Galaxy Angel II
Zettai Ryouiki no Tobira
Genre: Visual Novel (Romance) + Real-time tactics
Release: June 22, 2006
Developer(s): ARTDINK
Publisher: BROCOLLI Co., Ltd.
Previous Game: Galaxy Angel Eternal Lovers
Next Game: Galaxy Angel II Mugen Kairō no Kagi

Galaxy Angel II Zettai Ryōiki no Tobira (ギャラクシーエンジェルII 絶対領域の扉 Gyarakushī Enjeru II Zettai Ryōiki no Tobira?) is the first game of the Galaxy Angel II series that is set 4 years after the end of the previous game, Galaxy Angel Eternal Lovers. It features a brand new cast of Angels, the Rune Angel Troupe, and primarily takes place in a parallel universe called NEUE. The new Rune Angel Troupe features Emblem Frames from NEUE and act as the successor unit to the now disbanded Moon Angel Troupe. As for the parallel universe NEUE, it is linked to EDEN through a space called ABSOLUTE, which is the central hub to which all parallel universes are linked. This is connected to the title which roughly translates to Galaxy Angel II: The Door to Absolute.

The story begins with Kazuya Shiranami's arrival to the Luxiole as the newest and first male member of the newly formed Rune Angel Wing. When contact with Milfie inside ABSOLUTE is cut off and when previous Moon Angel Wing member Forte Stollen announces a coup d'etat on the NEUE capital planet of Seldar, Tact, Kazuya, and the Rune Angel Wing respond and are called into action.

The sequel is Galaxy Angel II Mugen Kairō no Kagi.

Gameplay Edit

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Three years ago, as an old legend predicted, the Moon Angel Wing opened the gate from ABSOLUTE to the NEUE universe. With their arrival, they brought advanced technology and did not hesitate to share the wreath of knowledge and scientific advancement. In the blink of an eye, NEUE flourished with this unity.

Chapter 1: Enlistment, Rune Angels (入隊、ルーンエンジェル)Edit

ZR CG Gen 4

Lieutenant Colonel Stollen and Second Lieutenant Kazuya Shiranami

The newest member of the Rune Angel Troupe, Second Lieutenant Kazuya Shiranami, previously a chef, is shuttled to the Luxiole by his instructor, Forte Stollen. He expresses certain joy in knowing that his team, the Angel Wing, is an all female unit. However, Kazuya's attitude becomes serious as he realizes he is now entering a life of military professionalism and recounts his arduous training with his instructor. Forte and Kazuya converse on the subject of the now disbanded Moon Angel Wing and how it has been two years since their separation. Kazuya asks if all of them are back in EDEN and Forte replies that they have spread out with their new positions and the only one who she knows for sure is not in EDEN is Milfeulle Sakuraba, the Gate Keeper residing in ABSOLUTE. Kazuya remembers the name as she was the one who chose his application to the Rune Angel Wing and feels a bit of pride in being personally chosen. Forte however claims that Milfie just picked an application at random from a pile but assures Kazuya that her choice means something, in credit to her uncanny luck. 

Kazuya and Forte arrive on the Luxiole and Kazuya marvels at the sight of the Emblem Frames inside the enormous Hangar. Forte explains that these Emblem Frames in particular have been found across the NEUE universe and have been gathered on the Luxiole. A familiar voice greets the two and Brigadier General Tact Mayers enters and greets his old friend. Forte introduces Kazuya to his commander and Kazuya immediately apologizes for his silence and states his rank and name. Tact is amused by the response and is further entertained by the notion that this was the person Milfie had chosen. Tact moves on to introduce the girl next to him but as soon as he lays a hand on her, she screams and throws him over her shoulder. Forte promptly explains that the girl has a pathological reflex towards males and as Kazuya just witnessed, she will throw any male who so as much makes physical contact with her. Tact quickly regains his footing and introduces Kazuya to his fellow Rune Angel Wing member, Second Lieutenant Apricot Sakuraba. Kazuya introduces himself and puts his hand out for a handshake but remembers the frightening fact he was just told and retracts his hand and greets her. Tact asks for Kazuya to refer to Apricot as "Rico" to which Kazuya asks Rico to call him "Kazuya" in turn but Rico however only manages to call him "Shiranami-san". Forte then prepares to leave as she feels bad making Lily do all the work for her and Kazuya expresses his gratitude to her for guiding him the past few weeks and everyone bids farewell to Forte. Tact feels a tinge of sadness to see an old friend for a such short time but Rico understands her tight schedule, seeing as though Forte had another assignment to attend to. Kazuya ask what Forte left to do and Rico explains that Forte was assigned as the Captain of the Seldar Royal Guard and had business regarding its members. Kazuya recounts Seldar as the planet of knights and more importantly as the capital planet of NEUE. Tact proposes to give Kazuya a tour of the ship and decides the Bridge would be a good place to start and the trio head off. On the Bridge, Tact introduces Kazuya to Chief Operator Coco Nutmilk and Kazuya introduces himself. Tact then plans to introduce the rest of his team members but Coco reminds him that some administrative work has be filled out following Kazuya's arrival. Tact tries to convince Coco that the matter of helping a new member is more important but Rico states that she will gladly escort Kazuya around the ship. Tact tries to convince Rico as well but ends up getting thrown across the Bridge where Coco states that it will be alright for them to leave him.

ZR CG Nano 2

Kazuya is introduced to Nano, Kahlua, and Mimolette.

Rico brings Kazuya to the Piroti and they run into a mysterious creature asking Rico for help. Kazuya is introduced to his fellow Rune Angel Wing members: Second Lieutenant Nano-Nano Pudding and Second Lieutenant Kahlua Marjoram. The two state that they don't mind being called on a first name basis and Kazuya replies the same to them on his end. Rico requests Nano to stop bullying Mimolette and she introduces Mimolette to Kazuya as a "black-cat" familiar. Kazuya recalls that he heard that a mage was on board the ship and notes his excitement to meet one. Rico sees that Kazuya hasn't noticed and Kahlua reveals that "Mimo" is her familiar and that she is the mage in question. Kahlua proceeds asks if Kazuya sees magic as frightening and he states that it isn't something he particularly fears, much to Kahlua's happiness. Nano introduces herself and happily states her abilities using nanomachines and her nanomachine composition. Kazuya remembers hearing EDEN sharing its nanomachine techology with NEUE and his thoughts are cut off when Kahlua invites everyone to her magic demonstration in her lab downstairs later on. Rico prompts Kazuya to follow her as to continue his tour.


ZR CG Kahlua 7

Tequila introduces herself

Like her sister, Rico takes Kazuya around the ship to meet the various hands on board. Kazuya meets Melba in the Tea Lounge, the convenience store owner, and the irritable engineer, Steline. In the Hangar, Kazuya meets Croix and Coronet, the Emblem Frame engineers and they take him to his Emblem Frame, the Braveheart. While Coronet states that the Braveheart isn't technically an Emblem Frame, she explains its ability that allows it to merge with another Emblem Frame to significantly boost the ship's abilities. Coronet and Croix enter their usual bouts and Rico and Kazuya leave the Hangar to enter Kahlua's lab. The duo find Kahlua and Nano inside and Kazuya witnesses Rico's extreme admiration for her older sister when she is brought up in their conversation. Rico regains her composure and decides to re-introduce herself and the rest of the team. Kahlua follows up and states that she'd like to introduce Kazuya to another "member" of the team. Kahlua asks Mimo to help her and after eating a wine-bonbon, Kahlua transforms. Kazuya is introduced to Tequila Marjoram, an alternate personality who inhabits the same body as Kahlua does and she immediately strikes an assertive stance in introducing herself. Rico explains that Kahlua will change into Tequila after she consumes or picks up the slightest scent of alcohol. Tequila gets extremely close to Kazuya's face and Nano joins in and jumps on him from behind. Rico pulls Kazuya away from the two and Tequila notices that Rico made contact with Kazuya without any problems but decides to keep quiet about it. Rico and Kazuya leave to finish his tour.

Kazuya is introduced to Dr. Mordent who runs the Infirmary and the latter is surprised to see Rico walking around with a male crewmember and decides to test her reflexes. Mordent pushes Kazuya to her and Rico gently pushes Kazuya away and Kazuya receives a light injury, which prompts Nano to begin treatment. Light emanates from Nano's tail and the light is directed by Nano to cover Kazuya's injury and he finds his small bruise completely gone. Mordent states that his job as gotten considerably easier with Nano around and also informs Kazuya of his secondary job as a counselor and prompts Kazuya to check with him if anything needs to be discussed. Rico and Kazuya exit and enter the Cafeteria where Kazuya is reunited with his old classmate, Lunti, who happens to be the head chef. Lunti finds it unbelievable that Kazuya joined the Angel Wing but Rico's confirmation quickly changes his opinion. Rico hears that Kazuya excels at making deserts and Lunti vouches for his friend's skill, saying that not even he could outdo Kazuya in his field of expertise. Kazuya promises to talk with Lunti later to catch up and joins Rico out. Rico and Kazuya's final destination is the Bridge where they find Tact conversing with Colonel Lester Coolduras on board the Elsior, with Almo at the helm. Lester informs Tact of the Elsior's current location in its return home to EDEN and Tact teases Almo of her fortune of remaining at her post with Lester. The Elsior's Bridge is joined by Captain Chitose Karasuma who just arrived on her new assignment to standby on the Elsior and maintain the other Emblem Frames in its trip to EDEN. Kazuya is introduced to Lester, Almo, and Chitose and they express their surprise in meeting the first male member of the Angel Wing so early. Kazuya's knowledge on the situation impresses Chitose and Lester takes note of Kazuya's meek demeanor and warns him of his commanding officer's irresponsible behavior. Tact addresses Almo and hopes that she will not mind her commanding officer's density and the transmission ends. Finally, Tact instructs Kazuya to meet him in the Commander's Room later once he finishes settling in.


Kazuya enters Tact's room and the latter asks of his opinion on the Luxiole and its crew. Kazuya responds that he finds it an entertaining environment and Tact hopes Kazuya will find himself comfortable soon. Tact moves on to ask Kazuya's opinion on what wall-scroll he should hang in his office and Kazuya is given 6 choices that correspond to the Moon Angel Wing member Tact ended up with. After Kazuya chooses one, Coco calls Tact to the Bridge as an unaffiliated ship was detected approaching the Luxiole. Tact and Kazuya head to the Bridge and Coco receives a transmission and puts it on screen. A red haired girl shows up on the other end and she introduces herself as the great treasure hunter, Anise Azeat. While Tact and Kazuya state that they never heard of her before, she nonetheless demands the Luxiole to hand over their valuables or be shot down. Tact ponders at how NEUE remains chaotic even after EDEN's assistance and decides to have Kazuya experience first-hand training in combat against Anise's vessel. Tact asks Coco to call the Angel Wing down to the Briefing Room and Kazuya follows.

ZR Endcard 8 Chitose

Captain Karasuma Chitose

In the briefing room, Kazuya explains the situation of their encounter with what seems like a "space pirate" and how they have been threatened. Kazuya learns that the rest of the Rune Angels have had previous combat experience and they assure Kazuya that they will help him in the coming fight. Tact comes in and announces the plan of attack which has Kazuya choosing one of the Emblem Frames to combine with and damage the enemy ship enough to force a retreat. Kazuya and a chosen Angel are deployed and the duo inflict enough damage to force Anise to retreat. The Angel Wing arrive in the Hangar to congratulate him on his victory and Tact shows up as well to do the same. Tact asks Rico to prepare for a party in celebrating Kazuya's enlistment, his first victory in battle, as well as the end of the Luxiole's current survey mission.

Chapter 2: The Omen (兆し)Edit

ZR Endcard 9 Milfie

Gate Keeper Milfeulle Sakuraba

After Rico finishes the general report for Tact, Kazuya is surprised to learn that they actually are having a party on the ship to celebrate. With all of its crew members invited, Lunti had been busy since morning making preparations. Kazuya decides to put his skills to use and help by making some desserts and heads to the Mess Hal. Kazuya joins Lunti in the kitchen to cook and Lunti ponders how strange it is for both of them to find one another on an EDEN warship. Lunti asks Kazuya if he could explain the relationship between EDEN and NEUE and Kazuya explains the basics of inter-dimensional travel through ABSOLUTE and the Chrono Gates. Later, Tact opens up the celebration by congratulating everyone for finishing the Luxiole's survey mission and also congratulating Kazuya's first fight and his enlistment. The major crew members note how the desserts are exceptionally well made and Lunti credits Kazuya's skills. While Kahlua accidentally eats some cake that was made with brandy and changes to a drunk Tequila, Kazuya notices Rico has been glaring at him for quite some time and Tact snaps her out of her trance. Rico states the flavor of the sweets made her unable to concentrate and Coco compares Kazuya's skills to Milfie's and Rico realizes what was occupying her thoughts. She concludes that the reason she can make physical contact with Kazuya is because Kazuya shares the same "fragrance" as her sister due to their hobby in making deserts. Kazuya is happy to hear that he's special to Rico, but somewhat sad that it's only as a "replacement" for her sister.


The next day, Kazuya decides to learn more about Milfie and visits the Bridge to ask Tact about the subject. He explains to Kazuya about the Moon Angel Wing, and about Milfie in particular and tells him about Milfie's amazing luck, her skill at making desserts, and about her optimistic personality. Tact then concludes the lesson about her current duty as the Gatekeeper inside ABSOLUTE but leaves the other details for Coco to explain of how only the Gatekeepers can open and close the dimensional gates inside ABSOLUTE. The duo express their concerns and hope that they find more Gate Keepers as only Milfie is currently stuck with constantly keeping the gates functional. With the brief lesson finished, Kazuya comes to the conclusion that he's pretty different from Milfie, besides the fact that they're both good at making desserts. As Kazuya prepares to leave the bridge, Tact orders for Coco to contact Seldar to report the Luxiole return. However, Coco states that their transmissions are being jammed and Tact issues a Level 2 alert and Coco soon identifies several ships on the radar with no identification signatures and he orders to open communications but the ships give no response. Tact orders the Angel Wing to assemble as the enemy ships begin to close in. Tact puts the Luxiole on Level 1 alert and leads Kazuya to the Briefing Room.


Tact explains the situation to the Angel Wing that the enemy ships are jamming the Luxiole's signals and he cannot give orders in the fight to come. He instead gives the duty of relaying orders to Kazuya from the front lines. The crew head to the Hangar and Rico requests for Kazuya to combine with her Emblem Frame since she had always wanted to fight in battle alongside her "sister" and Kazuya is the next closest person to achieving it. Coco runs a scan and the results show that they are unmanned ships and the Angel Wing may fight freely without holding back.

Upon returning to the Luxiole, the team learn that the ship still cannot contact Seldar. Suddenly, a transmission is received with an emergency line from ABSOLUTE and Milfie shows upon screen and explains that the Central Globe is under attack. She has no idea who is behind this but mentions Forte's name before the transmission is cut off. Tact orders for the line to reestablished from their end but to no avail. To confront the matter personally, Tact orders to set a course to Seldar at top speed. Tact and Kazuya reassure the shocked Rico that Milfie will be safe as the EDEN fleet can respond to the threat inside ABSOLUTE. Kazuya notes that Milfie mentioned Forte's name and seeing as how she is in Seldar, he suspects something must be happening there as well. Tact also explains that the Chrono Gate in NEUE also lies near Seldar which only adds to their urgency. Due to the possibility that something may have happened to her sister, Rico remains extremely distressed. Tact tells the team to take a break, and dismisses everyone but Kazuya. Tact brings him into his office where he gives him a Telepathic Fur, an object that allows Kazuya to determine the emotional levels of the Angel Wing members as well as show him their respective locations. Tact entrusts the emotional care of the Angel Wing to him and assigns him his first job to take care of Rico.

