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Cartoonist s

Kanan mascot logo at the time of GA.

Penname: Kanan (かなん): Yuko Ootsuki Yuu (大月 悠祐子): (Yuko Otsuki おおつき ゆうこ) is a Japanese female cartoonist, illustrator. Nicknamed Yotchan.

Her father is Yuki Yoshizawa Yasushi (吉沢 やすみ) and is also a cartoonist.

She is married to the cartoon artist Ooi Masakazu (大井 昌和).


Welcome to Pia Carrot 2

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Staff in:Edit

DiGiCharat (manga): Story & Art (various chapters)

Galaxy Angel (manga) Story & Art

Galaxy Angel (TV) Original Character Design

Galaxy Angel A (TV) : Original Character Design

Galaxy Angel Beta (manga) : Story & Art

Galaxy Angel II (manga) : Story & Art

Galaxy Angel II: Tenshi no Haneyasume (manga) : Story & Art

Galaxy Angel Party (manga) Story & Art (various chapters), Character Design

Galaxy Angel Rune (TV) : Original Character Design

Galxy Angel S (special) : Original Character Design Galaxy Angel X (TV) : Original Character Design

Galaxy Angel Z (TV) : Original Character Design

Galaxy Angel (game) : Orignial Character Design & Art, story.

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