Mimolette Portoran, her maiden name, Limburg, is the previous childhood friend of Kahlua Marjoram, whose fear of Kahlua's abilities led to the latter's doubt of her own talents. Kahlua's familiar, Mimolette, is named after her.

Appearance Edit

In her younger years, Mimolette wore her dark green hair in two large pigtails while currently, she has them cut short. She is seen in a coma in her current appearances and not much else is shown.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

As a young girl, Mimolette befriended Kahlua when they were in grade school and were inseparable playmates. On one fateful day, Mimolette was trapped in a burning building and Kahlua used her talent for magic to extinguish the fire but while she saved her friend's life, Mimolette was extremely frightened by the intense display of magic and avoided Kahlua after the incident, changing Kahlua's life and the latter's view on her abilities.

Sometime before the events of EK, Mimolette married a doctor and her maiden name of Limburg became Portoran. She became a researcher who apparently found something regarding the Will, but soon came under a condition akin to a coma.

Eigou Kaiki no Toki Edit

Screenshot (1615)

Mimolette's strange case of sleep matched with the NEUE Gate Keeper's coma-like state and the Rune Angel Wing were sent to Magiic to investigate as to what the cause of this was. An incident with Tequila and Caraway has the team kicked out of the hospital room and they decide to investigate this themselves when Kahlua's memories of Mimolette seemed to differ from what she remembered. A trip to the suburbs and to Mimolette's house lead to immense suspicion and Kahlua hypnotizes a maid who recognized her and made her lead them to the spot where she saved Mimolette from the fire. The location does not link up and further research in her school records lead Kahlua to conclude that her memories were tampered with.

Mimolette is not seen again but the team learn that she was indirectly involved with the Will's presence.

Personality Edit

Mimolette is never actually seen interacting with others but her deep friendship with Kahlua and her eventual spurning of the relationship scarred Kahlua for a good portion of her life and was technically responsible for her mental block and the creation of Tequila. Kahlua seriously treasured Mimolette's friendship and to see it disappear due to her skills led her to question herself instead of questioning Mimolette's vendetta.