ZR CG Rico 4

Rico falls asleep from exhaustion

Kazuya goes to Rico's room and asks if she wants to talk about the situation to which Rico politely refuses and expresses her intent to be alone. Kazuya decides to back out for now and with some free time in his hands, he goes around the ship before checking back with the Bridge to see if communications with Seldar and ABSOLUTE have been reconnected. Coco is unable to make any progress and Tact feels uneasy in not knowing what is going on. He expresses concern over those in ABSOLUTE and EDEN as the gates cannot be maintained without Milfie. Kazuya takes this time to thank the people of EDEN and Tact's crew for helping advance NEUE's advancement to brighten the mood. Tact thanks Kazuya for his good will but jokes that it's not their mental health that he needs to keep in check and he asks Kazuya is doing on Rico's condition. Kazuya is prompted to check on her again and encounters Rico exiting her room. Kazuya approaches her with a sense of relief to see her out of her room but sees that she is still extremely worried of her sister. Kazuya invites her to talk in the Piroti and has trouble in trying to cheer her up. Kazuya then changes the direction of his attempts and reminds Rico of her sister's luck and states everything will turn out okay as it always has with her. Kazuya jokes at how Milfie might be just baking something as they speak and Rico remembers at how Milfie would bake her cake during her studies. Rico suddenly falls asleep on Kazuya's shoulder and dreams of her sister while Kazuya thinks to himself at how Rico's anxiety must have exhausted her. Kazuya soon realizes he won't be able to move until she wakes up, but feels accomplished at how he was able to cheer Rico up a bit. Kahlua and Nano enter the room to find the two and Kazuya quiets Nano down after her loud entry. Kahlua starts teasing him and Rico begins to move and ends up hugging Kazuya, mistaking him for Milfie. Nano wakes Rico up and she pushes down Kazuya in surprise and quickly apologizes. Rico thanks Kazuya for brightening her mood up and as he mentioned, she will believe in her sister's luck and hope for the best. With Rico's spirits restored, Kazuya proposes that they all have a picnic in celebration to which everyone agrees.

Chapter 3: The Crimson Treasure Hunter (紅のトレジャーハンター)Edit

ZR Endcard 10 Mint

NEUE Branch Manager Mint Blancmanche

Kazuya wakes up to find Kahlua and Nano in the Piroti talking about Rico's newfound determination from the day before. Their conversation is cut short by a loud noise and a voice speaks through an intercom and identifies herself as Forte Stollen who announces her takeover of Seldar with the royal family under her custody. She announces a new order in NEUE and ends the transmission declaring that resistance will be met with force. The Angel Wing quickly head to the Bridge to confirm what they have heard and meet up with Rico along the way. Tact greets the team and they ask if that really was Forte broadcasting the proclamation and Tact believes that it couldn't have been anyone else. To confirm, Tact asks Coco replay the transmission on screen for everyone to see and it shows that Forte did send out the broadcast. Tact states that he still has very little information to work with to conclude what is going on but judging from the enemy ships from before, the lack of communication with Seldar and ABSOLUTE, Tact surmises that it is a coup d'etat and affirms that their destination remains plotted to Seldar. Rico informs Tact that she was just at the Engine Room and Steline has told her of their insufficient resources to make the trip and their output has been reduced to half. Coco also notes of the dwindling supplies onboard and how Tact has been lazy in his duties in filling out the necessary paperwork for resupply. Tact takes responsibility of the matter and requests Coco to use his personal code to send a transmission to a certain frequency. Coco sends out the transmission and Tact's solution to the issue is revealed to be the former Moon Angel Wing member, Mint Blancmanche. Tact and Mint exchange greetings and Mint quickly deduces what Tact needs from her and she agrees to help and also notes that she has heard the broadcast as well and wishes to know more. Coco shares their coordinates and Mint gives them the coordinates for their rendezvous point.

The Luxiole enters Chrono Drive and Tact requests that the Angel Wing members help in cataloging what the rest of the crew needs. Shortly after, Kazuya returns to the Bridge after the Luxiole exits Chrono Drive to report his resupply list. Coco detects an EDEN signature on the radar and Tact notes how fast Mint's ship has arrived to meet them. Coco opens communications to authorize the resupply and the cargo ship docks to begin the process. Moments later, the alarm goes off and Tact orders for Coco to access a security camera to view the Hangar. The crew see the familiar face of Anise Azeat, the "space pirate" from a while back who apparently just infiltrated their ship and she promptly disables the security camera. Tact orders for security to apprehend her and Kazuya is sent to assist.

ZR CG Gen 6

Kazuya discovers a subdued Steline.

Kazuya can potentially never run into Anise in his wild search for the intruder but he can run into her in specific locations. In the Training Room, he corners Anise in the shower room but she feigns weakness before kicking him off and running away. In the Tea Lounge, Kazuya receives a hit that was meant for Anise thrown by Melba and Anise is able to cleanly get away. Kazuya will eventually be contacted by Tact and is directed to the Engine Room to check on Steline after the Bridge received a strange message from her end. Kazuya rushes over and finds Steline tied up with tape across her mouth and frees her as the rest of the team shows up. Steline is aghast at how Anise tampered with the engines and Tact directs the team to the Hangar where Anise was last spotted.

Kazuya and Nano enter the Hangar first and spot Anise in the docking bay near the Braveheart. Anise is seen inside the cockpit of the Emblem Frame and she begins the launch sequence. Nano hops aboard the cranes and is able to disrupt Anise before Rico enters the Hangar and points for Kazuya to get to the command console to interrupt the take off. Anise's brief struggle against Nano ends with Nano losing her balance and Anise grabs her hand before Nano falls and lands her safely before taking off. Kazuya is unable to work the console in time to close the Hangar doors and Anise is able to get away with the Braveheart where she rendezvous with her fake supply ship and enters Chrono Drive. Kazuya contacts the Bridge where he apologizes to Tact for not being able to stop Anise but Tact takes full responsibility for their defeat. Seeing as how it had been nothing but peace for the last 4 years, Tact admits that he has gotten too used to the calm atmosphere. The actual supply ship appears out of Chrono Drive shortly after and Mint happens to have personally arrived to visit. Mint reveals that the previous ship is actually affiliated with hers and she is surprised to see Tact not being able to "respond" to it properly. Nonetheless, Tact invites Mint for some tea to discuss the current situation.


Tact explains the events that have occurred and Mint reassures everyone and explains that she is familiar with Anise and of the location where she operates. Mint reveals she was also the one who sold Anise the ship she used to loot the Braveheart and while sharing buyer information is against her work ethic, she makes an exception for Tact's purposes. Kazuya is curious to know why Mint sold Anise a ship and Mint explains that Anise is actually from a legitimate group of Treasure Hunters but regrets the transaction, seeing as how Anise has engaged in an act of piracy. Tact receives a message from Coco that repairs are complete and that resupply will take another 20 minutes and he orders for the Luxiole to prepare for Chrono Drive once resupply is finished. Tact once again thanks Mint for helping everyone out and concludes the "meeting" and as Kazuya walks out of the cafe, Mint asks him about the telepathic fur. Kazuya is surprised to know that Mint is informed of his possession over it and she explains that the telepathic fur are actually living organisms that are native to her home planet are symbiotic with its native inhabitants. The fur that Kazuya holds was a gift Mint had given to Tact when her own pair of telepathic ears had offspring. While Mint does not know why Tact has entrusted him with the fur, she believes in Tact's judgment and hopes for the best for Kazuya and for him to make fair use of it. Mint still senses some doubt on Kazuya's end and tells him to cheer up before she leaves. Heeding Mint's words, Kazuya decides to take a walk around the ship. At the end of his stroll, Kazuya stops by the Bridge to check for new developments and witnesses the ship enter Chrono Drive after Coco inputs the coordinates to Anise's hideout from Mint.


Elsewhere, Anise is shown talking to the person who hired her to steal the Braveheart, Dieta. Dieta is surprised by the alacrity in which Anise was able to retrieve the Braveheart and states that the Braveheart's capabilities would have interefered with her work and requests for Anise to hand it over. Anise explains that it will take some time as the Braveheart is currently "combined" and quicky cuts communications. Dieta's ship picks up the Luxiole's signal and prepares an attack while the Luxiole's Bridge picks up Anise and a large enemy ship on the radar. Tact puts the Luxiole on alert and orders for the Angel Wing to prepare for deployment. Suddenly, Dieta's ship fires on Anise's ship and a merged Emblem Frame flies away from the wreckage. Tact increases the alert level and Coco detects Chrono String readings near them and also confirms that the Braveheart has been merged with an Emblem Frame. 
ZR CG Gen 9

Coco tends to the injured Tact.

However, the Emblem Frame seems to be malfunctioning and the enemy ship aims its cannons at them and prepare to fire. Tact prioritizes in protecting the Braveheart and orders for the Luxiole to move in between the merged Emblem Frame and the enemy's trajectory. The Luxiole takes a direct hit and Tact falls from the impact and starts to bleed. Tact quickly gets Kazuya on the line and tells him to listen while Coco gets Anise in the same channel. Tact speaks to Anise and explains that someone will arrive near her in a shuttle and requests that she cooperates with them. Tact explains that he cannot risk the Braveheart taking any serious damage and Anise sees Tact's condition and agrees. Tact then asks Kazuya if he heard the plan and orders him to return and take a shuttle to rendezvous with the Emblem Frame. Tact soon passes out and Coco tells Kazuya to carry out his order immediately.

Coco orders the Angel Wing to escort Kazuya's shuttle to the Relic Raider and Anise calls the shuttle and complains how the Braveheart isn't a booster at all. Kazuya begins to feel insulted, seeing that Anise outsmarted him during their initial encounter, and retorts back. Kazuya transfers himself from the shuttle to the Braveheart and resets the systems and is able to reactivate the Emblem Frame and Anise sees the spike in her own Emblem Frame's engines and moves around, not allowing Kazuya to disengage. She requests that Kazuya keeps the Braveheart merged with her's as she feels the need to take vengeance on Dieta's ship for blowing up the one she loaned from Mint. Whatever the case may be, Coco informs that with Tact undergoing treatment, command will be once again given to Kazuya and the Angel Wing and Anise deploy against Dieta and her contingent fleet. She also states that Kazuya will be able to access the manual fire control system if he so desires.

Dieta is forced to retreat and the team meet back in the Hangar with Nano leaving to treat Tact while Anise is taken into custody. Shortly after, everyone meets in the Piroti with the healed Tact asking if he could ask Anise some questions. Anise is puzzled as to why she is being interrogated in what seems like a small picnic and is prompted by Tact to try some cake. Tact asks her why she stole the Braveheart and she explains that Dieta had offered a large amount of money for it and she found the prospective challenge appealing. Tact then follows up, asking what Dieta wanted the Braveheart for and Anise admits in not having the slightest clue why. Tequila notes that she is acquainted with Dieta as she reveals they attended the same institution back in her school days. Mint enters the room and Anise begs for her to loan her another ship as the previous one was destroyed. Mint notes of Anise's string of bad credit but latter appeals to her that she won't be able to work off the debt from the previous purchase if she doesn't have a ship to work with. Tact enters the negotiation and seeing that Anise is in possession of an Emblem Frame as well as having remarkable piloting skills, suggests that she temporarily joins the Angel Wing to pay off her debt. Mint is overjoyed with the idea and the two head to his room to write up a contract, leaving Anise in service of the Luxiole while Anise herself is silent on what just occurred.
ZR CG Gen 10

Tact and Mint share an embrace before their responsibilities pull them away.

Later on, Kazuya assists in what he can with the maintenance of the Braveheart and he catches Tact and Mint at the Hangar floor where the latter prepares to return to her ship. Kazuya asks how everything went with Anise's transfer and while troublesome, Anise had agreed to it. Mint sees that Anise is still a kind person with only her problematic exterior being an issue. Tact is sad to see Mint go and expresses that he would have liked it if she stayed aboard to see things through with the events in Seldar but her responsibilities as branch manager of NEUE still leaves her with work. She wishes Tact and the rest of the crew well and entrusts Forte to Tact. If Mint was chosen to have been Tact's Angel, the reunion scene have the two embrace each other before Mint leaves. Once she departs, Tact orders for Coco to once again set a course for Seldar. Coco awknowldges but also reports that Anise is going berserk with a fire extinguisher in the Recreation Room to which Tact orders the unwilling Kazuya to take care of it.

Chapter 4: The Cost of Treatment (治療の代償)Edit

The crew gather on the Bridge as the Luxiole exits Chrono Drive near Seldar. Nano has recently started referring to Anise as "oyabun" (Boss) after she saved her from falling in their first encounter. Coco reports that scans identify over 200 ships waiting for them and Tact puts the Luxiole on alert while Coco receives a transmission from the enemy flagship. Forte appears on screen and taunts how she expected Tact to show up and arranged this fleet to personally welcome him. She notes some surprise to see Tact showing up without reinforcements and Tact asks who he is really speaking too. Forte laughs and says that it is really her behind this and the Angel Wing protest that Forte would never have done something like this. Tact understands well enough that it is the real Forte he's speaking with and then asks why she orchestrated the coup to which Forte explains that with the technologies that EDEN has shared, NEUE is still taking a slow time in integrating them to regular life. Growing increasingly tired with their slow-to-accept nature, she decided it would be easier for EDEN to take control of NEUE to accelerate its growth, even if it meant force. Forte decides to cease her explanations and tells Tact to prepare himself as she won't hold back.

Tact orders for evasive maneuvers as the Luxiole is unbelievably outnumbered and contacts Steline to prep the engines again for Chrono Drive. The first wave of enemy attacks hit the Luxiole and Tact demands a damage report to which Coco informs that the main thrusters have been damaged. As the 2nd wave approaches the Luxiole, the engine room confirms that they can make for a Chrono Drive and they are able to narrowly dodge certain death from the 2nd wave. Nano is immediately contacted by Mordent as injuries are reported throughout the ship. Coco and the Angel Wing members are despondent, seeing as how Forte was truly behind this. Anise and Tact however see the situation as it is and seeing as how Forte had no hesitation in attacking, they state that she must be treated as an enemy. Steline contacts the bridge and hurriedly yells at Tact to get them out of Chrono Drive as they are exerting too much pressure on the engines. Tact orders to disengage and Steline is relieved as they were about to overload the Chrono Strings and end up disintegrating the entire ship. Coco reports that they have gained considerable distance from Seldar but the ship's current damage leave them unable to enter Chrono Drive again anytime soon.
ZR CG Nano 5

Nano falls "unconscious".

Tact calls for a meeting and takes suggestions for their next course of action now that they know the information in the broadcast was true. Anise suggests getting allies from the planet Magiic to which Tact agrees with. The rest of the crew agree as Magiic is the only other planet in NEUE that has a fleet and that they have no where else to seek allies. Tact contacts the Bridge and orders for a course to be set for Magiic but Coco calls back and reports an emergency from the Infirmary involving Nano and the team quickly heads down with Anise tagging behind Tact as she still has difficulty getting around the ship. Kazuya and the team arrive in the Infirmary to see the other recently injured crewmembers of the Luxiole surrounding Nano's unconscious body. Melba and Coronet explain how Nano was healing a large amount of patients before suddenly collapsing while treating Croix. Mordent isn't completely sure as to why Nano has lost consciousness, but assumes it was due to Nano over-exerting her nanomachines. With the last of the nanomachine reserves used for treatment, Mordent explains that if Nano does not recover from this soon, she will most likely die (in this case, lose her memories). Rico suggests that they contact Vanilla as she was the one who discovered Nano and her proficiency in nanomachines will help them recover her. Tact informs everyone that Vanilla is currently on Pico researching nanomachines and he is unable to comply to their wishes as they cannot afford to use what little time and supplies they have to make a trip to Pico. With the thruster's damaged state, they might not be able to make it to Magiic, even if Nano is restored. Tact prioritizes the bigger picture in all of this but he is convinced otherwise but Anise who speaks out against his actions. The engineering team agree and promise that they'll work nonstop in repairing the engines if Tact agrees to help bring Nano back. Tact gives in to the crew's wishes and contacts Coco to change their destination to Pico and chart the quickest route to Magiic afterwards. The crew disperse to do what they can to help fix the engines.


