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The Infinite Corridor (無限回廊 Mugen Kairō?) is a space much like ABSOLUTE in that it links many different universes. However, unlike ABSOLUTE, it linked all space equivalently, and did not require Chrono Gates. Utilizing the Infinite Corridor, one could easily cross over to parallel universes without going through ABSOLUTE, and entering and exiting it could be done from anywhere in any universe. The ability to traverse it was the goal for the Three Marquis during the events of MK and was the ultimate prize that was offered by Parfait.

They were utilized by Will to transport their fleets during the Will invasion of NEUE and EDEN and it showed the property to allow transportation to anywhere as it was used to direct Kazuya to the Master Core room in the climax of EK. It is assumed that the Will members resided somewhere inside the Infinite Corridor.