The Galaxy Angel II Starter Book is a 56-pages booklet that is included with Galaxy Angel II Zettai Ryōiki no Tobira Deluxe Edition. The booklet contains the follwing:

The cover is counted as the first page.
The second page held the special CD Angelic Disc.
The third page is an art illustration of the Rune-Angels
Pages 4-17 are character files, with information on the Rune Angel Troupe, their Emblem Frames, and crewmembers of the Luxiole:
Apricot Sakuraba profile, Cross Caliber information and art design; pages 4-5.
Anise Azeat profile, Relic Raider information and art design; pages 6-7.
Nano-Nano Pudding profile, First Aider information and art design; pages 8-9.
Kahlua/Tequila Marjoram profile, Spell Caster information and art design; pages 10-11.
Lily C. Sherbet profile, Eagle Gazer information and art design; pages 12-13.
Kazuya Shiranami profile, Brave Heart information and art design; pages 14-15.
Takuto Meyers, Coco Nutmilk, Lunti Fiadone, Coronet Choucroute profiles; page 16.
Croix Blort, Maria Steline, Mordent Bagel, Melba Brownie profiles; page 17.
The next page is a location file, with illustrations of several game locations, and some information on their development.
Pages 19-53 has the official homepage serial novel, As the Kitten Says.
Page 54 has the lyrics to Eternal Love (11 person ver) included on the Angelic Disc.
Page 55 has more information about the CD, including the track listing, as well as various staff credits.
Finally, the last page is the back cover.

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