Kazuya attempts to help in the engine room, but since he was never trained in technicalities, gets kicked out. As such he decides to walk around the ship to offer his help elsewhere. When Kazuya finishes his errands, he takes a break in his room and falls asleep. Kazuya wakes up to the announcement that the Luxiole will be entering Chrono Drive in around 10 minutes and he realizes that the engines have been fixed. He goes downstairs to congratulate the engineers but while Kazuya had the best intentions, the engineers themselves are completely worn out and head to their rooms to rest. The Luxiole enters Chrono Drive and are able to reach Pico's vicinity and Coco picks up communications and Vanilla shows up on screen who informs them that she has received the report about Nano and is already on a shuttle headed their way. Afterwards, Tact and Kazuya head to the Hangar to greet her. If Vanilla was chosen to be Tact's Angel, their reunion scene occurs as soon as Vanilla sees Tact as she runs into his arms. Tact apologizes how he has not kept in regular contact and compliments Vanilla's growth and calls her more "womanly". Kazuya breaks the reunion from second-hand embarrassment and reminds them of the urgent situation at hand.

Vanilla is led to the Infirmary where she takes a look at Nano and points out that her tail is missing. Vanilla understands what's wrong and explains in simple terms that Nano is composed of two kinds of nanomachines: Ones that make up her physical form and the ones that she can use utilize outside her body. Due to Nano overworking herself, she has put herself in a critical state where the lack of nanomachines that compose her body threatens her life. Kazuya asks if Vanilla can do anything and she proposes that the only idea that would work would be to bring Nano to the lab that created her on Femto, one of Pico's moons. The only problem in going there is that the facility is completely automated and its defense systems are still active, even though it is long-abandoned. Kazuya still wishes to go and Tact agrees and orders Coco to inform the engineers to return to their work. Tact calls for the Angel Wing in the Briefing Room and Kazuya follows.

ZR CG Gen 13

Rico is overjoyed with Nano's restoration.

Tact goes over the combat data and identifies the automated defense satellites surrounding the Femto's facility. The Rune Angel Wing are tasked with clearing the path to the facility for Vanilla's shuttle with Nano inside. Tact remembers Kazuya's efforts from the previous skirmishes and decides to give him command of the Angel Wing from now on. After the Angel Wing finish their work, they join Vanilla in entering the facility and Vanilla warns them to stay close as the defensive systems inside are still active . Vanilla brings everyone to the labs and the crew sees other Nanomachine organisms inside large holding tanks filled with liquid. Vanilla confirms that they are similar to Nano but notes that Nano was the only one to wake up. Kazuya and the team listen to Vanilla's instructions and places Nano into one of the vacant tanks and Vanilla allows the automatic maintainence systems to take care of the rest. With the machine having positive, visual effects on Nano, Vanilla states that they must wait for process to finish. Kazuya asks of Vanilla's experience encountering Nano for the first time and she describes the mysterious environment of the lab when she first visited here and when she stepped inside the lab, Nano opened her eyes to her presence. The machine makes a noise to signal the restoration's completion and Nano regains conscious but first mistakes it for being a dream. 

Nano is given a recount of what occurred after she lost consciousness and apologizes for being a bother. Vanilla performs a check on Nano to see if everything is alright and requests that she perform the final check of transforming into someone else. The crew is surprised to learn Nano has this ability and while Nano is reluctant to do so, she complies. Nano transforms into Vanilla and everyone sees the extent of Nano's abilities as it flawlessly copies Vanilla's clothes and voice. Anise is absolutely ecstatic of Nano's ability and asks if she could transform into her next but Nano refuses but Anise's pressuring leads her to run away deeper into the facility with Anise giving chase. Vanilla becomes worried as while Nano is identified as a native of the facility, Anise is an anomaly and the systems will react to her with hostility. Vanilla returns to the shuttle while Kazuya and the team split up to find Nano and Kazuya finds Nano in one of the rooms and asks her to come with them back to the shuttle. Nano refuses to go, thinking that Anise will ask her to transform and Kazuya learns of Nano's fear for her own identity being replaced. Nano describes at how she feels disconnected whenever she transforms into someone else and Kazuya reassures that Anise didn't mean any harm but the two are prompted to leave as they hear a loud noise. The two meet with Rico and they hear Anise being chased around by the security drones. One shows up near them and places a hand on Rico and she frantically asks if the robot looks like a male. Kazuya realizes what she means and jokingly says that it does and Rico throws the drone to the other side of the hall before they reach Anise. Tequila shows up as well and Mimo goes in after transforming into Anise and Nano follow suite to confuse the drone and make their escape. Back on the shuttle, Anise apologizes and makes up with Nano before Tact calls Kauya and tells them to hurry back as a fleet of enemy ships have been detected.


ZR Endcard 11 Vanilla

Nanomachine Researcher Vanilla H.

The team return to the Bridge where Dieta shows up on screen. She laughs at how Anise is stuck with the Luxiole and she introduces herself to Tact, the "Legendary Hero". Dieta however laughs at Tact's previous defeat and reveals that she is affiliated with Forte's forces. Tequila enters the conversation and Dieta angrily responds that this time "things will be different". Tact leads everyone to the Briefing Room and the Angel Wing are deployed where Nano requests that Kazuya merges with her Emblem Frame to repay everyone's efforts in bringing her back. Afterwards, Dieta retreats and Nano runs into the Bridge to hug her mother while everyone watches their proper reunion. Vanilla hopes that Nano has learned the limits of her ability usage and Nano tries to convince Vanilla to stay on the Luxiole and Tact sees it as a good idea as he knows Vanilla is curious to know about Forte's current actions. Vanilla apologizes as she still has work to do and promises to play with Nano when they both have time. If Vanilla was chosen as Tact's Angel, Kazuya will wonder why Nano doesn't call Tact "papa" since he would technically be her father. Nano apparently was told by Tact not to call him that and Vanilla asks why. Anise jokes that Tact wouldn't want a little girl calling him "papa" around the other female crewmembers and Tact tries to quiet everyone down. Vanilla lets out a small laugh and sees how while the times may change, Tact and his crew never will. Vanilla remembers the familiar past with the old team and states that she is a little jealous of them. Nonetheless, Vanilla bids farewell to everyone and returns to Pico.

Chapter 5: The Witch's Tears (魔女の涙)Edit

The Luxiole exits Chrono Drive and begins the approach to Magiic and Kazuya asks about Magiic's fleet and wonders how they will be able to get help. Tact is not worried as he is acquainted with someone on Magiic's political scene and opens communications for them to dock shortly. Kazuya leaves Tact and Coco to work as he takes the elevator to the Piroti where he finds the crew reveling over something. Kazuya learns that Kahlua was fortune telling for everyone and Anise refuses to believe any of her words after getting a frightening read. Rico urges Kazuya to have his fortune read and Kahlua begins asking him questions such as if he has a girlfriend and what he looks for in a partner. Kahlua then asks who he likes the most in the team and Kazuya finds the questions suspicious and it turns out that it was a simple trick in seeing if he was interested in anybody. Anise followed through with it because she was apparently fooled as well but wanted to hear Kazuya's answer. Rico then sees the spaceport through the window and they head up to the Bridge.
ZR CG Gen 14

Ranpha deals with an unruly customer.

Tact arranges a deal with the Magiic officials to share information of the coup while the Luxiole undergoes repairs. Tact expects that this will take a while so he gives the Angel Wing some time off the ship and allow them to make planet-fall to relax. Anise and Nano get hungry and Kahlua brings them to a nearby restaurant. They immediately hear some commotion going from a customer who complains about his food. Anise decides to stop the man from making too much noise and she pickpockets him to see that he was trying to get a free meal as his wallet was empty. The man tries to retaliate and Anise prepares herself before someone else kicks the swindler away. The team, sans Anise and Kazuya, recognize the individual as Ranpha Franboise, the connection Tact had mentioned inside Magiic's administration. Rico introduces Kazuya and Anise to Ranpha and and Anise takes an immediate liking to Ranpha for her display of physical ability. Ranpha however takes more interest in Kahlua, who Ranpha has heard of and wanted to meet for some time. The restaurant chef thanks the team for dealing with the rabblerouser and offer them some complimentary food and the team head to their seats.

Food is served and Mimolette expresses interest in Ranpha's bright red curry and requests to have a taste and the extreme spice sends Mimo rushing to the kitchen for water. Ranpha asks why the team visited and they explain that they were given some free time while Tact worked things out. Ranpha asks if connections have been restored with ABSOLUTE and Rico despondently answers that they haven't. Ranpha reassures Rico that Milfie will be completely fine thanks to her luck and Rico take's her words to heart. Ranpha returns to her casual-style and is surprised to learn that someone from the Marjoram family has joined the Angel Wing and Kazuya asks if it is that much of a big deal. Ranpha explains that Kahlua is a top ranked A-class mage alongside 11 other similarly ranked mages in all of NEUE to make group known as "The Twelve". Ranpha recounts Kahlua's victory against Dieta in their duel to decide who would take the seat among the 12 a few years ago. The team is surprised to hear Kahlua and Dieta's relationship going that far back but their conversation is halted when they hear Mimo scream from the kitchen. The team heads toward the kitchen to find the swindler from before setting the kitchen on fire with some magic stones and running off. Anise and Ranpha give chase while Kazuya orders Nano and Rico to help evacuate. Kazuya and Kahlua enter the kitchen to find Mimo and Kahlua's panicking leaves them with little choice as their escape route becomes cut off by the flames. Kazuya finds a refrigeration room and he pulls the unconscious Kahlua and Mimo inside to wait out the fire. Later on, Kazuya carries Kahlua outside out of the burnt building and is met by a crying Rico and the rest of the team. Kazuya explains that Kahlua and Mimo are safe and that Kahlua was given some sedatives to calm her down and that she is currently inside an ambulance. Inside the ambulance however, a cloaked figure comes up to Kahlua and invokes a transformation that transforms Kahlua into Tequila. The figure reveals herself to be Dieta, who begins casting a spell on the unconscious Tequila. 
ZR CG Gen 15

The greatest couple in the universe reunite.

Upon returning to the Luxiole, the Angel Wing report to Tact of the situation while Kahlua is examined by Mordent. Ranpha arrives and they meet up with her on the Bridge. If Ranpha was chosen to be Tact's Angel, the two have a rather vocal reunion on the Bridge where the two start screaming their love for another and Coco's intervention brings them back out of their little world. Ranpha compliments the new Angel Wing for their actions in the shop and they sheepishly accept her praise. Tequila bursts into the Bridge and asks to speak with Tact and Kazuya in private inside the Briefing Room. The two agree to hear her out and Tequila questions Kazuya first, seeing as how he was the last person Kahlua was with before she fell unconscious and asks what happened. Kazuya explains that Kahlua was put in an ambulance and Tequila asks how long was Kahlua out for, to which he remembers that Kahlua was asleep for around an hour and Tequila sees that something had occurred in that time period. Tequila concludes that Dieta is on Magiic and that during the time Kahlua was asleep, Dieta had put a curse on her. While she does not know exactly what it will mean for them, she fears the worst in what effects may have. She also reveals that Dieta was responsible for the fire as well, supplying the swindler with the fire-imbued stones. Tequila finishes her "report" and returns to her room but also drags Kazuya out with her.

Tequila asks Kazuya if he remembers Kahlua panicking inside the kitchen to which he confirms and vividly remembers. Tequila decides sheds some light on why Kahlua is unable to use magic as proficiently as she can and  recount Kahlua's childhood and her friend Mimolette, where her own familiar got his name. The two were extremely close and played together everyday but when Kahlua was 8, she found Mimolette absent from school and went to find her. She found her friend unconscious and inside a burning building and went inside in an attempt to save her. Being young, Kahlua was unable to to use a strong enough magic to stop the fire and in the moment of desperation, Kahlua tapped into her inner potential and unleashed an immense spell that saved both their lives. Mimo had opened her eyes at this point and witnessed Kahlua's intimidating silhouette figure casting the powerful spell. The two were saved, but Mimo never came near Kahlua again and Kahlua came to despise her proficiency in magic. This trauma had caused a burden on her heart which has been part of Kahlua since then. After her explanation, Tequila starts to feel extremely tired and changes back to the unconscious Kahlua. Kazuya helps her to bed and exits the room and Mimolette joins his master.

ZR CG Kahlua 13

The crew marvel at Kahlua's efforts.

Kazuya takes this time to walk around the Luxiole to check in with everyone. Once he finishes, he decides to take a breather in his room and falls asleep. A while later, Kazuya walks outside his room and finds the crew and Ranpha in the Piroti. Mimolette explains that they're discussing what they could do to lighten Kahlua's mood with little progress being made. Suddenly, the crew feels a large disturbance and the warning signal goes off. Rico and Kazuya realize that something important must have been damaged as the Piroti's air begins to dwindle and Kazuya tries to contact the Bridge but communications are malfunctioning as well. The crew rush on over in front of Kalhua's door to secure her safety but Kahlua is unable to open the door's seal in time and everyone collapses in front of her door. In yet another desperate moment, Kahlua is able to channel a spell without the aid of Tequila and casts a spell that forms a protective field of air around them with.




Spirits who dwell in demons, feast upon our combined souls and reveal to us the way to defy logic.
Spirits who reign over fire, answer our call and bring forth flames from the abyss of wisdom.
Spirits that play in water, entrust yourselves to the mystic flames and boil up briefly.
Spirits which dance in wind, become a raging vortex which encompasses the water vapor.
Spirits which sleep in earth, loan unto me a solid frame to act as my shield.
Spirits which inhabit the void, obey the law and assist the enforcement of my legal principle.
Imperium sine fine dedi.

Everyone regains conscious and catches a glimpse of Kahlua's spell before she begins to break down in tears, fearing yet again people will avoid her due to her magic. Ranpha instead is amazed and everyone else agrees. Kazuya has the final word and assures Kahlua that her magic will never stop scare them away from being her friend.


Tact himself comes down to check on everyone and is relieved to see everyone unharmed. Tact explains that some of the staff of the spaceport were manipulated into sabotaging the communications and the shields. Tact notes that the workers were acting strangely and Kahlua suspects the subterfuge as Dieta's work. Tact shares more bad news as the Luxiole is unable to open communications and Kahlua asks if any enemies are near. Tact informs her that the radars picked up an enemy fleet closing in but they were spread out in a strange formation. Kahlua recognizes this and states that Dieta has formed a magic seal using the ships as catalysts to inhibit magic. With magic being the obvious source to power the fleet, the Magiic fleet is unable to take action which leads the Luxiole to do work alone to solve this problem. Tact leads everyone to the Briefing room and scans show an immense fleet around them. Tact however focuses the Angel Wing's attention on the ships aligned in a formation past the first wave of ships. Tact orders for their destruction but they are called down to the Bridge where they see Dieta on the screen. Dieta expresses no interest in taking over Magiic, and simply states that she wants its fleets out of the way. Kahlua pleads her to stop and Dieta is surprised to see everyone alive after her attempts to suffocate them. Dieta however still vows to settle the score and cuts communication. The Angel Wing are deployed and Kahlua asks Kazuya in the Hangar to merge with the Spell Caster as she cannot condone Dieta threatening the entire planet. 

