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Mint Blancmanche
Second Lieutenant Blancmanche in TCY 412
Gender: Female
Age: 16 (TCY 412)
20 (TCY 417)
Height: 123 cm
Hair Color: Light Blue
Eye Color: Amber
Personality: Cynic, Pretending, Refined, Smart, Sweet lover
Emblem Frame: Trick Master (GA-003)
Rank: Second Lieutenant (TCY 412)
Blamanche Company NEUE Branch Manager (TCY 417)
Theme Song: In My Heart
First Appearance: Galaxy Angel Season 1
Japanese CV: Miyuki Sawashiro
English VA: Nicole Bouma

Mint Blancmanche (ミント・ブラマンシュ Minto Buramanshu?) is a member of the Moon Angel Troupe and pilots the Emblem Frame Trick Master.


This section assumes that the player has chosen Mint's route wherever appropriate.

Early LifeEdit

Very little is known about Mint's life before she joined the Angel Troupe. As heiress to the Blancmanche Corporation it was expected that she would be groomed to succeed her father but she rejected this future and chose to become a priestess of the White Moon instead. Her father was shocked at first but tolerated her leaving with the expectation that she would one day return and have full knowledge of the White Moon's secrets.

Moon Angel WingEdit

Mint was initially part of the welcoming party sent to escort Tact Mayers to the Elle Ciel following his initial encounter with mysterious unmanned ships. Despite her initial misgivings she took a more reserved approach than her teammates to the new commanding officer. She played a crucial role in assisting the Elle Ciel in its flight from the coup d'etat forces by drawing upon the Blancmanche Corporation's considerable resources to resupply the beleaguered ship and restore the morale of the Angel Wing. Over the course of the journey, Tact and Mint became closer to each other and Tact eventualy asked Mint to be his partner for the grand ball on Rhome. After an attack by Eonia Transbaal, the Angel Troupe rushed to the White Moon while Mint's father, Darno, attempted to take her away. Tact left the Elle Ciel to confront him personally and bring Mint back. In the final battle against the Black Moon she singlehandedly defended the Elle Ciel during its final approach with the aid of a powerful psychic bond that developed between her and Tact. After the battle she left the Angel Troupe to accompany Tact on his mission to the frontier.

In Moonlit Lovers, Mint suffered from self-esteem issues stemming from her weakening telepathy and the disappearance of her bond with Tact, as well as a misunderstanding involving him and a half-asleep Chitose. Her powers eventually returned and she was able to reconcile with Tact. Together they piloted the GA-007 in Operation Angel Slap against the Valfask super battleship O-Gaub.

In Eternal Lovers, Mint suffered an injury that caused her telepathy to malfunction, broadcasting her thoughts instead of picking up others'. Eventually, even her specially shielded room was unable to contain her audible thoughts, forcing her to try to leave the ship. When the other Angels tried to stop her they were systematically disabled by Mint's innermost negative thoughts about them (for example, Milfeulle's distraction with sweets or Forte's obsession with guns). Even after Tact persuaded her not to leave, she still had her doubts. After Mint became trapped in a ruined building and Tact located her by hearing her thoughts she was able to come to terms with power and helped Tact end the Second Valfask War by preventing another Chrono Quake.

NEUE Branch ManagerEdit

Mint blancmanche 2

Mint in TCY 417

In Galaxy Angel II, Mint has retired from the military and is now the president of her family business in a branch at NEUE. She assists Anise in becoming part of the Rune Angel Troupe.
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in EKnT


Possessing telepathic abilities, Mint can read the surface thoughts of others, even if she doesn't want to. This led to her reluctancy to be with others outside the Angel Troupe. She loves all candy and exotic tea, particularly Orange Pekoe from the planet Nirugi and tea leaf from the Samrong system. Mint also has a fascination for fast food owing to her sheltered life in the Blancmanche family mansion. The one thing she keeps secret from even her closest friends is her hobby of dressing up in animal costumes.

As befitting a corporate heiress, Mint is very good at managing both people and resources, and is very rational and methodical in her decision-making. She is skilled at information gathering and can provide Tact with detailed knowledge on the specifications, strengths and weaknesses of all the Emblem Frames. Thanks to her upbringing she is also experienced in navigating high society and, in her route, was able to lead Tact during the final waltz, only stumbling when he stopped too early. Mint is the best player of both White-Black and Flash Fighter on the Elle Ciel.

She sometimes serves as the voice of reason due to her calm, composed demeanour but when she is depressed, sad, angry, or otherwise upset about something, she tends to cover this up and act as though nothing is wrong though this usually fails as her hesitancy is still visible. In general Mint admires intelligent people who take the time to make calm, rational decisions and people who share interests with her. She values honesty and integrity, and dislikes people who treat her nicely simply because of her status while attempting to further their own ambitions.

Mint eventually comes to care for Tact because he accepts her for who she is, unlike other men she's known, and her feelings will always reach him thanks to their telepathic bond so Tact will always understand her. She disagrees with Eonia's methods because they are too short-sighted. A coup d'etat against a popular ruler would create too much resentment and lay the foundation for further political and economic chaos.

Other MediaEdit


Mint Blancmanche is a young blue-haired girl of 16. Hailing from the wealthy Blancmanche family, she is prim and proper, albeit snobbish. She is notable for having a pair of rabbit ears above her human ears, a trait shared by her entire family and the family pet. They can move depending on her emotions and can flap rapidly for flight. Although generally considered real, they were shown to most likely be fake in the third season, after an ordeal with a duck helmet completely removed her hair and rabbit ears, while leaving her real ears attached..

Mint has an obsession for cosplay, especially full-body animal suits or kigurumi. As a hobby, she would wear costumes seemingly for the sake of wearing costumes. She is very quiet with her interest and most people are unaware that she loves costumes this much. She seems to keep this as a secret, hoarding her collection in a vault in her room and once even allowed the other Angels to die before they saw her in costume (they survived). Nevertheless, she has on occasion worn or expressed unusual interest in costumes in front of others without as much as an odd look.

Coming from a prominent family, Mint shows a very polite demeanor and is calm and graceful in speech. She exhibits a genius intelligence, showing apitude in military tactics and coming up with clever ways to solve problems. However, being smarter than others, she can come off as arrogant and can be very self-serving. Worse still are her sadistic and murderous tendencies, as she has on occasion attempted to harm, kill, or otherwise inconvenience others for personal benefit.

At age 20, Mint is getting more involved in her family business, though she may still be with the military since she still wears her uniform. Her most notable client, Anise Azeat, owes her a large deal of money and was forced into the Angels to pay the debt. She appears to delight in scaring Anise, who deathly afraid of her.



A member of the Angel Troupe with telepathic powers, which caused her to have a hard time trusting other people like Takuto. She loves cosplaying, tea, artificially flavored sweets. In one part of the manga, she goes on a solo mission to search for the fake Takuto roaming around the ship. When she finally finds it, she is overpowered by it, but thanks to Takuto, no harm was done. Mint then learns to trust Takuto when they have a little talk while stargazing with the other angels.


  •  (To Ranpha) "Panpakapanpan see you later!"
  • (To Ranpha) "Ranpha-San, you too... It's like a mummy hunter turning in to a mummy.


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