Project G.A. is a project by BROCCOLI for the development of the media franchises of Galaxy Angel, Galaxy Angel II, and their related character properties.


Project G.A. was first drafted when the president of BROCCOLI at the time, Takāki Kitani, wanted to make a space opera. The project's tentative title was GALAXY ANGEL, however, to allow for the possibility of changing the name later, they took the first letters from both words and announced it in September of 2000 as Project G.A. In the end, they could not find a more fitting name for the project, so Galaxy Angel was officially adopted as the meaning of G.A.


The universe of Galaxy Angel has a Sci-Fi theme with a worldview that looks at the future with themes such as "the futuristic worldview", "the inhabitants are usually humans" and "with many ingredients that have elements of romance, love, war and technology". Most of the characters are usually female as Galaxy Angel is a bishoujo series, the first product of Galaxy Angel series was originally supposed to be the first game but delays led to the anime production team to utilize what information they were given of the characters to make a comedy series, making the anime the first of the franchise to be released.






  • Galaxy Angel:
    • Pita-Pita Angel♪
    • Pita-Pita Angel♪ A
    • G.A. da Nyo
    • Angel LOVE
  • Galaxy Angel II:
    • Broccoli The Night Mizuno Ryō Produce Ryoko and Yūna's G☆A☆
    • Pyapapupīpenpepūn

Informational ShowsEdit

  • GATV
  • Akihabara Information Station


  • Musical Galaxy Angel
  • Musical Galaxy Angel Re-Mix
  • Galaxy Angel Dinner Show

External LinksEdit

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