The fleet is dismantled and the crew return to the Bridge where Tequila demands to know what has happened to Dieta. Tact states that she is not responding and Tequila personally calls her using Coco's headset. Dieta is angered but refuses to abandon ship and is satisfied that Tequila will suffer from the curse she put on her. Dieta's ship explodes and Tequila walks off in anger, damaging Coco's headset. Coco, while upset over her damaged gear, updates Tact that the Magiic fleet has mobilized and reports that they will be handling the rest of the fleet. 

ZR Endcard 12 Ranpha

EDEN Ambassador Ranpha Franboise

Everyone gathers near the shuttle in the Hangar to see Ranpha off and while she expresses her interest to join them, her duties as ambassador takes precedence if they are going to take any action against Seldar and Forte. Ranpha overhears that they will be meeting Mint again on the large department store ship owned by the Blancmanche Corporation and jokes that she should stay on the Luxiole to see her. Anise asks Kazuya to confirm if they will meet with Mint again and she rejoices at a chance at negotiating her contract. Nano is saddened to hear that Anise wants to leave and begs her not to go. Kazuya cheers her up by pointing out that there's no way Anise would stand a chance against Mint in negotiations either way.

Chapter 6: The Knight's Return (騎士の帰還)Edit

ZR CG Gen 16

The Luxiole docks at the Department Ship.

Kazuya helps Croix in the Hangar with repairing the Braveheart after the previous fight and Kazuya finishes what he can before leaving as a full repair will take place on the Luxiole's next stop. Croix asks Tact of their location and Tact confirms that they are nearing the Blancmanche Deparment Store Ship. Mint shows up on Bridge's main screen and Tact apologizes for once again having her save them the trouble of resupplying somewhere else. Mint says that she'll be on the Luxiole shortly while Tact gets a call from the Hangar from Coronet about Anise. Kazuya and Tact make their way down to find Anise arguing among the engineers. Croix shows up to explain that Anise, for whatever reason, refuses to have anyone perform maintenance on the Relic Raider. Tact sees no choice and orders of the maintenance of the Relic Raider to be delayed for now. Mint enters the Hangar and Anise quickly confronts her of the contract. While Anise tries to get herself out of the agreement, she gets Mint's last name wrong and laughs at her mistake. The irked Mint begins to multiply Anise's debt as the latter runs off in despair. Later, Tact calls up the team to meet up in the Briefing Room and Kazuya leaves to gather everyone. The team is cautious as to why they've been called down to the Briefing Room during downtime and Tact enters and asks Kazuya to step forward. Recognizing that Kazuya has joined the Luxiole's rank in an unfortunate time of crisis, Tact commends his leadership and pro-activity that has earned him significant reputation. For this reason, Tact promotes Kazuya as the "Acting Commander" of the Rune Angel Wing, the rank that was previously held by the currently absent Lily. Kazuya is too modest to accept the title but the encouragement from his team and Tact's own confidence in him eventually has him accepting his rank. Tact then announces the Luxiole's extended downtime while they're docked and gives the Angel Wing some free time to spend on the Department Ship.

In the Piroti, Kazuya can choose between the 4 members of the Angel Wing to spend some time with on the Department Ship. Kazuya will attempt to use the telepathic fur in the Piroti to feel who needs his attention the most before he is approached by his chosen Angel

  • Rico will nervously ask Kazuya if he would accompany her if it isn't much trouble for him. Upon his agreement, Rico shares that she plans to find some hair accessories to buy. After traversing through the stores, Rico finds the shop she wants but becomes sad when a pair of accessories remind her of Milfie. Rico recounts her childhood where she asked to borrow Milfie's favorite hairpins only to lose them. Instead of Milfie getting mad, she decided to gift the ones Rico is currently wearing. Rico finishes reminiscing and puts down the hair accessories but Kazuya offers to buy them for her, if she would accept them. 
  • Kauzya joins Nano in going to the amusement park inside the ship instead of shopping for anything in particular. Nano gets angry at how some rides are unavailable to her because of her short stature but on the rides the two are able to get on, Kazuya finds himself having tough time keeping up with Nano's energy. 
  • Kahlua will ask if Kazuya if he would accompany her to the department ship to visit a shop which Tequila wanted to go to. Kahlua switches to Tequila and she hurriedly drags him out of the ship. Kazuya starts to panic as Tequila brings him to a lingerie shop and asks him to pick something for her. Kazuya responds in fashion that allows them to leave the shop as quickly as they can and Tequila switches to Kahlua in case she has anything to wants to buy. Kazuya is relieved and thinks that Kahlua will want to go somewhere less embarrassing but Kahlua ends up dragging Kazuya back into the lingerie shop to pick out something for herself.
  • Anise is followed by Kazuya in their small excursion in the Department Ship where the two find a shop that sells highly advanced exploration equipment to which Anise is unable to respond with anything but "Ooh's" and "Aah's". The shopkeeper informs the two of the extremely costly nature of the equipment and while Kazuya is baffled by their price, Anise asks the store keeper to ring them all up and presents to her a card that Mint had given her. The store keeper identifies the card as a "Platinum" level card and the card allows for Anise to buy all of her gear without actually paying for anything.

Back on the Luxiole, the Bridge crew tease Kazuya and his chosen date but Coco breaks the mood when the radar detects a familiar signal and identifies Lily and her Emblem Frame entering their area. The crew make contact and share their coordinates and Tact sees enemies closing in on Lily and the Luxiole. Mint knows that the Department Ship cannot move to avoid the enemy in time and Tact contacts Croix if the Emblem Frames' maintainence have been finished. Croix approximates it would take another hour and a half but Tact remembers the Relic Raider skipping out on maintenance and being ready to deploy. Anise's task is simple as she only needs to intercept three enemy ships but she looks toward Mint and states that in exchange for the safety of the department ship, demands her contract to be nullified. Mint sees no other choice in the matter and accepts her terms and Anise grabs Kazuya to deploy immediately. 


Anise returns while Mint prepares to depart again after fully seeing the coup d'etat forces' influence. Mint assures Anise that their contract has been terminated and that she is free to leave at her leisure. Mint departs and the crew hurries to retrieve Lily and her Emblem Frame. Kazuya is formally introduced to Lily C. Sherbet, a fellow member and the former commander of the Angel Wing. Lily states that she has important information regarding the coup and requests that Tact bring everyone to the Briefing Room. Tact is more concerned about her health and asks if she doesn't need to visit the Infirmary. Lily asks if that is an order but Tact denies it as a simple check on her well being. In the Briefing Room, Lily explains her circumstances of escaping Seldar and trying to catch the Luxiole from Magiic. Tact then asks if Forte meant what she said and Lily confirms it as fact. Lily expresses her pain on the knowledge that Forte has the royal family taken as hostage and blames herself for not being there protecting them. Tact calms her down and Lily regains her composure before noting of another threat approaching Seldar. Explosives equipped vessels known as "Crust Breakers" are en-route to Seldar as they speak to deal immeasurable damage to the planet itself. Lily reveals that Forte is actually taking orders from someone else and Forte had no choice but to comply to keep Seldar unharmed. Lily doesn't know who is pulling the strings but mentions Dieta being one of the coup's officers. Tact ends the meeting after hearing all of this and dismisses them. 


Kazuya walks around to the Luxiole to see whats going on and at the end of his patrol he runs into Lily. Lily and Kazuya formally introduce themselves and Kazuya notably refers to Lily with an honorific which she finds troublesome. Lily asks for Kazuya to refer to her regularly on a first name basis and Kazuya finds it difficult to call someone who is both older and more experienced in combat than he is so lightly. Lily understands that she has not had enough time with Kazuya like the rest of the team and decides to have a "relationship building exercise". After finally compromising on referring to her as "Lily-san", she hands him a vibrant shirt with her name and an image of her face on it and demands that he shows up in the Tea Lounge wearing the shirt in an hour. Kazuya hesitantly complies and after waiting a bit, Lily enters wearing a shirt with his name and face on it. Melba then shows up to their table and serves them an enormous cake that Lily had ordered beforehand. Lily offers to feed him the cake and seeing as how she has been extremely forward in the matter, Kazuya accepts. Invoking Ranpha and Milfie's way of socializing, the two finish the cake and Lily then requests that meet her in the Park in 5 minutes. 

Kazuya hurries to the Park and sees the night-time setting of the park's sky for the first time. Kazuya goes deeper into the park to find Lily and when he nears the fountain, he is pushed in the water. Kazuya recovers and sees Lily in a swimsuit and she starts splashing water towards him and Kazuya responds by doing the same. The two eventually tire out and sit with backs leaning toward each other. Lily abruptly gets up and declares this training session over and leaves. Kazuya is at a loss towards Lily's eccentricity and runs into Lunti pulling around a food cart as he leaves. Kazuya returns to his room with signs of catching a cold and quickly falls asleep but is awoken a few hours later to his room's bell and he opens the door to find an enormous cat. Kazuya panics and Lily shows up from inside the cat's mouth and calms him down. Kazuya is once again at a loss and explains what Lily wants this time and she states she's only using this for another exercise. Kazuya once again allows Lily to do what she wishes and after a small cheer (reminiscent of Mint), she enters his room and takes off the cat costume. Lily then presents a traditional tea set and pours some tea for the two but gets annoyed at how the tea stalk is not standing. She asks Kazuya to drink and then immediately pours him another serving with the tea stalk not standing. The two repeat this until Kazuya's tea finally has the tea stalk standing, but at this point, Kazuya consumed the entire pot of tea. Lily then announces one last exercise they must complete and while Kazuya is reluctant, complies. Lily then asks him to rest his head on her lap and while embarrassed, follows her instructions. Lily begins to clean Kazuya's ears and Kazuya eventually falls asleep.


Kazuya wakes up and hears an order from Coco for the Angel Wing to meet in the Briefing Room. Tact quickly briefs them of enemy formations up ahead and deploys them for combat. Lily requests Kazuya to merge with her Eagle Gazer as she feels that her mental health is at its peak, as well as their compatibility. Either way, the fleet is repulsed and the crew congratulate each other for their victory. Tact enters the Hangar and Anise demands to speak to him in private and they head to his office. The rest of the crew understand that Anise will probably leave them soon and Nano begins crying thinking about it. Later, Tact gathers the team in the Briefing Room to relay some news about Anise. Tact recounts of her sudden involvement in the entire affair and praises her quick wit and thinking that allowed them to get this far. Whilst praising her, Tact himself confesses that losing Anise would affect them greatly but complies to her wishes. As the Brigadier General of the NEUE survey corp. and as Commander of the Luxiole, Tact dismisses Anise from her temporary service as a member of the Rune Angel Wing. Tact calls Anise up for her to speak her final words and Anise thanks everyone for letting her experience what it meant to be on a team. She mentions how she grew up alone and everyone's kindness has helped her grow as a person and she sincerely thanks them for the experience. Anise however, has made the decision to stay onboard, which takes the team, mostly Nano, a moment to properly register. The team rejoices in Anise's decision and apparently, Anise and Tact had already agreed to recruit her as an official member of the Rune Angel Wing, entering proper military service with the rank of 2nd lieutenant. Anise is given a uniform and the team leaves to prepare for a celebration of their new, permanent member. 

Chapter 7: The Plan to Take Back the Homeworld (本星奪還作戦)Edit

ZR Endcard 13 Forte

Lieutenant Colonel Forte Stollen

Tact calls the Rune Angel Wing to the bridge to review one of the transmissions Forte sent out of her actions on Seldar. Nano notices that Forte's words have changed in each of her transmissions and Tact confirms through Coco that Forte has indeed has changed some of her words. Anise finds it as a strange coincidence but Nano insists otherwise. Tact thinks that this is actually a message and tries to dig deeper into what Forte has planned. Lily concurs and senses that the message is actually a code and the transmissions are replayed to the crew. Looking back into the transmissions Forte sent out reveal the location of the crust-breakers from her mismatched words. With this, the crew decide that eliminating the devices will be their priority in the coming fight. The Luxiole receives a transmission from their allies and they join Ranpha with the Magiic Fleet with her.


As the combined forces come out of the Chrono Drive, Coco puts up on screen their current status. Tact notes that the odds are against them as Forte's fleet has 700 ships while Tact only has 400 to work with. They identify the crust breakers closing in on the planet behind the enemy fleet and Tact laughingly agrees with the formation Forte has chosen while Kazuya lets out a worried laugh. In the briefing room, Tact explains that they must act in a way that suggests they do not yet know about the crust breakers as it would lead to suspicion on Forte's side. With that in mind, Tact fully understands that Forte will be trying to fight with all she has. Tact decides that the Luxiole will move in concealed from enemy sight between the Magiic ships as a contingent of them will break through the center of the fleet. As the enemy fleet would be either fighting of destroyed to see what's happening, this will allow the Rune Angel Wing to quickly act and destroy the crust breakers behind enemy lines.

On the bridge, Tact confirms that the Rune Angel Wing are on standby and sends a transmission to Forte and the two share some pleasantries. In spite of the situation, Forte expresses honest delight in being able to fight Tact like this. After a brief silence, Tact orders the assault and the two declare that they won't hold back. Soon after, Tact is forced to improvise as the Luxiole is forced to charge through the rest of the blockade alone after the some of the allied ships disperse. Forte's underlings note that a single ship has broken off from the rest of the fleet and Forte immediately recognizes the Luxiole heading toward the back lines. Tact receives a call from the Engine Room that the reactors are about to overheat if they keep up the speed but the Luxiole is able to reach the target area to deploy the Emblem Frames.

As the Crust Breakers begin to break down, the underling of the coup d'etat blames and points a gun at Forte for their loss but he flees the ship as the oxygen levels of been compromised by Forte beforehand. Forte contacts Tact for evacuation and also reveals the location of the flagship behind the coup d'etat. The allied fleets focus fire on the coordinates but the ship is able to withstand serious firepower and the information on the Luxiole is unable to identify it. A transmission comes from the enemy ship and the image of the captive Milfie is shown to the bridge while the person behind the coup turns out to be an alien named Verel, the last of the original inhabitants of ABSOLUTE. When asked why he is behind the endeavor, Verel responds and says that the coup was just part of a larger plan for him to regain access to ABSOLUTE and to regain his rightful place as its ruler. Tact then requests to see Milfie's condition and deduces the location to be inside the Master Core within ABSOLUTE and Verel confirms that Milfie is unharmed. Tact is relieved, knowing that Verel needs Milfie to activate the gates and that her safety is guaranteed and now he also knows of her location but Verel flees before he is apprehended.


Forte arrives on the Luxiole once more and is greeted by the rest of the overjoyed Rune Angel Wing with the exception of Anise who has had no prior meeting with Forte. When she is told Forte is essentially an even tougher Ranpha, Anise gets a favorable impression of her. The crew go to the briefing room to wait for Tact for a full explanation on the events that occurred and Forte introduces herself to Anise and she does the same as the crew reminisce on how she attempted to mug the Luxiole. Tact comes in and has a long silent stare with Forte but the tension is broken when he decides to start the meeting in the tea lounge. If Forte was chosen as Tact's Angel, they have their reunion scene here. 
ZR CG Gen 21

The couple unite after waging war against each other.

