Hibiki Takuma (ヒビキ・タクマ Hibiki Takuma?) was one of the lieutenants serving on the Luxiole. He served on the Luxiole's bridge under Coco and Tapio as the communications operator.

Appearance Edit

Hibiki has bright red hair that resembles a more spikier variation of Tact's short hair. He is seen wearing the usual Luxiole uniform with black, white, and gold motiffs and black pants.

History Edit

Service on the Luxiole Edit

Hibiki is introduced in the beginning of Mugen Kairo no Kagi where he is seen as one of the new team of operators during Tact's absence and Coco's time as provisional commander. He is not named until Eigou Kaiki no Toki where Kazuya and the Rune Angel Wing realize that they have no idea on the names of the Bridge operators. He is seen through the events of the entirety of Mugen Kairo no Kagi and Eigou Kaiki no Toki.

Personality Edit

While not seen outside the Bridge, in the short moment where Kazuya interacted with him and Shuri, Hibiki responded positively to his question regarding his name. He also seems acquainted with the other operator, Naoru.