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Natsume Izayoi
Anime: Galaxy Angel Rune
Game: Galaxy Angel II Zettai Ryōiki no Tobira
Appears In: Anime, manga and game
Gender: Female
Age: 11
Birth date: March 16 (Pisces)
Blood Type: AB
Height: 132cm
Hair Color: Pink
Eye Color: Amber
Personality: Regal, Dignified, Curious
Relationship: Yuzu Izayoi (Younger Sister)
Genievres Hatchet (Former Caretaker
Karatachi Izayoi (Father)
Akebi Izayoi (Mother)
Theme Song: Fureru Nara Sotto
Japanese CV: Atsuko Enomoto
Emblem Frame: Papillon Chaser (RA-006)
Rank: Second Lieutenant (TCY 417)

"I said that I had taken a liking to you, had I not?"
— —

Natsume Izayoi (ナツメ・イザヨイ?) is the eighth and final member of the Rune Angel Troupe and pilots the Papillon Chaser. She was the princess of the Arms Alliance who initially appeared as an enemy before joining the Luxiole's crew during the fight against the Three Marquis. She is the character counterpart of Chitose Karasuma, while her Emblem Frame shares a similar role to Forte.        


Before joining the Rune Angel Wing, Natsume wore a traditional Arms Alliance dress with primarily red colors with gold trims. Over the dress is a light purple "jacket" with a green brooch that covers most of her upper body. When Natsume is made an official member of the Rune Angel Wing, her red dress is replaced with the custom-made dress with matching colors to the rest of her team. While her costume may have changed, the most notable visual aspects of Natsume remain the same, first and foremost being her oversized sleeves that go past her hands and the two green butterfly hairpins. The front portion of her hair form two "drills" while on the side, they are looped around her hairpins.

At the end of the seriesi, Natsume has decided to abandon her tradition of hiding skin and has taken a much lighter clothing with a more conventional dress.


Natsume was born into the royal house of Izayoi, the ruling power of the Arms Alliance that consists of the planets Cudgel, Pike, and Hatchet. She was the oldest of 5 daughters of Karatachi and Akebi Izayoi. Her father, the Duke of Izayoi, had under his authority the Three Marquis that represented their respective planets. Natsume had previously despised the notion of her becoming a princess as she did not want for her sole identity to be known as the princess of the Arms Alliance and preferred to be treated as she was as a person. She was most frequently found with her caretaker, Genievres who she viewed as her only friend. 

Natsume made her first appearance in Kazuya's ending from the 2nd-disc content of Mugen Kairo no Kagi where she bumped into Chitose on Magiic.

Mugen Kairo no KagiEdit

Natsume is introduced early in the conflict between the Luxiole's crew and the Arms Alliance and was technically the first "member" of it to face the Rune Angel Wing. In an attempt to dispense "justice", Natsume faced the Luxiole with a small amount of ships and her Papillon Chaser. She was promptly defeated and was taken aboard the Luxiole as a "captive" where Kazuya was assigned to keep watch over her and while she was not too eager to befriend others, she slowly began to warm up to the crew. Lily would make strides into befriending her after she was given orders to safeguard her by Soldum.

Screenshot (842)

It would not be until the transmission with Genievres that made Natsume realize that she was left behind for good and that her authority in the Arms Alliance was completely null and void. Natsume began to side with the Luxiole's crew and aided them by giving Benedictine's fleet formations stationed at the Pico. She joined the fight against her former allies at Seldar when her Emblem Frame was fully repaired.

Natsume's route is only implemented in Eigou Kaiki no Toki's 2nd Disc when in all other routes, she only assisted in the route conflict and partook in the final fights. Natsume's route conflict begins where in order to bridge the relationship between the Seldar Alliance and the Arms Alliance after the misdeeds of the Three Marquis, was for Natsume marrying into Seldar's Royal family. Kazuya was against this and for speaking out at the wedding, he was incarcerated in the detention barracks.

The Rune Angel Wing, with the exception of Roselle, agreed with Kazuya's intentions and decided to break him out of his captivity and have Kazuya and Natsume stake out on a nearby planet to wait things out. Kazuya and Natsume spend some time together but Kazuya eventually gets ridden with an illness and for their best interests, they return to the Luxiole. Coincidentally, the White Moon is pulled through the Infinite Corridor into NEUE and the political marriage is stopped.

Within the Infinite Corridor, Natsume would have one last conversation with her former caretaker. Coco and Natsume tried to convince Genievres to stand down and be provided what little amnesty the UPW could give but Genievres turned the offer down, saying that his essence has been fully integrated onto his ship and his fellow Marquis have suffered the same fate. The Rune Angel Wing are forced to fight the Three Marquis again one last time and when they are victorious, Genievres contacts them one last time and says his goodbyes to Natsume before the Genievres' ship is disintegrated by the Astral Parfait's main cannon.

Eigou Kaiki no TokiEdit

Natsume was present along with the rest of the Luxiole's crew on Juno to commemorate the 5-year anniversary of the liberation of Eden from the Val-Fasq. Tact himself showed up to hand Natsume her personalized Angel Wing uniform and the crew learned of the Arms Alliance tradition of Natsume's choice in large clothing as the Princess was not allowed to show off too much of her skin. Natsume decided to change into her uniform immediately and Lily requested that everyone vacate the room to uphold her duty of being her guard. During the main celebration events, Natsume, Kazuya, and Lily arrest an extremist against the truce between Val-Fasq and the people of EDEN where Natsume showcased her inherited "ability" to forge a barrier around herself invoked by her birthmark.

