Baron Garret (ガレット男爵 Garetto Danshaku?) was a masochistic, wanted space criminal who planned to take over the universe using his fleet of 10,000 unmanned, remote-controlled ships. His butler was always with him, always relaying what he said, since his speech was unintelligible to other people. Before implementing his plan however, he changed his mind and attempted to turn himself in to the Rune Angel Troupe, bringing proof of his crimes on a handkerchief data storage device. Being unsuccessful in this, he took what he though was his handkerchief and decided to turn himself into the authorities directly. Without his evidence however, the authorities did not believe him, and the verbal abuse received from the investigators caused him to become a giant on a planetary scale. He proceeded to call up his 10,000 ships, and attacked the Rune Angel Troupe, which had been dispatched to capture him. The Rune Angel Troupe initially had difficulties, but then came up with a plan to defeat his ships and return him to normal size. The plan was successful, but they neglected to capture the baron.