The Galaxy Angel II Starter Book Vol.2 is a 30-pages booklet that is included with Galaxy Angel II Mugen Kairō no Kagi Deluxe Edition. The booklet contains the follwing:

The cover is counted as the first page.
The second page held the special CD Angelic Disc Vol.2.
The third page is an art illustration of the Rune-Angels
Pages 4-8 are character files, with information on the Rune Angel Troupe, their Emblem Frames, and crewmembers of the Luxiole:
Natsume Izayoi profile, Papillon Chaser information and art design; pages 4-5.
Roselle Mateus profile, Holy Blood information and art design; pages 6-7.
Tapio Ca, Soldum Seldor, Caraway profiles; page 8.
The next page is a location file, with illustrations of several game locations, and some information on their development.
Pages 10-29 has information about Galaxy Angel II world.
Finally, the last page is the back cover.

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