Galaxy Angel Volume 5
ISBN-10: 1-932480-44-7

Galaxy Angel Volume 5 is the fifth volume of the Galaxy Angel manga. This is the final volume of the manga series due to a change in publisher with the original Japanese serial. The story continues in Galaxy Angel Beta.

Synopsis from Back CoverEdit

The Angel Troupe feels the pressure as Eonia's forces draw ever closer, spreading a reign of terror across the galaxy. When Eonia's legions execute a devastating attack on a military envoy, the annihilation is so complete that only one survivor remains - Chitose. Pledging to fight against Eonia with all her strength, she joins forces with the Angel Troupe. But even with the aid of its newest ally, the deck is stacked against the Troupe as they strive to deliver Prince Shiva safely to the White Moon and uncover its mysterious secret.

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