Ecco Frite is the proprietor of the convenience store on the Elsior.

Appearance Edit

Ecco is a lanky man of slightly above average height who wears the blue and white employee uniform of the convenience store he runs. He usually wears a lax expression while speaking in an even more relaxed tone. He has unkempt brown hair and wears glasses.

History Edit

Galaxy AngelEdit

Ecco is the sole employee and manager of the convenience store located in the Elsior and runs it 24 hours a day with seemingly no other "official" helpers, other than being occasionally helped by either crew members or the Angel Wing. He remains in the convenience store throughout the entire series and constantly offers discounts at small occurrences around the ship.

Galaxy Angel IIEdit

Along with the rest of the Elsior's crew that was brought together to celebrate the liberation of EDEN from the Val-Fasq, Ecco was onboard the Luxiole during its commemorative flight. This small vacation time would come to an end as the Elsior responded to the Infinite Corridor's signatures and arrived at Val-Rundal to assist the Luxiole repulse the Will fleet. He boarded the Luxiole after the Elsior was sacrificed and is met in the Convenience Store where it is revealed that he is Luco's brother.

Personality Edit

Ecco is surprisingly laid back considering that he's the only person running the store that everyone on the ship uses to supplement their daily lives. Ecco speaks in an extremely relaxing tone and keeps to an odd but firm code of a business man who doesn't waste an opportunity to increase sales.


  • Along with Ume, Ecco's name was never known until Eigou Kaiki no Toki