Masara Azeat is thte late mother of Anise Azeat and the wife of Garam.


Masara appears much like her daughter with familiar red hairstyle minus the two twintails Anise has. The blue hair accessories Masara wears was recovered and was later gifted to Anise much later. Masara wears an ornate black and gold jacket that reach down to her knees and black pants accompanied by a red sash. She wears a matching set of bracers that cover her wrist and hands.


At some point in time, Masara married Garam Azeat, the founder and leader of the treasure hunter family and eventually gave birth to the infant Anise. Soon after, Garam was chosen to be the liaison between forging an alliance with Azeat and Seldar. Prince Soldum, who went by Stanley at the tume, was curious to see the great discovery that the Azeat family had found in one of the caves and Garam and Masara led him down the tunnels to show him the Relic Raider's dig site. While Stanley gazed at in awe, Anise began crying to which Masara began to feel the tunnel shaking. Garam and Masara handed the infant Anise to Soldum to be the first to evacuate using the narrow mine shaft elevator. Garam prioritized in having Soldum and Anise leave, then followed by Masara, and then himself last. The plan however was cut short when the tunnel collapsed beneath Soldum as he and Anise reached the surface. Apparently, the couple were discovered beneath the rubble soon after and Garam spoke to Kelvin to deliver his and Masara's wishes for Anise before passing away.


Not much is known about Masara's personality other than the brief recollection sequence told from Soldum's memories. Masara shares the same values with Garam as she agreed to save her daughter and Soldum's lives before their own. Likewise, she held the same beliefs with Garam for Anise to live among her friends and loved ones and for her to become strong.