The emblem of the Moon Angel Wing

The Moon Angel Troupe or the Moon Angel Wing is the paramilitary unit that piloted the EDEN-type Emblem Frames that was initially created to be the guardians and militant force of the White Moon. Their duties eventually became that as the vanguard of the Transbaal Military as they were called into active duty during the events of Eonia's Coup and were led by the Admiral Luft Weizen and stationed on the Elsior on a mission to escort the last surviving member of the royal family. Luft handed down this duty and privilege to lead the unit to Tact Mayers.

Recognized for their victory against Eonia's coup against overwhelming odds, the Moon Angel Wing received further acclaim and became legends after defending the Transbaal Empire from the Val-Fasq invasion and defeating the Val-Fasq once and for all on their homeworld, subsequently canceling the apocalypse by negating the Chrono Quake Bomb. The unit was disbanded with the discovery of new Emblem Frames in the parallel universe of NEUE in TCY 417 and was succeeded by the Rune Angel Wing. While disbanded, they still continued to fight against the conflicts in the neighboring universe and assisted their successors on many occasions.

While originally a team of five, Karasuma Chitose entered service in the early stages of the Val-Fasq invasion following Eonia's coup. Forte Stollen acted as the unit's leader.

Members and Emblem FramesEdit

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