Femto (フェムト Femuto?) is the moon of the planet Pico and had the now abandoned nanomachine facility on its surface. Inside the facility, obvious remnants of extremely advanced nanomachine research can be found all over its rooms. Evidence suggests that this facility predates the Chrono Quake. The facility itself is maintained by nanomachines, keeping it pristine in condition. Security protocols are however constantly in effect and the outer areas of the moon are protected by satellites while the interior of the facility is guarded by robots.

The Elsior, on its survey mission in NEUE during the year of its discovery, toured through the universe's primary belt of planets and reached Pico. Vanilla investigated the abandoned facility and found the primary research projects inside the facility, the nanomachine organisms. Upon further investigation, her presence awakened a single nanomachine organism who called out to her. The nanomachine being took the form of a child and followed Vanilla back, eventually becoming adopted as Vanilla's daughter.

Femto's nanomachine facility is the only Pico-related location that is visited in the series. In all three occasions, the facility is visited. In ZR, Nano overexerts the nanomacines that composed her body and was taken back to the facility to let the technology inside restore her to full functionality. In MK, Pico, and by extension, Femto, are occupied by Benedictine Pike, one of the Three Marquis, and the defensive satellites around the facility proved crucial in scattering his fleet. Finally in EK, the Rune Angel Wing explored the facility to find the rest of the nanomachine organisms were taken away by the Will. The Will's tampering of the control console allowed Nano to access the rest of the facility where they found a nanomachine infant in the northernmost room. The console in that particular room also held secrets regarding the entire facility and its research.

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