Tact decides that with some downtime, he should explain some bigger questions and everyone forms a line. Rico simply asks if Milfie is safe and Forte confirms that, true to Verel's words, Milfie is unharmed. Kazuya wishes to know about Verel and Tact is unable to know where to start and asks what Kazuya knows of ABSOLUTE. Kazuya explains most of what ABSOLUTE does and Tact is surprised to hear of how informed he is. Kazuya admits that the information actually came from his first meeting with Noa during training where she told him that she was busy and would explain the details at a later time. Tact continues saying that during the time he and his chosen angel was stuck in the Another Space, Noa and Lushati found the existence of ABSOLUTE during their scan to rescue the couple. After confirming its existence along with a Chrono Gate, it was thanks to Milfie that the crew were able to gain access to ABSOLUTE. Tact was surprised and a little afraid, seeing a space without stars with only Chrono gates around the Central Globe. Tact also explains that inside the Central Globe, lies the Master Core room that control the gates. Verel was encountered by the crew in a stasis and as the last known member of his race. Verel was distraught knowing he was the only one of his kind left and pondered on why he was the only one remaining and his jaded memory did not help his situation. Tact admits that after they were given control of the Central Globe and with the undergoing operation of the Rune Angel Wing's recruitment period, he had completely forgotten about Verel.

Kahlua goes next and asks about why NEUE was chosen as the dimension that needed assistance. Tact corrects the presumption that NEUE was the first dimension they had the desire to assist. He explains that they had searched over 50 other dimensions before happening upon NEUE. He explains that the effects of the Chrono Quake Bomb were too much to handle for other civilizations and their entire universes had perished, while the 56th dimension was discovered to be inhabited was NEUE. NEUE was not the first to be in contact but was the first discovered to have a surviving civilization. Lily's question is simple as she also wishes to confirm the safety of Seldar's Royal family and both Tact and Forte confirm their good conditions and much like Rico, Lily begins to cry in joy. Anise is next and asks a rather detailed question on how exactly Verel's flagship was able withstand large amounts of damage. Forte is rather surprised by the question's nature as it somewhat belies Anise's hasty attitude and the former apologizes as she doesn't completely know the ship's qualities. Nano's question moves everyone along as she asks what the course of action will be for now. Tact says that they will all hold a meeting in Seldar while resupply is going on near Seldar's moon, Hokkori, a famous resort planet. The crew gets excited while Kazuya tries to calm them down as they are not on vacation to which Tact gleefully confirms however that they more or less are on vacation as Verel left with most of his fleet decimated and his current location is unreachable at this point in time.  

Chapter 8: The Angel's Repose (天使の休息)Edit

ZR CG Anise 12

Anise threatens to take Kazuya's first kiss.

Kazuya walks into the Piroti to overhear the girls talking about something and enters the conversation and asks what they are talking about. Nano exclaims that they're talking about kisses and Kazuya is slightly stunned on why this topic has been brought up and Lily was apparently behind it as it was brought up during her stories about team-work building exercises. Nano asks if Kazuya has had any experience and he responds that he was busy studying at culinary school to find a relationship. Anise teases him that he's inexperienced and Kazuya retorts and accuses her being inexperienced as well. Anise gets ticked off and grabs Kazuya by the collar and proposes on the idea of her taking his first kiss. Everyone is stunned and Kazuya is unable to stop Anise's closing lips but she drops him and says she was only joking. Kazuya gets angry at why Anise bothered going that far and Anise takes it that Kazuya wanted her to finish. Kazuya, still embarrassed, says that he wouldn't have wanted to share one with her while Anise asks who would he rather share one with. Kazuya's ambiguous answer causes the rest of the girls to take interest on who among them he likes.

In the middle of cracking, Coco calls Kazuya down to the Commander's Room and he quickly takes off, much to the Angel Wing's disappointment. He gets flustered when Coco asks why his face is red and he passes it off and quickly enters Tact's room. Tact lets Kazuya enter and says that he just wanted to ask Kazuya a question: Who in the Angel Wing does he love? Kazuya is once again surprised at the topic and asks again what Tact wanted to discuss. Tact reaffirms his question and Kazuya assumes Tact was eavesdropping in the earlier conversation he had with his team but dismisses it. Tact concludes that as the single male in a team with five beautiful girls, Kazuya would naturally begin to have strong feelings for at least one of them and Kazuya is unable to deny that he has grown to like someone. Tact rejoices that he was correct in his assumption and smiles, saying that he was, at one point, in the exact same position Kazuya was in. Tact stops his inquisitive stance and says that he's fine just knowing Kazuya likes someone in the crew and gifts him with a ticket. He goes on to explain that the ticket is a full access pass to the resort on the resort spot on Hokkori and suggests that Kazuya should take the one he cares about the most there with him to relax during downtime. Tact explains to Kazuya that this is not exactly an order but something that he HIGHLY recommends that Kazuya take into consideration. Tact orders the Angel Wing members into their rooms and gives Kazuya a few minutes to make his ultimate decision.


Depending on the affection levels of the 5 girls, Kazuya is approached by at most 3 girls with the highest affection ratings and is asked if they could be his date to the resort. Kazuya says that he will make his decision and the girls return to their room to hear his response. Kazuya steels himself and strides out of his room only to bump into Fort, who explains that Tact told her everything about Kazuya's situation and she decided to deliver some flowers for him to use. Kazuya's hesitant drive prompts Forte to lightly hit him to motivate himself. She also jokingly asks if Kazuya wanted to take her on the resort date instead. Kazuya is embarrassed by the notion and Forte laughs it off and cheers on Kazuya as he makes his way to the Piroti.

Whoever he chooses, the chosen Angel will thank Kazuya for his decision and the two prepare to leave for the shuttle to have their extended vacation.

  1. Kazuya approaches Rico's room and she falls over in trying to answer her doorbell. Rico is overjoyed to accompany Kazuya and the two get their things ready. Rico and Kazuya enjoy themselves on the resort's beach but when Kazuya leaves to get themselves drinks, Rico is approached by two other males. They try to coax her into hanging out with them and she refuses, which leads one of them to touch her on the shoulder. Kazuya returns to see this and sees someone launched into the ocean and Kazuya finds it right to at least save the poor soul. The other man ends up touching Rico's shoulder as well and he too is launched into the ocean but instead, lands on Kazuya, which ends up knocking him out. Rico ends up saving him and resuscitates him with CPR and upon realizing this, the two face away from each other with embarrassment. Kazuya however doesn't mind Rico being the one who took his first kiss and Rico silently remarks that she was happy to do it. After their vacation, Kazuya decides to help sort out Rico's reflex and gains the help of the other male crew members to overcome her fear. Lunti, Croix, the convenience store owner, Mordent, and Tact himself try to help her. While it proves to be an arduous (and painful) task for everyone, Rico is able to at least make contact with everyone's hands. As the days go on, Kazuya sees that Rico has been avoiding him and sees her having many side conversations with the other male crew members. When Kazuya explains to Lunti of his predicament, and Lunti surmises that Kazuya was the only male that Rico was able to regularly socialize with since he was an exception to her reflex. Now that Rico was able to somewhat break out of her mold, she just lost interest in him. Kazuya is devastated to hear this and while Lunti calms him down saying that it was a joke, Kazuya feels defeated.
  2. Kazuya approaches Lily's room and she approves of his direct method of answering her request so quickly and orders for him to get prepared immediately. Lily and Kazuya engage in a variety of activities on Hokkori but Kazuya has trouble keeping up with Lily as he finds her extremely revealing swimsuit extremely distracting. From getting traumatized by ice cream and smashing watermelons that eventually gets Kazuya knocked out, the two get a photo taken of each other before they head back to the Luxiole after vacation's end. As they arrive at the hangar, they find Rico handing out everyone's mail and she gives Kazuya the package containing hologram picture that was taken on Hokkori. Lily shows up and asks if Kazuya wants to keep the hologram picture and Kazuya interprets this as Lily wanting to keep it herself and he refuses the package. Lily is given the picture and while Kazuya helps Rico after she falls over, Lily throws the package down the garbage chute and when Kazuya asks her why she did so, she responds by saying that Kazuya refused it and she had no need for it so decided to throw it away. 
  3. Kazuya arrives in front of Nano's room and the latter is excited to finally play at the beach. Nano and Kazuya play around in the shallows and Kazuya goes off to get them some drinks. Nano spends a bit of time alone and notices the other beachgoers mention on what they think of girls and she ponders if Kazuya thinks the same way and decides to do an experiment. Nano transforms herself into a busty blonde girl and Kazuya returns to find her instead of Nano and is promptly is hit on by her. Kazuya shyly refuses the offer of hanging out with her as he promised to be with someone else and leaves to find Nano. Kazuya's search brings him to the juice bar and Nano, still disguised, follows him. Nano is hit on by a few drunk beachgoers and Kazuya decides to step in and save her from the harassment. While Kazuya is successful in driving the drunkards away, a stray bottle hits Nano and she passes out and Kazuya prioritizes getting help for the girl instead of chasing after the drunks. Nano wakes up during sunset and realizes that she is still disguised. Kazuya however reveals that he figured out her identity as Nano and requests for her to change back. Nano asks how he knew and Kazuya responds by saying he had suspicions from the start. Kazuya asks in return why she would do this and Nano explains her logic on if Kazuya liked more mature girls, to which he reassures her that he chose Nano for who she is and Nano reverts back to her regular form. With the vacation concluded, Kazuya and Nano return to the Luxiole and Coronet informs them that they're the first of the team to return. Kazuya leaves to take care of his business while Coronet asks what the two did during the break. Coronet is disappointed to hear that the two honestly did nothing but play around and was hoping to hear something more romantic escapades like kissing. While Coronet leaves saying it was just a joke, Nano takes the words to heart and starts warming up to the idea of kisses. Nano spends the next few instances asking Kazuya for kisses and each time, he becomes busy with work and helps around the ship. At one point, Kazuya gets some candy from Coronet and when Nano asks for a kiss, Kazuya thinks she's hungry and gives her the candy instead. Nano gets angry at this and starts climbing up a ladder and Kazuya tries to bring her down. Nano slips and Kazuya catches her and incidentally, Nano gets the kiss she so desired. 
  4. Kazuya hands Kahlua the flowers and the two make plans to head down to the resort. Kahlua and Kazuya arrive in the beach of the resort and begins to enjoy themselves by the sea. Kahlua brings Kazuya closer and casts a spell in which the two of them could dive underneath the water to see the sights. Kazuya glances up from the spell and upon seeing the sight of Kahlua reflected by the water and the sunlight, likens her resemblance to a goddess. The two return to the shore and Kahlua runs off at the smell of alcohol by a nearby drunkard and Kazuya is able to talk him out of leaving the area. Kahlua explains she ran off temporarily as even the smell of alcohol would be enough to change her to Tequila. Kahlua asks Mimolette to bring out a special candy that will inhibit her transformation for the duration of the vacation and Kazuya questions if Kahlua does not think positively of her other half. Kahlua instead explains that she wants to remember her time with Kazuya on the resort and does not want to let Tequila come out (Reminder: Tequila is "conscious" whenever Kahlua is the active personality while Kahlua is not. This leads to Kahlua being understandably slow as she does not know what situation Tequila will put her into when she transforms back). Kazuya confesses that he's extremely happy to hear that Kahlua values their time together that much. While reciprocating, Kahlua slips out mentioning that she wants to spend the most amount of time with her loved one and Kazuya is absolutely stunned to hear and infers that she's referring to him. Kazuya decides to respond and confesses as well. While the two stare at each other silently, Mimolette shows up with drinks to break the silence. Kazuya shares a drink with Kahlua but it turns out Mimo had brought sake by mistake and Kahlua switches to Tequila who berates Mimo and throws him far away before switching places again. Kahlua remains drunk and closes the distance between herself and Kazuya to kiss him. However, the alcohol affects still persist and Kahlua switches back to Tequila who faints after a while. Tequila wakes up and has a small conversation with Kazuya where the latter senses that Tequila seriously cares for Kahlua's wellbeing and she decides to grant Kahlua's small wish and agrees to allow Kahlua to be active for the rest of the vacation. Back on the Luxiole, Kazuya soon realizes that he has come to terms with being in love with Kahlua means he has to love Tequila as well and offers to cook dinner for her and calls her up to his room. After serving a full course meal, Kazuya unveils a cake that reads "I love you" and Tequila laughs it off and prepares to bring Kahlua out but Kazuya stands his ground and declares that the cake is meant for her instead. Tequila is surprised to hear this and argues that Kahlua is the person he loves but Kazuya says while he loves Kahlua, he will love Tequila as well. Kazuya then takes the assertive stance and kisses her. 
  5. Kazuya answers Anise's request in accompanying Anise to the resort's beachside competition, much to her approval. The duo arrive on the beach and head to the competition but find out that it will take a few minutes to get started. Hungry, the two make toward the food vendors and Anise finds herself craving some curry and decides to buy some. Much to the duo's surprise, the curry shop owner they met on Magiic also happened to own a location here as well and Anise decides to do what Ranpha would do and asks for even more spice on her curry. Anise seems to be eating it just fine while Kazuya tries a bite and reacts strongly to the spice. The "Treasure" competition begins and Anise is able to blow past the competition, locating all of the digging spots while Kazuya quickly tries to keep up with her discoveries while digging up their findings at the same time. During this event, Kazuya finds a smooth blue stone from his digging and decides to keep it as a souvenir. The duo win the competition but Anise expresses boredom with how simple the competition was. The vacation period ends and on the shuttle ride back to the Luxiole, Anise asks if anything about her has changed and Kazuya is unable to notice anything while Anise remarks that his senses are slightly lacking. Coronet welcomes the two back and immediately notices that Anise's hair ornaments are gone, where she apparently lost them while changing from her swimwear and was not able to find them during their stay at the resort. Anise's seems disturbed over this and Coronet advises Kazuya to deal with this little mishap. Kazuya thinks of a way to solve the problem and sees that Anise is still not acting like usual. Kazuya is joined by Kahlua and he is annoyed at himself as he seems to be the only one who didn't notice Anise's missing hair ornaments right off the bat. Kazuya's mentality is sorted out thanks to Kahlua's advice and he decides to take into his own hands to try and get Anise back to her usual attitude. Kazuya goes over his backpack and the blue stone he dug up falls out. He notices the deep blue color and remembers that Anise's hair ornaments were blue and strikes an idea. Kazuya rushes to the Hangar and asks if Coronet could help in reshaping the stone to resemble Anise's hair ornaments. While Coronet proceeds to cuts the stone into the right size, Kazuya leaves the Hangar to find some references to help him finish up the ornaments. He gets help from Rico and she lends him spare hairpins and he returns to the hangar to find the stones cut into shape. Coronet teases Kazuya saying that the only thing left to do is fill the ornaments with his love and Kazuya is given the task to edge out the stones and polish them. Kazuya spends the next few hours of the night smoothing out the ornaments and completes them around morning. He leaves his room to gift them to Anise but realizes that no one would be awake at this time and he falls asleep in the Piroti's tables. Rico happens upon Kazuya sleeping and notices the beautiful ornaments in his hands and she decides to wake Anise to see what Kazuya has made for her. Kazuya wakes up and finds Anise wearing the ornaments and she states she was waiting for him to wake up. Kazuya is glad to see his hard work pay off but his tiredness gets the better of him and he retires to his room. Before leaving, Anise shyly thanks him and Kazuya happily responds back saying it wasn't a problem. Anise feels the smoothness of the ornaments and laughs to herself and then her heart skips a beat.

Chapter 9Edit

Tact holds a meeting in the Briefing room and explains that he has been given authority over the combined allied fleets. He also unveils unfortunate news that Forte was put under arrest for her actions against Seldar. While some of the crew members argue that she did the right thing in keeping Seldar safe, Anise and Lily both agree that it is an understandable action. Tact changes the mood once more saying that Forte's punishment is not too severe and it will be fine for her as long as Verel's forces are subdued. Either way, as Forte had predicted, the Chrono Gate they need to reach is guarded by an immense amount of ships but they still have time to prepare themselves. The crew share a relaxing meal at the mess hall before they separate.


Tact informs everyone that a small force of Verel's fleets have entered the area and he deploys the Rune Angel Wing to quickly clear them out to continue their advance to the Chrono Gate. After the fight, Tact asks Coco how the Rune Angel Wing's overall performance was and depending on the girl chosen, the results differ accordingly. In Anise's and Nano's routes, the fight does not occur until after the their problem is realized.


