The Papillon Chaser is a pearl pink Emblem Frame piloted by Natsume Izayoi. The Papillon Chaser's Hyper Weapon is the Zephyrus Rampage, which releases hundreds of pink energy butterflies that attach themselves to the target and explode a second later causing great damage, similar to the First Aider's Needle Flechette.

Gameplay Edit

It is first confronted as an enemy unit where it's offensive capabilties can easily cripple an allied Emblem Frame after 2-3 volleys. Once it is an allied Emblem Frame, the Papillon Chaser has the highest offensive and defensive capabilities of all NEUE Emblem Frames with good range to boot. However this leaves it with little movement or speed and it will be a sitting duck if not careful. The Papillon Chaser's stats make it similar to Forte Stollen 's Happy Trigger with its slow, but siege-like damage output while being able to tank for the team.

As stated before, the Zephyrus Rampage is a large single target explosive Hyper Weapon that releases hundreds of missiles to latch on to an enemy ship before detonating.

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