Garam Azeat is the late father of Anise Azeat and the husband of Masara. He was the leader of the distinguished treasure hunter family of Azeat.

Appearance Edit

Garam is a tall, muscular man with spiky red hair that flares at the top but also reaches down to his back. He wears a white jacket with gold trims and an ornate necklace and vambracer on the right arm. He wears a belt with a similar jewel as his necklace that holds his black sash and brown pants.

History Edit

At an unknown point in time, Garam found a group of Treasure Hunters that became so influential on the planet of Azeat that it still remains to this day even without his leadership. Around this time, he also married Masara. Some time after that, Garam met with the young prince of Seldar, Soldum around 15 years prior to the events of Galaxy Angel II where he was the correspondent to form an alliance between Azeat and Seldar. Soldum, who went with the name Stanley at the time, heard of an ancient technology that Garam's group uncovered on Azeat and wished to see it.

Garam and Masara lead the young prince with them down to the tunnels where they showcased to him the dig site of Emblem Frame, the Relic Raider. While Stanley was marveling at it in awe, Garam and Masara tended to their newborn, Anise, as she started crying. Suddenly, Masara feels a quake in the tunnels and looks over to Garam who understands immediately what's going on. He calls Stanley over and hands them their daughter and tells them to get to safety first using the mine shaft elevator. Garam states that Stanley and Anise would rise first, then Masara, and then himself. However the tunnels collapsed as Stanley and Anise made to the surface, leaving Anise without parents. Apparently, the couple were discovered beneath the rubble soon after and Garam spoke to Kelvin to deliver his and Masara's wishes for Anise before passing away.

Personality Edit

Not much is known of Garam in the short recollection by Soldum but he prioritized the life of his family first and foremost over his own. From the final wish that he relayed to Kelvin regarding his hopes for Anise, he seems to have treasured the bonds he made with his friends and family and hoped that Anise would become strong and find a place where she would be surrounded by loved ones.


  • Garam's first name likely came from Indonesian word 'Garam', meaning salt in English.