Apricot: The Distance Between the Two (2人のディスタンス)Edit

Coco identifies Rico's mental health not being up to par and Tact decides to see for himself what the problem is. In the Hangar, Anise worries of Rico's performance in the skirmish and calls Kazuya over to see if anything is wrong. Anise is slightly angry at why the two are having difficulties communicating when she thought the two were really close and she pushes Rico to Kazuya and the former pushes him down. The quarreling duo run off while the confused Anise is met by Tact who seems to realize the obvious problem going on and decides that he needs to do something about this. Tact soon calls Kazuya and Rico up to the Commander's Room and assigns them to take a shuttle to Seldar to pick up Forte as she was assigned as an officer in the fight against Verel as well. Tact hopes that the two will be able to solve their problems with each other on the trip. On the way to Seldar, the shuttle is damaged by the rampant debris from the enormous battle from before and Rico reports the engine have been damaged enough that it will be soon overload. Kazuya decides to put the autopilot on to get the explosion as far away as possible and the two evacuate the ship. As the two move away to a safe distance, Kazuya realizes that the force of the explosion will send the debris flying towards them and positions himself between Rico and the debris. Rico wonders what Kazuya is doing but quickly realizes what he is planning and tries to stop him. The shuttle explodes and the debris punctures through Kazuya's suit and he blocks the brunt of the debris for Rico. Kazuya with blood coming out of his mouth passes out but not before confessing outright that he loves her.


Kazuya opens his eyes and finds himself in the infirmary. He is greeted by Mordent who calls Rico down and he explains that Kazuya and RIco's assignment was completed by someone else and as Rico enters the Infirmary, Mordent quietly excuses himself from the room. Rico states that she has 3 things to address and starts off by thanking him for shielding her from the debris. Next she apologizes for her behavior and how Kazuya was injured because of it. Lastly, she is angry at how Kazuya thought she wasn't interested in him as she overheard from Lunti of his previous remark and corrects Kazuya that the reason she avoided him was because she was too nervous to continue their relationship. As an apology, Rico offers that she'll do anything to make up for her actions. Kazuya instead asks her to calm down and states that she doesn't need to do anything but Rico insists that she will listen to his any request. Kazuya finally makes up his mind and jokingly asks her to lay down on the bed next to him in hopes of having her give up but Rico surprisingly agrees and moves in next to him and then says she wants to redo the first kiss she took from him during vacation. Rico and Kazuya share a kiss but are quickly separated when Nano bursts into the room.

Lily: Memories that Disappeared into the Darkness (暗闇に消えた想い出)Edit

Coco finds the Braveheart was not performing up to speed and Tact takes note of the surprising information. Kazuya's poor mental health shows on the battlefield which Lily notices and asks what's wrong. Kazuya dismisses any issues and Lily insists that they go train together to quickly resolve any issues Kazuya might have, as Lily senses that Kazuya is not yet completely adjusted to each other. Kazuya finds this "training exercises" overused from Lily and asks if their vacation was another training exercise to her. Lily responds positively to the statement which annoys Kazuya and he leaves the Hangar while Lily is confused as to why Kazuya sounded mad. Tact sees the mishap and Lily asks to what she did wrong. Tact simply tells her to think in Kazuya's perspective and consider his feelings in the matter. Lily is still confused on what she did wrong with her "training exercises" and Tact pinpoints the problem to that mindset of treating every social activity in such fashion and concludes that she must solve the problem on her own. Lily chases Rico down in the hallway and asks for advice on the situation.

The two talk in the tea lounge where Lily summarizes what happened and Rico is surprised and understands why Kazuya would be acting this way. Lily begs her to tell what she did wrong and Rico tells her the same thing that Tact told her. Seeing that Lily is honestly unable to know what she did wrong, Rico decides to eventually tell her outright that Kazuya loves her and that throwing away something that meant a lot to him would obviously damage his thoughts on the relationship. Lily is absolutely silent before it finally hits her and asks Rico about the garbage storage status as she vows to get the picture back. Lily is given a keycard from Tact that allows access to the garbage storage and is surprised to find the rest of the girls in front of elevator who promise to help her find the picture. The elevator is tight in space and the 5 quickly move down to the lower parts of the Luxiole where they find the garbage room. While the girls are overwhelmed by the smell, Lily silently steps forward into the room without complaint and the girls follow. Back in his room, Kazuya decides to apologize for yelling at Lily and steps out of his room to see his team mates covered in trash. Anise signals Lily and she approaches Kazuya and hands him the package and apologizes. Having been trained in a military lifestyle for most of her life, she was unfamiliar with emotions and the likes and she clears her feelings and confesses that she loves Kazuya as well and Lily pulls Kazuya in and kisses him. Anise questions what kind of picture the now confirmed couple took and the crew gather around to see it. 


Kazuya finishes helping the engineers manage his Emblem Frame and he runs into Lily in the Park. Lily states that she was thinking of what occurred between the two and they decide to talk more on the subject. Lily knows that the life she chose was a path of duty and order but she feels as if those pale in comparison to the emotion that she felt when she is near him. Lily wishes to "protect" and continue experiencing this feeling and Kazuya promises that he will do the same. 

Nano-Nano: The Voice (声)Edit

Kazuya and Nano play around in Kazuya's room before they are called to combat at the sight of enemy ships. Only in Nano's route is Kazuya automatically merged with the First Aider and have Nano's skills boosted to the max. After the battle's end, Kazuya orders for the team's return to the Luxiole but Nano picks up one more enemy signature near them. Kazuya contacts the Bridge and gets permission to eliminate it and the duo see that the enemy signature is of a derelict enemy battleship. The two decide to leave but one of the turrets regains some power and fires a few rounds at the merged Emblem Frame. The First Aider's powers are shut down and in order to protect the both of them, Kazuya detaches the Braveheart and finishes off the battleship. Before it fully explodes, the battleship turrets lets loose two rounds, one of which pierces through the Braveheart's cockpit. On the Luxiole, Coco reports that the Braveheart has received a critical shot and Tact quickly leaves the Bridge and makes for the Hangar. Coronet works on opening the cockpit as Tact runs in. As the hatch begins to open, Tact sees a glimpse of the insides and quickly tells Coronet to stop the process. As the rest of the Rune Angel Wing arrive to see, Tact yells at them to not come closer. Tact orders Coronet to contact Mordent while everyone assumes the worst. Nano rushes toward Kazuya while Tact orders her to return. but Nano enters the cockpit and seals it shut. Nano ignores the cries outside telling her to stop and Nano decides to use all of her nanomachines to restore Kazuya's injuries, which include a severed right arm. Nano overloads her systems and vanishes, while the cockpit opens and shows Kazuya's arm restored.

ZR CG Nano 16

Tact finds a bloody Kazuya in the damaged Braveheart.


Later, Kazuya wakes up in the infirmary and is quickly met by Lily who informs him that he was unconscious for 3 days and she hands him Nano's headpiece while Mordent enters the room and asks if Kazuya is feeling alright. While noting that his right arm feels light, he asks why he's in the infirmary. Lily asks if he has forgotten what happened and Kazuya remembers the derelict battleship and getting hit by it. He assumes since he's safe, he and Nano made it out fine. Mordent tells him to rest now and talk later but Lily intervenes, saying that Kazuya at least deserves the right to know what happened. Lily tearfully explains that Nano had overused her nanomachines to completely heal Kazuya's fatal injury and bring an essentially dead body back to life at the cost of her own. Nano had overused her nanomachines in its entirety and her real body has vanished without a trace. Kazuya is completely stunned at the revelation and asks why she would do such a stupid thing in bringing him back. Lily gets angry at that statement and storms out of the room, still in tears. Mordent however calms the situation and tells Kazuya to rest for now and he agrees and falls asleep soon after. In his dreams, Kazuya begins hearing a voice and is awoken a bit after. Kazuya explains to Mordent that he dreamed of hearing Nano's voice but Mordent suggests that it's most likely from the shock Kazuya has gone through hearing of her disappearance. Kazuya decides that he's healthy enough to leave and Mordent decides to send him off. Kazuya sleeps in his room only to have the same dream of Nano calling out to him and decides to calm himself down. He heads down to the cafe and tries to collect himself before fainting and seeing Nano in his dream and speaking to him of some cryptic words. Kazuya wakes up again with Mordent and Melba around him and Kazuya follows Mordent to hear a detailed report of his injuries. Kazuya hears that he had received injuries on the right side of his body that also included a completely severed arm and Kazuya is surprised to hear that all of that were treated by nanomachines. Mordent explains that nanomachines usually repair the wounded parts of the afflicted area but in Kazuya's case, it ended up replacing what was missing. Kazuya pieces together the words "Hurry" and "Wings" that Nano spoke to him of in his dreams and concludes that it has something to do with the Emblem Frames and Kazuya excuses himself from the infirmary and makes for the Bridge, leaving Mordent dumbfounded on Kazuya's short ramblings.

ZR CG Nano 17

Nano has returned but with no life signs.

Being an experienced individual in the field of miracles and the likes, Tact hears out Kazuya's pleas for trying to save Nano. While at first indecisive, Kazuya questions Tact on what would he do if a loved one where to have died or gone missing and Tact understands the point Kazuya tries to make and agrees to allow Kazuya to do what he thinks will bring Nano back. Tact calls Croix to prepare the First Aider and Kazuya thanks Tact before leaving for the Hangar. The Braveheart is then merged with the First Aider while the rest of the team cheer for Kazuya's plan to succeed while Tact decides to drop on by to see what will occur. As Lily questions what makes him so hopeful, he explains that during his time with the Moon Angel Wing, he has seen his share of miracles and since Kazuya is part of the Rune Angel Wing, he is hopeful that a miracle will occur as well. Kazuya activates the First Aider and the engines begin to overwork itself prompting the crew to contact him to lessen the power. In the middle of doing so, Kazuya loses consciousness again but in the dream, he communicates to Nano saying that everything will be alright. Kazuya snaps back into consciousness and activates the systems to use the Repair Wave and releases the nanomachines outward. While the crew are baffled to see Kazuya bring out one of the Emblem Frame's power, they're skeptical of what happens now. Tact receives a call from Mordent who says that Nano's body has appeared from the headpiece and the crew heads toward the Infirmary. The crew arrives and see that Nano has indeed returned but Mordent informs everyone that it is only the body of Nano has returned while no lifesigns are detected. Kazuya returns from the Hangar and calms everyone down that he still has one thing left to do. Kazuya lowers his hands to Nano's face and light begins to emanate from Kazuya's hands and Nano opens her eyes. Later on, Rico visits the Infirmary again to find Nano yelling at how she's perfectly fine while Mordent and Kazuya try to hold her in place to finish checking up on her health. Tact enters the room and briefs the situation whilst checking up on the duo.

Kahlua/Tequila: The Insanity Curse Activates (狂呪発動)Edit

Coco notes that Tequila's mental tension was at an abnormal level and Tact decides to wait for Kazuya's report to conclude his suspicions. Kazuya checks up on Tequila who has already switched back to Kahlua and the latter says her head feels heavy and decides to go to the infirmary. Kazuya tries to go with her but she tells him it is not a big problem and tells him to report back to Tact. Kazuya does so and explains the situation to Tact and the others. The debriefing ends and Kazuya is called to the Infirmary where he is informed that Kahlua is perfectly healthy. Mordent dismisses Kahlua to be taken up to her room by Kazuya and afterwards, the two decide to see if Tequila has anything to say on the matter but she quickly faints after the transformation. Kazuya brings her back to the Infirmary where Tequila opens her eyes and begins attacking Kazuya with magic while causing damage to the Infirmary. Mimo brings out an emergency pill that forcibly turns Tequila back into Kahlua and she is told of what happened while Tequila was out. Kahlua deduces that her affliction is unique as it seems to lash out against whoever Kahlua loves the most, and that just happens to be Kazuya. Later, Kazuya reports this to Tact and the others while Kahlua is allowed to stay in her room.


ZR CG Kahlua 20

The Spell Caster and Braveheart plummet to the planet below.

Tact assesses the situation as problematic as they need to quickly assemble a fleet to take back the Chrono Gate. Kahlua enters the Hangar later that day and hypnotizes Coronet in prepping the Spell Caster to take off. Coco notices this on the Bridge and Tact and Kazuya are made aware of the situation. Kahlua states that she will temporarily leave the Rune Angel Wing as she fears she may cause unwarranted damage to ship and to Kazuya. Before any other words are shared, the communications are shut off from the Spell Caster. Because Kahlua is still unable to correctly attune with the HALO System, the Emblem Frame shuts down and begins to plummet down to Seldar. The other Emblem Frames are quickly deployed to assist and the Braveheart deploys first and is able to merge with the Spell Caster. Even then, Kahlua is unable to activate the controls and Kazuya states that even if he disengages, he would be unable to stop the Braveheart from falling to the planet as well. Mimo decides to motivate Kahlua into one last attempt in returning Tequila to her senes by having Kahlua remain active with her willpower trying to override Tequila's bloodlust. As Tequila is called out, Kahlua counteracts the urge to harm Kazuya with thoughts on saving themselves. After a loud scream, Tequila regains control of herself and plots the merged Spell Caster out of falling. Kazuya's burn injuries are treated while Rico informs that the fleet is ready to move out.

Anise: The Stolen Heart (奪われた心)Edit

During meal-time, Anise responds extremely nervously in Kazuya's attempts to talk to her. She leaves the cafeteria prematurely, pretending to have a little problem with her stomach. Kazuya decides to bring her something to ease her down but when Kazuya makes contact with her, she quickly runs off. Anise runs as far as to the 4th floor of the Luxiole and stops to calm herself down. Mordent notices the worn out Anise and asks what's wrong and she responds that heart won't stop beating and Mordent examines her and Anise notes that when Mordent contacted her, she didn't feel anything. Anise exclaims that she doesn't understand what's going on while Mordent innocently laughs saying he doesn't understand why she is so angry. Mordent invites Anise inside the Infirmary to hear her out and as soon as Anise finishes explaining her problem, Mordent bursts out laughing. Anise is angry at the reaction but Mordent explains that he knows exactly what's wrong with her. She demands and answer and asks if its a serious illness and Mordent laughingly assures her that there is nothing dangerously wrong with her. He decides to give the answer clear to her and says that Anise is in love with Kazuya and she has difficulty accepting the information. However, Anise is called to the briefing room as enemies are spotted and she nonetheless thanks Mordent for his help. After the battle, Coco notes that Anise was not performing well and Tact decides to investigate. At the Hangar, Anise notes her shoddy performance and quickly runs away when Kazuya tries to see what's wrong with her. Tequila notices this brief debacle and quickly figures out what the problem is.

ZR CG Anise 20

Kazuya, moments away from being kicked in to the wall and kissed by Anise.

Tact seems to comprehends as well and sneaks up to Tequila to comment on the situation. He concludes however that while he understands the situation, they're in a tight situation right now for this to continue to which Tequila decides to get involved in the matter and visits Anise. Tequila's knowledge on the matter makes Anise think that Mordent told Tequila of their conversation but Tequila corrects her saying that she learned all she needed to figure out the situation from the scene at the Hangar. Tequila gives Anise a motivational lecture on loving someone else and eventually ends with Anise calling Kazuya to meet her in front of her room. Outside, Tequila gathers the others to watch the scene unfold and gather near her door to eavesdrop. Anise is completely unable to keep her cool and eventually ends with Kazuya leaving the room. Anise steels herself and runs out of her room to give chase but is still unable to put her feelings into action and kicks Kazuya into the wall. The two begin to yell at each other and Anise yells out that she loves him and demands to know if he feels the same way as she would find it infuriating if her feelings would be "stolen away". Kazuya responds to her confession and Anise sweeps his leg and kisses him. Realizing what she has done and she quickly runs off in embarrassment while Kazuya is dazed at what happened. Kazuya then discovers the rest of the girls who had seen the entire event unfold and runs off as well. 

