably armed with a smaller variant of the Chrono Break Cannon that are arguably stronger versions of the Lucky Star's Hyper Cannon, only now the player has 6 available to use coupled with the Rune Angel Wing's own Hyper Weapons.

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