Phel Orchietette (ペル・オレキエッテ) is the young Gate Keeper of the PHOS universe.

Appearance Edit

Phel is a child with lightly tanned skin that is dressed reminiscent of shamanistic cultures. He has long purple hair that is parted to the left and does not wear a shirt, instead wearing a red cloth that acts as a "shirt", scarf, and hood. He wears a black pants and carries a feathered staff with him at all times.

Eigou Kaiki no Toki Edit

Phel is introduced fairly early in EK where he is the 2nd Gate Keeper introduced in the story while being the 3rd to be mentioned. He is transferred to the Luxiole for a short time and befriends the Rune Angel Wing where he demonstrates a familiar trait of having extremely polarizing sides of luck. He apparently was previously acquainted and became infatuated with Noa, who in return, feared and felt annoyed by his presence. When Milfie returned to EDEN, Phel was shuttled back to ABSOLUTE to act as the Gate Keeper for the time being before he eventually returns to PHOS similar to how Milfie returned to her native-dimension

Phel is seen again at the very end of the game where he appears in the Master Core room along with the other 5 Gate Keepers to forestall the Big Crunch.

Personality Edit

Before he is met, Noa described him to Kazuya as a "little creep" and did not hold back in expressing her dislike toward him. When actually met, Phel is a soft-spoken and generous child who betrayed Kazuya's expectations completely after hearing what Noa had to say and wondered what was wrong with her to think that Phel was in any way rude or impolite. Phel's hidden nature surfaces when he finally sees Noa again and reveals that he is an extreme masochist and enjoyed being abused by her.