Kazuya is forced to crossdress

(Anise's event after the eyecatch is extremely short and coincides with other parts of the Chapter 9)

Kazuya: The Lovely Catherine (麗しのカトリーヌ)Edit

This route can only be accessed by Mugen Kairo's 2nd disc content and returns to Chapter 8. Kazuya goes through the same ordeal of almost getting kissed by Anise, having Tact ask who he loves, and the time to make his ultimate decision. In this route (setting up Natsume in the future), Kazuya thinks hard over who he will have to choose and finally decides that while he is definitely interested in someone in the team, he feels that his emotions toward her are not strong enough to warrant such a trip. He contacts Tact and while slightly disappointed, he respects Kazuya's decision as love is something someone must fully commit to. The two decide to use the special pass with the entire Angel Wing and Kazuya accidentally drops the pass when Tact communicates with the entire Angel Wing to obtain emergency orders from Kazuya in his room. Kazuya panics at Tact's actions and his door is immediately met by his team and he opens the door before Lily was about to cut the it down. Kazuya gifts them the pass after he finally finds it on the floor and the girls rejoice in the amount of possibilities they will able to relax and indulge themselves during vacation. Later, the team ask if Kazuya is alright in not coming with them and Kazuya sticks by his choice and sees them off. He is joined by Forte who mentions that she heard of his choice and wanted to check on him to see if he was alright with it. Forte then boards the shuttle to drop the Angel Wing off on the resort while she stopped by Seldar to deal with some matters. On the way back to his room, Kazuya receives a call from Rico who explains that she forgot to lock her room's door and wanted to have Kazuya lock it for her with a voice command as she brought her keycard with her. Kazuya asked if she was alright with him entering her room and she allowed him to do so. Inside, Kazuya finds a picture of Rico and Milfie and he ponders at what will happen with the current conflict. He receives a contact from Tact where he is surprised to learn of Kazuya's decision to stay behind and Kazuya explains his reasoning as to why. Tact then assigns him some work involving helping out some crewmembers and Kazuya accepts and schedules to work starting tomorrow.


Kazuya rests in his room until Tact contacts him to remind Kazuya of his duties to help crewmembers around the ship and he suggests Kazuya to start with Melba in the Tea Lounge. While their work will not be as extensive as the main crew during resupply and maintenance, Kazuya promises to help out as much as he can and suggests that they prepare immediately for the work day. Melba follows with Kazuya's enthusiasm and asks if he is "prepared" and Kazuya questions on what exactly she means. Melba explains that Kazuya will need to "change" into his uniform and he finds it confusing as that's what he is already wearing. Melba corrects him and confirms his fears when she reveals he will need to wear the Tea Lounge's uniform, a maid outfit. Kazuya is bewildered and tries to play the ghastly revelation off as a joke but Melba begins to strip him of his clothes, with Kazuya screaming in embarrassment. Melba changes the helpless Kazuya to wear female underwear, apron, make-up, and wig to temporarily transform him into a beautiful waitress and the former marvels at her work as she fawns over how cute he is. Kazuya is instructed to act "like a normal maid" and a crewmember enters the lounge but immediately exits the room in panic. Kazuya sighs as he states that he never thought he would end up dressing up like a girl again and Melba mistakes the statement into thinking Kazuya had a hobby for crossdressing. Kazuya corrects her and explains that before he joined the Angel Wing, he worked part-time at a cafe where his superiors dressed him up as a girl. His managers were also responsible for sending off his application to the military where he was selected to become a member of the Angel Wing by some miraculous occurrence.

After Kazuya's short history, the two feel the floor rumble and Lunti storms the Tea Lounge to find the beauty who he heard was here. Lunti immediately introduces himself and Kazuya is unable to clarify the news to him before Mordent enters the Lounge as well. Melba notes the rare occassion Mordent relaxes here and he explains that he heard a pretty new waitress was working and he decided to stop by. In succession, Croix and the convenience store manager enter the Lounge for the same reasons and all four, unbeknownst of his true identity, marvel at Kazuya's looks. Melba and Kazuya quickly excuse themselves to the Tea Lounge's backroom and Melba gets the news out of the way and explains that Kazuya, as he is dressed right now, is unbelievably gorgeous. Even in her own eyes, as a girl, she envies how cute Kazuya looks and advises him that no one must find out that he is himself as the truth of such a beautiful girl being a man will undoubtedly end in Kazuya getting hurt. Kazuya denies such an overreaction but Melba states that Lunti himself will end up killing him if he found out. For now, Melba suggests that Kazuya return to his usual attire and leave while she takes care of things. The gathering crowd outside demand to know who the new waitress is and Melba stops herself mid-sentence to not say Kazuya's name and she comes up with the name "Catherine" on the spot and explains that the new girl's shift just ended. With Catherine apparently gone, the crewmembers lose interest decide to leave while Kazuya was able to previously exit the room while Melba stalled. Kazuya deeply sighs but realizes that he still has his duties to help around the ship, even if the Angel Wing are gone.


Going to the Cafeteria has Kazuya quickly excusing himself as Lunti mouths off his newfound love for Catherine. Visiting the Hangar has Coronet hand Kazuya a detailed manual on maintaining the Braveheart until Kazuya's lack of refinement in touching up engines has him kicked out. In the Bridge, Kazuya finds both Tact and Coco absent and is given a small history lesson on Coco's accomplishments by one of the Bridge hands as he hears that she holds the rank of Captain. The particular Bridge hand's praise toward Coco has Kazuya slightly interested and Tact sneaks up behind them to hear the conversation. As Kazuya prepares to leave, Tact notices something red on Kazuya's lips and the latter runs off saying that Tact was just imagining things. Kazuya's visit to the Engine Room has Steline ordering him to excuse himself out of the room. Kazuya's only "work" comes from helping out in the Convenience Store restocking.

Afterwards, Kazuya receives a call from Melba who requests his presence in the Tea Lounge and he finds an enormous amount of people inside. Melba silently requests that he come to work tomorrow dressed as Catherine as the rumors of the beautiful waitress has spread around the ship. After a few days, the rest of the Rune Angel Wing return from their vacation and notice that the resupply and maintenance has not fully finished yet. Anise and Nano rejoice in hearing their vacation is still ongoing and the two make for the Recreation Room while others decide to relax some more. A few hours later, the two exit the Recreation Room and catch a glimpse of Kazuya sneaking around the corridor. The two observe him sneakily enter the Tea Lounge and the two quickly move on to relax their eyes.

-Chapter End-

Tecnically, the "Lovely Catherine" Chapter starts here as the events prior are just the events from Chapter 8. Kazuya and the Angel Wing once again get Briefed on how Tact was understandably given the duty to liberate ABSOLUTe utilizing the united fleets of Magiic and Seldar. The team shares a meal together before they all leave to go about their duties while Kazuya in particular steels himself yet again to "work" in the Tea Lounge while running into Lunti where he explains he's heading toward the Tea Lounge again. Kazuya looks down the end of the corridor and begins to sneak his way to the Tea Lounge. Anise, who had forgotten her jacket, comes back up to the floor to retrieve it and finds Kazuya suspiciously entering the Tea Lounge again. Anise dismisses it but after getting her uniform back, decides to investigate and enters the Tea Lounge. To her surprise, the entire room is filled with men and she finds someone she doesn't recognize taking orders. Anise walks up to Melba and asks if the waitress is a new recruit and Melba sheepishly replies that back that she is. Anise changes the topic to ask if Melba saw Kazuya and Melba quickly exclaims that there's some money on the floor and Anise diverts her attention to the floor while Melba thinks to herself what to say. Melba replies that Kazuya is definitely in the room among the other male crewmembers and explains that he's quite smitten with Catherine and Anise decides to leave after being fairly convinced that Kazuya is part of the crowd.


Lunti pays for his bill in the Tea Lounge and leaves, but not before saying goodbye to Catherine. Kazuya returns to be "himself" and lets out a deep sigh after another day of work ends. Kazuya complains that he possibly can't keep this up but Melba pleads for him to continue the charade for a few more days. As Kazuya prepares to leave, the Bridge hands notify the crew for the Angel Wing to convene under a high level alert. Melba recognizes the procedure and claims that Kazuya will still be able to get away clean and guides him to the Hangar. The two approach the Braveheart and Coronet warns the two to stay away as they're in alert mode. Melba hurriedly explains that "Catherine" is a big fan of Kazuya and she just wanted to show her how cool Kazuya is when piloting. Coronet is impressed at how Kazuya got such a pretty fan but quickly comes to her senses and that the two still need to leave. Melba once again tries to divert attention away from "Kazuya" and exclaims that there's money on the ground. Coronet doesn't buy it but soon searches for money after Melba exclaims a larger sum of money on the floor and bids Kazuya to enter his Emblem Frame while Coronet is distracted. Once Coronet is told that she was mistaken, Melba notes out that Kazuya has already entered his Emblem Frame and the latter confirms his status and clears for launch. The team wonder why Kazuya's image isn't coming up on their display and he explains that it must be a problem with his camera. Either way, the team dispatches the enemies quickly and as they return into the Hangar, Kazuya quickly contacts Melba to assist him. Melba responds that she's nearby and she quickly heads to the Braveheart's station to distract Coronet with money one more time for Kazuya to disembark. Melba instructs Kazuya one more time to hurry to his room and change and the latter does so but Anise catches a glimpse of "Catherine" entering Kazuya's room. The next day, Anise shares what she saw about the new waitress entering Kazuya's room and comes to a conclusion that Kazuya has seem to have gotten himself a girlfriend. The rest of the Angel Wing laugh at the prospect but Anise declares her findings as true and the team contemplate the idea for a while longer. Lunti decides to stop on by to ask what they were talking about and Anise states that she saw the new waitress enter Kazuya's room and surmises that they're going out. Lunti is outright devastated to hear this and runs back into the kitchen in tears while the team decide to see how this "Catherine" looks the following day.



Kazuya silently watches in horror as his teammates undress

The next day, Kazuya continues to work in the Tea Lounge unbeknownst to everyone except Melba and begins to fear that he's getting overly used to working as a girl now. The Rune Angel Wing enter the Tea Lounge and Kazuya begins to panic, only for the team to simply praise her looks and leave shortly afterwards. Work ends slightly early when the mass of Catherine's daily-visiting fans leave earlier than usual and Kazuya stops to rest, only for Lunti to be spotted in the doorway. Melba welcomes him and asks if he wants anything and after muttering Catherine's name a number of times, he charges toward her and knocks Melba away and tearfully asks if the rumors are true about her going out with Kazuya. Lunti gets too close for comfort and Melba eventually knocks him out and states that this situation is out of the norm and tells Kazuya to run away. Kazuya does so but Lunti soon gets up again to chase her down. Kazuya enters the Training Room to hide and goes to the male locker room, only to quickly exit after finding Mordent inside. Entering the female's locker room, Kazuya is relieved to find no one else there and decides to stake out for the time being. Outside, Lunti is slightly detained by Mordent who offers to hear Lunti's problems with women out. Kazuya relaxes after hearing this but the situation only worsens when the Angel Wing arrive together in the locker room after playing some sports together. Anise invites Catherine to join them as everyone begins to take their clothes off. Kazuya is motionless as he watches his teammates strip naked and shortly passes out after Anise takes Rico's underwear off. The team checks on Catherine where Nano, after carefully observing "her", states that Catherine is Kazuya.

When Kazuya comes to, he finds himself surrounded by his teammates in the Training Room mat and is approached by Anise. Surprisingly enough, everyone except Rico doesn't seem to care that much that he saw them all naked. However, with at least one member unsatisfied with the events that transpired, the team administer some form of punishment. Lily commands Kazuya to stand still, lest he wants his life to end and she quickly draws her blade to cut off all the "non-essentials" on Kazuya's uniform. The team shortly behold whatever Kazuya has left on and they leave after Rico shyly admits that she feels that payback as been met, but even then, she apologizes before she leaves.


Soon after, Tact concludes a brief status update and as the team prepare to leave, Kazuya calls out to them to apologize and ask for forgiveness. Rico approaches him and assures him that she and the others have put the event behind them as well. The team explains that they heard from Melba about Kazuya's experiences and sympathize with the set of troubles he went through during the entire ordeal. They also notify that only the team know the true story behind "Catherine" while Melba was hypnotized to have forgotten the event and they have already told everyone else that Catherine has left. The team laugh together and promise to keep this secret for themselves.

(Note, in all routes, Rico will have started calling Kazuya, "Kazuya-san" instead of her usual "Shiranami-san" by the end of Chapter 9.)

ZR CG Gen 24

Kazuya marvels at the amassed fleet


With the problem between Kazuya and his partner concluded, Tact informs that they will begin combat with Verel's fleet defending the Chrono Gate and deploys the Angel Wing to punch through the enemy's front lines. As the Angel Wing decimates the frontal forces, they return to the Luxiole and watch Tact lead the allied fleets into battle as they close in on the gate. However, Verel's transmission acts as a taunt for Tact as Verel activates the gate and closes it off from NEUE's side, leaving Tact little to work with in gaining access to ABSOLUTE. The Rune Angel Wing notes that this is the first time they have ever seen Tact get angry.

ZR CG Gen 25

The race toward the gate

Chapter 10: ABSOLUTE (絶対領域)Edit

Kazuya goes over the situation in the cafeteria where he gets chastised by Lunti who expected some desserts to serve for dinner. Kazuya is called to the briefing room and Tact says that Forte has returned and has someone they would like to introduce to the Rune Angel Wing. Lily notices two fairies enter the room and identifies them as Kelsie and Santa Rosa, the fairy aides that accompany the royal family and Lily realizes who Tact waned to introduce to everyone as the presence of the two fairies point toward one person, Soldum Seldar, the current Emperor of Seldar. Everyone is astounded and Anise speaks out of turn which angers Lily and the fairies mentions Garam, the name of Anise's father and both parties are told to calm down by Tact and Forte. By tradition, Soldum is unable to speak in his actual voice in front of non-family members so he has the two fairies say his words instead through a mental link. Soldum thanks the Angel Wing for saving Seldar and says that his true reason for coming onboard was to inform them of another way to open the Chrono gate to enter ABSOLUTE. He explains that it will require the energy formed from the power of the Emblem Frame's H.A.L.O system and Kazuya and his chosen Angel will be ones to help him open the gates. Everyone excluding the fairies, Kazuya, and his Angel leave the room and the former explains that the powerful energy needed to generate the power to open the gates to ABSOLUTE will be intense emotion of love.


As Kazuya and his chosen Angel prepare to leave, Forte and Tact show up in the Hangar to greet them and meet up with a few other guests. These guests turn out to be the rest of the available Moon Angel Wing members Mint, Vanilla, and Ranpha as they will be personally be joining the crew to help in the coming events. As the merged Emblem Frames approach the gates, the two fairies link their minds, as well as Kazuya and his partner's, and hearts to draw out their love for each other. The H.A.L.O systems overflow with power and a pair of wings form out of the Emblem Frame. The power links to the nearby ships from Magiic that act as beacons and channels the energy into the deactivated Chrono Gate. Tact is snapped out of his awe and orders the rest of the fleets to move in. However, the power was not generated for long as only the Luxiole managed to enter the gate. Tact reassesses the situation and puts the ship on level 2 alert while he lends a shuttle for Forte and the others to enter the Central Globe to rescue Milfie while he will have to confront Verel alone. The Luxiole approaches the Central Globe and Forte's shuttle takes off while the Rune Angel Wing fight off enemy forces enclosing on them.

