Luco Frite (ルコ・フリット Ruko Furitto?) is a salesclerk at a convenience store called "Junks" on the Luxiole.

Appearance Edit

Luco is a man of average size that wears a distinctly different uniform compared to the rest of the Luxiole's crew. Instead of the black, white, and gold jacket, he wears a green uniform with white. red, and teal trims. He also has the front part of his hair flattened by a hairband.

History Edit

Service on the Luxiole Edit

Luco is met during Kazuya's tour of Luxiole with Rico and, much like Tact was, was surprised to find a convenience store inside the ship. Luco is an employee of "Junks", the convenience store chain owned by the Blancmanche Company. This also gives him the responsibility of the Recreation Room as the many machines there are assets of the company as well. Luco exclusively fulfills his role as a side character as he most frequently appears in the free roam segments where Kazuya will encounter one of the Angels in the convenience store.

Like most of the crew members, Luco's name is heard for the first time in the beginning of Eigou Kaiki no Toki by Kazuya. The latter found out by reading Luco's name-tag which strangely never occurred to Kazuya to ever read. He is also revealed to be the younger of Ecco Frite, the store clerk of the Elsior's convenience store.

Personality Edit

Like his brother, Luco speaks with an extremely laid back tone and keeps his dutiful position as the sales clerk of the convenience store onboard the Luxiole. He seems to be the only worker in the store and the only one who maintains the Recreation Room. Other than being patronizing as his job demands, Luco is constantly distressed by Anise, a regular of the Recreation Room, who is prone to breaking equipment if she gets angry. Luco also shows some distress when his brother interferes with his work in the short reunion.