Harcourt is the de-facto leader of the planet of Sprite and the leader of the fairies.

Appearance Edit

Harcourt wears an intricate green dress with numerous purple veils that cover her arms, neck, and midsection. She has flowing, light blonde hair and has translucent blue wings with accompanying green and gold jewelry.

History Edit

Early History Edit

As a fairy, Harcourt has lived for other countless centuries and remembers the events when Sprite was visited by the citizens of Seldar and the Arms Alliance. While the stories of the mythical planet are considered legends, Harcourt remembers the events that transpired since those times.

Eigou Kaiki no Toki Edit

Harcourt is sought out by Kelsie and Santa Rosa when they stowaway-ed on the Luxiole when they heard the ship was traveling to the Arms Alliance space to confirm the safety of their planet against the Will. Harcourt is consulted to help save the citizens of the Arms Alliance when nanomachine freezing rendered them completely helpless.

She appears in all the route conflicts where she allows Kazuya and his chosen Angel to set foot on Sprite, making them the first human to make contact with it since 600 years ago. She also inspects Lily and Kahlua/Tequila when the nanomachine infant's effect required her assistance.

Personality Edit

Harcourt is an extremely knowledgeable individual as she essentially is one of the oldest characters in the series. However, even with her intelligence, her "fairy" status has her act mostly whimsical at times. She seems to be feared by Kelsie and Santa Rosa, suggesting that her status as leader is not just for show.