(In the case of Kazuya's route, the gate is opened by Kazuya and the rest of the Rune Angel Wing combined emotions and the entire team temporarily unlock their Angel Feathers to power the gate.)

Inside the Master Core, Vanilla works the machines to check Milfie's status and confirms that no harm has come to her. Forte removes the restraints on Milfie and removes her headpiece and Ranpha shouts to wake her up and Milfie opens her eyes and thinks that what she's seeing is a dream. Milfie is surprised to see everyone around her and Forte explains that they have little time to relax and tells Milfie to begin operating the gates again to bring in reinforcements and Forte calls the Luxiole and reports that they have completed their objective. A transmission comes from Verel and he is livid at how Tact has been able to ruin his plans not twice but three times. Verel however calms himself down as he assures Tact that he still has one more ace up his sleeve. The transmission is cut off and Coco sees more enemy ships on the radar. Tact is surprised as he thought they destroyed most of his fleet and thinks that he must have had reinforcements join him through the gates, which should not have been possible. The large fleet encircle the Luxiole with the Central Globe against its back. Verel sends another transmission and Tact picks up on Verel's words and asks Coco to switch to a camera.

ZR CG Gen 26

The Shadow Moon

The crew are treated to an enormous space station to which Tact and Coco recognize as the Black Moon but Verel corrects them as the object is called the Shadow Moon. Not only is it powerful in both size and its ability mass producing fleets, its strength lies in its stealth field that is undetectable by radar. Tact decides to stake everything in one last retreat to the NEUE Chrono Gate to which Coco intercedes his idea and proposes to go through the Central Globe's spires instead of around them. This would leave only the high speed ships in pursuit where some of them would be lost through Central Globe's outward constructs. Tact agrees with the idea and gives manual control of the Luxiole for Coco to navigate through. The Luxiole manages to break the chase but as more of the fleets fly above them, Kazuya prepares to deploy only for Tact to belay his order as they have one more deed to accomplish. Tact tells Coco to ready the secondary bridge and entrusts her to return safely while they cover her escape. The Luxiole then reveals one of its secret functions that separates the top and bottom halves, acting as two independent ships. Coco and a number of the crew leave on the bottom half while Tact remains on the top half of the Luxiole to hold Verel's high-speed ships at bay.

The Rune Angel Wing are able to hold the enemy fleet from advancing and return to the Luxiole's Bridge completely worn out. Tact relocates the Luxiole's energy to its main guns and attempts to attack Verel's flagship but to no visible effect. The Shadow Moon then sends out more assault ships and Verel gives Tact one last chance to stand down to which he denies. Verel prepares to finish the Luxiole off but a high energy signature is detected and a blast of energy is received at the Shadow Moon. It turns out to be none other than the Elsior's Chrono Break Cannon and Lester chimes in the transmission. Tact reveals that heading towards the NEUE gate was just a ploy and since Forte was able to save Milfie, they were able to get help from the EDEN gate. Seeing as how the cannon was unable to break through the Shadow Moon's shield, Lester prepares the Elsior to fire again with the cannon's limiters removed. To assist in guarding the Elsior during its recharge period, Lester deploys the fully reunited Moon Angel Wing in their Emblem Frames in assisting Kazuya and the Rune Angel Wing.

With Verel's fleets decimated, the fully charged, limiter released Chrono Break Cannon fires upon the Shadow Moon but it manages to shrug off the attack. Verel laughs at how he still has the upper hand as he can simply call upon more ships to aid him to achieve victory through attrition. Tact however has his own secret weapon and the bottom half of the Luxiole arrives with two large armament following behind it. The two machines begin to attach itself to the right and left wings of the of the Luxiole and Coco returns to the bridge and Tact initiates orders for firing the their new weapon. The Bridge's lights dim and Coco gives the signal clearance to Tact who gives the order to fire the Dual Chrono Break Cannon. The beam punctures the Shadow Moon's shields and annihilates the station as Verel's ship retreats from the explosion. Seeing no other alternative, Verel decides to make the lone charge against the Luxiole and the combined Angel Wing Emblem Frames move to take it down. Verel's ship goes down and another threat to universal peace is eliminated.


Kazuya and his chosen Angel congratulate each other for their victory and meet with the other Angel Wings members at the Hangar. The Rune Angel Wing meets with the full Moon Angel Wing in person and Chitose reintroduces herself to Kazuya and praises his leadership ability. Rico finally reunites with her sister and share a hug to which Lily begins to cry over. Everyone heads to the bridge to greet Tact while the latter enters the Hangar to meet them. If Chitose or Milfie was chosen to be Tact's Angel, one or the other will have their reunion scene here. Tact congratulates and thanks everyone for being able to pull through another miraculous victory and shares the news that there's a party waiting for them at the Cafeteria. Tact however also notes that they'll need dessert and everyone stares down at Kazuya.

The final scene depends on who Kazuya has chosen
  1. In Rico's ending, Kazuya showcases his skills in baking confectionery in the kitchen to Milfie and Rico. Milfie praises Kazuya's skills and teases Rico by feeding Kazuya some fruit to which Rico starts doing as well. All of this goes on with the enraged and envious Lunti in the back preparing food.
  2. In Lily's ending, Lily and Kazuya come out of the training room and decide to go buy some milk to refresh themselves. Forte shows up seeing the two drinking milk in the same pose and asks what they're doing this late at night. Forte then decides to take both of them out to the park to Lunti's food cart to eat and relax while she gets drunk.
  3. In Nano's ending, Kazuya plays with Nano and shares lunch with her and Vanilla in the park.
  4. In Kahlua's ending, Kazuya helps her in her lab in conjuring up some concoctions when one suddenly goes off and Tequila is brought out. Tequila is angry at first for Kazuya's inattentiveness in watching the brew but decides to tease him a bit and forces him down to the floor and turns the lights off. Mimolette and Ranpha walk in and turn on the lights to see the two on the floor and quickly leaves. Tequila turn the lights back off while Kazuya screams.
  5. In Anise's ending, the two compete against each other in the recreation room until Anise gets angry over a match and ends up breaking one of the machines. As the property of the recreation room and the convenience store belong the Blancmanche corporation, the store keeper usually comes in to chastise Anise but instead, Mint herself walks in on this act. Mint rings up the damage dealt and shows Anise's new debt while Anise cries over her rising interest.
  6. In the Extra CD's ending, the Rune Angel Wing return to Magiic to investigate the curse that Kahlua had received the last time they were here by Dieta. The crew relax in the familiar curry restaurant while waiting for Kahlua to join back with them after her examination. A brief mishap with Anise and Nano ends with Kahlua's return and she reveals that as long as the curse is not activated it will fade away in around six months and no other immediate effects will take place. With their questions answered, Kahlua offers to take them around the city for a small excursion and the team invites Chitose to join them. Chitose approaches the restuarant's entrance but runs into a pink haired girl who questions what odor she's smelling and Chitose explains that it is curry, a food from EDEN. The mysterious girl is aghast to hear that EDEN's influence has spread across the planets alligned with Seldar and she mutters to herself in how she plans to rally the planets of Cudgel, Pike, and Hatchet to mobilize immediately. Chitose asks what she's talking about and the latter accidentally refers to herself as something akin to a ninja but quickly runs off. Chitose ponders on what just occurred and she meets with Kazuya as the two join the rest of the Angel Wing.


List of the ships in this game:

Player's ShipsEdit

These are the ships Kazuya has command over for the majority of the game.

ZR Regular Ship Stats

Clockwise: Attack, Defense, Speed, Range, Energy Consumption, Maneuverability.

  • Brave Heart: Kazuya's Emblem Frame that must stay alive as a primary victory condition for every battle. It's unique ability is to combine with any NEUE Emblem Frame that boosts its capabilities and thus, the Braveheart itself does not function as its own separate unit. The player can enter the first person shooting mode where the auxiliary guns of the merged Emblem Frames can be controlled to shoot down enemy ships. During this time, the Emblem Frame receives more damage but in turn, Kazuya can shoot down enemy projectiles, build up the special bar quicker, and blast off the guns off enemy ships. He can also request for repairs in this mode. Another downside to this is that you will have no vision of the other Emblem Frames' health bars and have little tactical sight.
  • Cross Caliber: Apricot's Emblem Frame that serves as the all-purpose fighter with average stats in both offense, defense, and speed. It's balanced stats allow for it to remain in the fight a lot longer. Its special attack is Hyper Blaster that fires a beam of energy much like the Lucky Star only that the area of effect is much smaller.
  • Eagle Gazer: Lily's Emblem Frame that serves as the sniper and long range fighter. It has average speed and with decent offensive ability with enormous range. It's special is the Extreme Lancer, where it fires off four high powered shots. If it overkills a target, then the remaining shots are redirected at the nearest enemy.
  • First Aider: Nano's Emblem Frame that acts as the essential healer for the team. It has the highest defense while understandably having low offense. It is the only Emblem Frame with two specials Repair Wave and Needle Flechette. Repair wave heals all Emblem Frames while Needle Flechette pierces a single target with large skewers made of nanomachines before detonating.
  • Spell Caster: Kahlua/Tequila's Emblem Frame average stats and is the slowest. Therefore, it should be used as a support ship. It is aided by three magic orbs that assists in attacking its enemies. Its special attack is Hexa-Cross Break that encircles a single enemy within a large magic circle before pulverizing it three times.
  • Relic Raider: Anise's Emblem Frame that has the highest speed of the NEUE Emblem Frames. It's offensive power is decent while the armor allows her to take little punishment before asking for repairs. Its special is the Genocide Bomber that deals immense single target damage to an enemy.
  • Luxiole: The flagship that houses the NEUE Emblem Frames piloted by Coco and commanded by Tact. It has a high health pool allowing it to receive large amounts of punishment but just like the Elsior, it should not be in the midst of combat. However, it's offensive ability is much greater than the Elsior and is able to finish off targets on its own. Like the Elsior, it cannot be healed by the First Aider.
    Ship Stats ZR Max Fixed

    The Rune Angel Wing with maxed out affection.

Allied/Friendly Ships Edit

The Moon Angel Wing and the Elsior make their return in the final two missions.

  • Lucky Star: Like the other EDEN Emblem Frames, the Lucky Star retains the qualities from previous games. The Lucky Star still remains a powerful with great stats all across the board. While the EDEN Emblem Frame's special bars do not fill up as quick, the Hyper Cannon is still a powerful armament that decimates any unfortunate enemy caught in its range.
  • Kung Fu Fighter: The fastest EDEN Emblem Frame returns with its incredible speed but also its paper thin armor. Thankfully, the Kung Fu Fighter is able to shrug off attacks from the weaker enemy ships but its health must be monitored. Thankfully, there are not one but TWO healers around so the Kung Fu Fighter may be unleashed to its full destructive power with its chain-linking Anchor Claw.
  • Trick Master: Returning with its omni-directional attack drones, the Trick Master keeps its consistent attack power from the previous games. The Flier Dance seems to have regained its destructive power from the first Galaxy Angel game as it is able to devastate multiple ships in the area instead of simply whittling them down.
  • Happy Trigger: Forte's chance for revenge presents itself as the Happy Trigger comes back with its entire arsenal against those who made her fight against her allies. The Happy Trigger can still take the brunt of damage and still manage to come out against multiple ships on its own with its Strike Burst.
  • Harvester: The Harvester won't be completely alone in its job to heal the other Emblem Frames but as the First Aider has its own offensive special, the Harvester remains as the only pure support ship with its Repair Wave. It still keeps its high defensive power and average speed allowing it to catch up to others for quick repairs.
  • Sharp Shooter: The Sharp Shooter returns with its long range engagements and supporting firepower. It has noticeably shorter turning time allowing it to attack its targets more frequently than it used to. It's enormous energy consumption when it uses its Fatal Arrow still persists so use it close to either the Luxiole or Elsior for quick resupply.
  • Elsior: The Elsior returns armed with the powerful Chrono Break Cannon but like its previous appeareances, the Elsior's slow speed and low accuracy make it unfit for combat, even more so compared to the Luxiole. It should be kept in the back lines as always.

Enemy ShipsEdit


  • Pirate Ship: Tutorial enemy that Kazuya must defeat in his first sortie. The ship is weak and poses no real challenge.
  • Destroyers: The most common enemy in the game and are lightly armored.
  • Cruisers: The second most common enemy that is usually backed up with Destroyers. They are more durable and powerful but not too noteworthy.
  • Floating Battery: Defensive satellites surrounding the moon Femto. They are durable but can be dismantled easily.
  • Offensive Carriers: Large combat oriented ships that deal high amounts of damage while having even more durable armor than its lighter counterparts.
  • Fast Combat Ships: High speed assault ships that have relatively weak armor but can close the distance between themselves and their targets quickly.
  • Battleships: The most powerful regular enemy encountered inside ABSOLUTE. They require heavy focus fire to bring down.


  • Dieta Dist: Essentially a more armored version of an offensive carrier. Dieta's ship has a large amount of firepower and requires a lot of focus to take down. Thankfully, it's slow speed means it will not be reaching any key targets.
  • Crust Breakers: While not essentially considered a boss, their destruction is a victory requirement at the battle at Seldar. They have relatively medium armor while having very little firepower. If they pass through the other end of the map, the game is over.
  • Gran Verel: Verel's durable flagship that takes the combined powers of the Angel Wing to bring down. It is a large battleship outfitted with numerous weapons.

Theme SongsEdit

Artist: Maho Tomita
Lyrics/Composition/Arrangement: Noriyasu Agematsu
Artist: Hironobu Kageyama
Lyrics: Yuki Mori
Composition/Arrangement: Yūsuke Sakamoto
Artist: Hiromi Satō
Lyrics: Bee'
Composition/Arrangement: Tatsuya Nishiwaki


Standard EditionEdit

GAZRnT-package nm
Platform: Playstation 2
Rating: CERO: 12
Release Date: June 22, 2006
Price: 7,140円
  • None
Pre-order Gifts:
  • "The Door to GAII" Disc (Has other BGMs from the game as well as other exclusive content!)

Deluxe EditionEdit

GAZRnT-package dx
Platform: Playstation 2
Rating: CERO: 12
Release Date: June 22, 2006
Price: 9,240円
Pre-order Gifts:
  • "The Door to GAII" Disc (Has other BGMs from the game as well as other exclusive content!)

Galaxy Angel Anime Commemoration Rune BOXEdit

ギャラクシーエンジェル アニメ化記念る~んBOX

Package runebox
Platform: Playstation 2
Rating: CERO: B
Release Date: November 22, 2006
Price: 15,540円

Broccoli Best Quality EditionEdit

Package ga21
Platform: Playstation 2
Rating: CERO: B
Release Date: July 31, 2008
Price: 2,940円

Packages which include a copy of Zettai Ryōiki no TobiraEdit

Galaxy Angel Zettai Mugen no Ishizue Set

Promos and GoodiesEdit

Set of Emblem FlagsEdit

Extras if Reserved at Certain StoresEdit


  • If you have a save data file from PS2 Galaxy Angel, Galaxy Angel Moonlit Lovers, Galaxy Angel Eternal Lovers or B.B.Q. Galaxy Angel, you gain the ability to fight against the Moon Angel Troupe in the Score Attack part of the Omake. It shows up as an EXTRA stage at the bottom of the list. A clear save data file is not necessary, it only needs to be on the same memory card. The Luxiole and Elle Ciel will also participate in the fight. The Moon Angel Troupe has an advantage in numbers, and will also use their special attacks.
  • In contrast to the previous games, every opportunity you have to walk around the ship is NOT during Chrono Drive, which is the opposite of the previous games, where opportunities to walk around the ship were almost exclusively during Chrono Drive.

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