Hamon Zerbec is the young Gate Keeper of NEUE and the "successor" to Calvados with the latter's disappearance from Cudgel.

Appearance Edit

Hamon is short and portly child with spiky green hair, and a noticeably "wide" face. He wears a reddish set of armor over traditional green clothes in a similar vein to Calvados.

History Edit

Early History Edit

Prior to his full appearance, Hamon was previously acquainted with Natsume as they were both noble youths. Whereas Natsume was from Hatchet, Hamon was from Cudgel, and it is unknown if there was someone similar from Pike.

It is assumed that he is one of the two Gate Keepers Tact announced that were discovered at the end of Mugen Kairo no Kagi.

Eigou Kaiki no Toki Edit

Hamon is encountered in Chapter 5 where the Luxiole returned to Seldar after dealing with Anise and her "family" troubles. He is seen conversing with an angry Natsume over his intrusion upon Seldar Alliance space as he and his small contingent of ships approached the White Moon. With Calvados' fate relatively unknown to the Arms Alliance populace, Hamon was put in charge of Cudgel's military in short notice. Natsume yelled for Hamon to leave lest he wanted political trouble but he insisted that he continue forward to the White Moon. When asked of his purpose for doing this, Hamon simply stated that a "mysterious initiative" required his presence in the White Moon. Hamon and his fleet are taken down by the Rune Angel Wing but in the end, Hamon was successful in arriving in the White Moon where he soon fell in a mysterious state of sleep.

Hamon is seen again at the very end of the game where he appears in the Master Core room along with the other 5 Gate Keepers to forestall the Big Crunch

Personality Edit

In the short time he interacted with Natsume and from his style of speech, Hamon is still a young child who has a noticeable "stuffy' tone. Since he was not acting normally during his brief encounter, it is tough to pinpoint his true personality as he was insistent on entering the White Moon at any cost.