Galaxy Angel Dawn of Huskarl
Genre: Shoot 'em up / Manic shooter
Release: March 5, 2012
Developer(s): Okisoft
Publisher: Okisoft

Galaxy Angel Dawn of Huskarl is a fangame of Galaxy Angel, and is set year 423 (Transbaal Calendar Year). In this game you play as a protangonist known as Huskarl Terra.

To download this game, click this link.


Year 423, planet Transbaal is getting attacked by the enemies. Even other planets are getting attacked. A hero named "Huskarl" was emerged and came to destroy those enemies and restore the peace of all the planets. While Huskarl became the pilot, he wonders is he able to restore the peace of the entire galaxy.



A screenshot of Galaxy Angel Dawn of Huskarl.

In this game, you'll take control any one of the Emblem Frames. The objective is to destroy enemies and enemy boss that will attack you, then proceed to next area. The higher the difficulty you'll play, the more stronger the enemies and bosses you'll deal with.

Collect a circle icon with letter P Power Up to increase your firing power. The successive powerup adds third shot. If your power level is greater than 4, the power of SPECIAL WEAPON will even become powerful.
After your firing power reaches level 5, there will be shown text "Power Stock". If Power Stock reached 0, you will have your firing power decreased. Certain enemies also drop the Power Up.

Medals give you score points. The higher difficulty, the more score points you receive. Every enemy destroyed, it drops a medal. Each enemy drops a different medal, medium or large enemies drop a lot of medals.

Here are default controls.
Press Z to fire.
Hold X to increase SP.
Press C to change shot direction.
Hold V to change ship speed.
You may change these controls' trigger if you want. Go to option in title screen and select Configure Control to change them. In Configure Control section, select "Default Controls" to reset all the controls' trigger to normal.

HP bar on bottom shows how many your hit points were. If your HP is empty, you will be destroyed. After it, you should try again. SP bar on bottom shows how many your energy points were. Releasing X key when your SP bar is 50%, you will fire Super Shot. If your SP bar is full, you will fire SPECIAL WEAPON.

Emblem FramesEdit

You can select any one of the Emblem Frames. Every Emblem Frame fires the same basic shot and Super Shot, but has a different secondary shot and third shot type. If your fire power is over 2, it will add secondary shots. If you hold V key, it will change third shot's mode to 2nd mode.




GA - 001 Lucky Star

Spr ga1

The first powerup creates 6 homing beams. The successive powerup adds waving-direction shots. When you hold V key, it changes third shot's mode to a fork-pattern of beam phalanx shots. The special weapon is Hyper Cannon, a big laser that makes its way thru enemies, but slows your ship's speed.

GA - 002 Kung Fu Fighter

Spr ga2

The first powerup creates a fan-pattern of shots. The successive powerup adds a pair of twin homing shots. When you hold V key, it changes third shot's mode to scattered-direction twin homing missiles. The special weapon is Boomerang Claws, a pair of twin spinning claws that home one of enemies, making their way thru enemies.

GA - 003 Trick Master

Spr ga3

The first powerup creates a pair of twin strafing-movement bits that fire 3 way shots. The successive powerup adds a auto-tracking bit. When you hold V key, the third bit will follow you, making its turning speed fast. The special weapon is Flyer Strike, the additional three bits that fire 3 way shots and 3 scatter shots.

GA - 004 Happy Trigger

Spr ga4

The first powerup creates 5 way shots. The successive powerup adds spinning-direction shots. When you hold V key, causes spinning-direction shots to fire widely. The special weapon is Strike Burst that fires a enormous fan-pattern of shots and a enormous straight shot.

GA - 005 Harvester

Spr ga5

The first powerup creates 4 scattered-direction shots. The successive powerup adds spinning-direction needle shots. When you hold V key, it changes third shot's mode to a wide fan-pattern of needle shots. The special weapon is Ion Blaster that shots 3 way shots at a enemy.

GA - 006 Sharp Shooter

Spr ga6

The first powerup creates twin scattered-direction flak missiles that create damaging explosion when hit the enemy. The successive powerup adds a swarm of rocket shots. When you hold V key, it changes third shot's mode to a large rocket shot that creates fan-pattern of 12 bullets or deals heavy damage if it hits a nearby enemy. The special weapon is Fatal Arrow, similiar to Hyper Cannon but its shot deals heavy damage if it hits a certain enemy.

Areas and BossesEdit

When initial area 1, 8 or 15 is clear, you'll enter the random area (Random area 2 to 6 in chapter 1, random area 9 to 13 in chapter 2 and random area 16 to 21 in chapter 3), then enter the final area. Every area has a unique boss, most bosses have a alternate mode upon death e.g. before the boss dies, it may detach one of its all parts, transforming it into the robot or the war machine. (Note that Area 11's boss Radar Remunzer doesn't detach one of its all parts, but transforms its entire self.) When the boss dies, it may drop a lot of medals.

Chapter 1 - Planet Transbaal
Name Image Description Appearance
Sky Cobra
A attacker ship. Area 1
Mythril Hydra
A assault tank. Area 2
Red Roc
A carrier ship. Area 3
Titan Bomber
A bomber ship. Area 4
A destroyer sea ship. Area 5
Gen's Bulldozer
A massive bulldozer. Area 6
Rhino Assault Tank
A commander tank. Piloted by Rhino. Area 7

Chapter 2 - Planet Yuiyata
Name Image Description Appearance
A destroyer mech. Area 8
Rock Dragonfly
A carrier helicopter. Area 9
A assault tank. Area 10
Radar Remunzer
A assault satellite. Area 11
A bomber ship. Area 12
A amphibious tank. Area 13
Big Kiddo
A destroyer ship. Piloted by Dax Damn and Hitler. Area 14

Chapter 3 - Planet Juszter
Name Image Description Appearance
Missiler Gezel
A missile firing ship. Area 15
A assault submarine. Area 16
A assault tank. Area 17
A bomber plane. Area 18
A carrier plane. Area 19
A destroyer ship. Area 20
Carrier Otheas
A carrier ship. Area 21
Dark Sky
A destroyer ship. Area 22
Hitler's Tank
A Hitler's tank. Area 23 (as first sub-boss)
Zorada's Royal Ship
A Zorada's ship that protects Computer Dhostos. Area 23 (as second sub-boss)
Computer Dhostos
A main computer. Area 23
Brood Mother
A powerful alien mother. Immune to Special Weapon or Super Shots. Area 24

External LinkEdit

Galaxy Angel Dawn of Huskarl download link

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