Menorca Sardine is a former squadmate of Lily during the latter's time as the Captain of the royal guard. She is frequently seen together with Deriana.

Appearance Edit

Menorca has long, bright reddish-orange hair that is coiled into multiple braids. She wears a similar armor to Lily, only it is brown in color.

History Edit

Early History Edit

Before Lily left her position to join the Rune Angel Wing, Menorca and Deriana were the two candidates who were to succeed her position but Lily herself was strict and found the two unworthy of succeeding her. Lily instead left the decision to Forte, who was scheduled to return to Seldar after shuttling Kazuya to the Luxiole.

Eigou Kaiki no Toki Edit

Menorca is encountered on Seldar on the Luxiole's return to Seldar after the visit to Azeat to fix the Relic Raider. A Will prophecy involved a certain treasure of the Seldar Empire and prompted the team to make planetfall to discuss this with Soldum. The artifact in question was the Crimson Blade and while the team discussed with Soldum on how to best protect it, Anise ran into Menorca. Anise was previously informed by Lily that she could try whatever she wanted to make the sword budge, as it would be impossible for her and Anise took the statement as a challenge. With someone suspicious near the artifact, Menorca entered a brief scuffle against Anise before Lily showed up to break the fight. Deriana showed herself as well to apologize for Menorca's aggressive attitude.

The two are not seen again until the end of the Chapter where they confront Lily and the team with a group of hostile knights. Apparently, the duo despised Lily for her harsh judgement and held a grudge against her for quite some time and they only feigned their lack of skill to remain with their organization. Lily however, is able to apprehend the two simultaneously while using the Crimson Blade.

Personality Edit

Little is known about Menorca's true nature but she exhibits a strange tendency to speak in extremely concise statements, usually limiting her "sentences" to two words. Compared to Deriana, she seems more impatient and impulsive.

Behind-the-scenes Edit

  • Similar to Deriana, Menorca's last name is derived from sardines.