The Gear Gern is the flagship of the Val-Fasq's ruler, Gern, and was armed with calamitous Chrono Quake Bomb. It is the final boss of the game and the final mission requires its destruction.

Gameplay Edit

The Gear Gern appears in the final level of EL where the Elsior, Angel Wing, and a number of allied ships are to destroy the ship along with the Chrono Quake Bomb. Numerous amounts of Val-Fasq ships surround the map while the Gear Gern will make a bee-line toward the Elsior.

It is recommended to maneuver the Elsior around one of the two obstructions located in the top right and bottom left of the map to keep it from being in range of the Gear Gern's laser. It's enormous defensive stats make it the single toughest enemy in the game and requires multiple specials to take it down.

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