Rig-Xio fighters are the standard Val-Fasq fighter vessels that make the backbone of the Val-Fasq Fleet.

Gameplay Edit

Rig-Xios are encountered numerous times in both ML and EL. In ML. Nefuria utilizes them in her invasion fleet, presumably having access to its specifications for manufacturing. In EL full-scale invasion force utilize both the Rig-Xio pattern fighter as well as the Bars-Zeo fighters.

In terms of combat, the Rig-Xios are numerous in number and their firepower is comparatively low. However, since they are many of them, having many of them swarm the Elsior can still lead to a game over and is recommended to wipe out the fighters first and foremost. Compared to Bars-Zeo patterns, Rig-Xio's frequently engage in dogfights.