Natsume is present through all of the game's events in assisting Rico in solving her reflex, discovering Nano's origins, helping Anise get over her past, learning of Lily's family, and finding out the true nature between Kahlua and Tequila's unity. In her chapter, the Rune Angel Wing learn from Noa that the next opening of the Infinite Corridor will be in near the Arms Alliance space. However, Noa's calculations showed that it will open within a few days and the time it will take for the Luxiole to arrive will be a few days late. Natsume was understandably distressed upon hearing this news and Kazuya and Lunti attempted to cheer her up by cooking something for her, only to find a recent, ship-wide shortage of sugar traced back to the two fairies who stowed away.

When the Luxiole finally reached the Arms Alliance, they repulse a Will fleet around the area and make planetfall on the capital planet of Hatchet. They found that the planets were attacked but instead of a direct assault, the people have been encased in an ice-like substance. The crew continued their investigation inside the royal palace where Natsume was reunited with her younger sister, Yuzu. Yuzu explained that a few mysterious organisms that descended from the sky encased all the people in "ice" and the crew decide to bring Yuzu back the Luxiole and also a frozen civilian for examination. The "ice" turned out to be nanomachine based and while healing all three planets will take time, they also need assistance from the fairies to attune everyone's consciousness in the process to fully restore them. The fairies agreed to assist and the reasons for the two fairies to stowaway are revealed as the homeworld of the fairies are nearby. The team visit Sprite and the leader of the fairies, Harcourt agreed to help. Natsume gives Yuzu the responsibility to inspire her people before the restoration process begins but her timidness gets the best of her and Natsume gives a wake up call to her people before laughing away and have her people restored.

In Natsume's route conflict, she became distressed at how everyone viewed her relationship with Kazuya as akin to a "master and servant" lifestyle as Kazuya seemed to have essentially become her errand boy (among other things). Natsume consulted Lily to advise her on how to fix this and while Lily pointed towards Kahlua and Rico for love advice, she became convinced to help Natsume after hearing the latter say she's the one who she trusts the most. Lily's "teachings" have Natsume act more like the servant to Kazuya's unintended new role as her "master". The shenanigans end as Natsume and Kazuya are instructed to clear the way for the new bottom half of the Luxiole and leave for the derelict half to apply the detonation sequences. However, during their leave, Natsume's clothes get stuck in the gate and with the oxygen levels decreasing, Kazuya has no choice but to tear her clothes off and quickly cover her with his jacket. Being that she is still very young and that her tradition has never allowed anyone to have a glimpse of bare skin, Natsume was too surprised at the events that occurred and shut herself in her room for a while. During this, Herea in the body of Roselle, targeted her room and whisked her away.


"I'm not okay with that at all~ I want people to see that we are a couple~"
— —

As expected of someone from royal upbringing, Natsume is very mature and responsible for a girl of 11 years. She placed the people of the Arms Alliance and those important to her before herself and was willing to marry into the royal family of Seldar to repair connections. With her privileged youth, Natsume was taught many things, one of which included playing the cello. While Natsume stressed her authority as a Princess, she truly wished for someone to treat her like a regular person and the Rune Angel Wing provided her with the atmosphere and treatment she so desired.

Screenshot (726)

While she is knowledgeable in etiquette with her regal attitude, Natsume lived a sheltered life and exhibited immense curiosity as expected of someone her age. Before her encounter with the Rune Angel Wing, she never knew what a movie was or what the flavor of sweets were. She took a liking to watching movies which becomes her main hobby during the events of EKnT after taking interest in it during MKnK. In one occasion, Natsume asked Kazuya to perform a "Princess Carry" when she saw a picture book Nano had left in her room. She states that she had seen this many times in movies and in books and wished to experience what one felt like. Natsume also shows interest in magic as she was particularly interested with Tequila and Mimolette during their encounter. Her young age however still comes with being annoyed at certain things. She initially becomes annoyed with Lily's insistence when she follow her everywhere as a guard. She also got angry at how Anise constantly pronounced names wrong and also at Kahlua during their shiritori game where Kahlua naturally ended every word with an "n" sound. 

When romanced, Natsume showed a degree of maturity for the youngest member of the Rune Angel Wing. While she was understandably not forthcoming to the crew at first, she made a certain pardon for Kazuya for helping her when she first arrived on the Luxiole. Natsume mentioned that she did not have too many chances to make friends and the only person who spent significant time with her was Genievres. With the latter now an enemy, Natsume found a friend in Kazuya and decided to help the team, seeing as how she was abandoned and how much she was cared for on the Luxiole. While Natsume was astute in her choice to agree to the arranged marriage, she asked Kazuya to stop in his attempts to cancel the ceremony as it paieds her to partake in the event. Natsume was extremely distressed at the fact that the team did not find her relationship with Kazuya a romantic one and she goes to great lengths to affirm their relationship to be a serious one. 




  • Natsume refers to Kelsie and Santa Rosa as Creature 1 and Creature 2
  • Natsume's name comes from the Japanese name for the Jujube fruit, a fruit which is used in the production of some confectioneries.
  • In the post-game omake in Eigou Kaiki no Toki, Natsume is informed by Tapio that the Three Marquis's flagships have been discovered near Arms Alliance space with the nano-polymers of the Three Marquis' identities intact.

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