Humanity is truly interesting. With my ability, I built that interface and was allowed anywhere.

– Noah (interface)

Noa (ノア?) was the automatic interface of the Black Moon, designed to operate with minimal human input, as the Black Moon was designed to be a completely automated defense platform. A human administrator, also named Noa, was stored in cold sleep in the core, who could be awoken in special circumstances. The interface had little regard for human life, and was not hesitant to sacrifice people to accomplish her goals.


Eonia's coup d'étatEdit

Noa encountered Eonia and decided to assist in his attempt to conquer the Transbaal Empire. She referred to Eonia as "onii-sama," and provided him the ability to mass-produce an unmanned, remote-controlled invasion fleet. However, she did this only to further her own goals, not to help Eonia. Once in the Transbaal system, with the confirmation of the White Moon, she put her own plans into effect, instructing the Black Moon to devour the White Moon, and merge with it. This was put to a stop by Moon Angel Wing and the Elsior, which fired the Chrono Break Cannon into the Black Moon, penetrating its shield, and split it to pieces.