Hyper Blaster
Interrupt Hyper Blaster
Function: High power energy cannon
Damage: Very High
Equipped on: Cross Caliber

The Hyper Blaster is the Hyper Weapon of the Cross Caliber and fires two extremely high power energy beams from the Emblem Frame's main guns. It is comparable to the Lucky Star's "Hyper Cannon", with its offensive capabilities only slightly reduced. It can blast through multiple targets but only as long as they are in a straight line.

While the Hyper Cannon shredded through any target in its area, the Hyper Blaster can only damage what is directly in front of its laser. Unless the first ship in a line is destroyed, the ones behind will not be damaged. It will however damage enemy ships that are near the concentrated beam's impact.

Trivia Edit

  • This Hyper Weapon, like almost everything else regarding Rico and her older sister, is extremely similar to the Hyper Cannon of Milfie's Lucky Star. Fittingly with the color difference between the two siblings' preferences, it is orange instead of pink.