The EDEN Civilization is a highly advanced civilization that created Lost Technology and whose influence spanned multiple parallel universes. The highly advanced culture of EDEN was conquered in a few short instances because of the effects of the Chrono Quake. The people of EDEN set off one of its Lost Technologies, the White Moon with its administrator, Shatoyarn to the Transbaal Empire where its technological advances helped nurture the empire and brought it back up to its feet. It's true purpose forgotten, the Black Moon's return with Eonia Transbaal to merge with the White Moon was viewed as an undesirable act. In the beginning of the Val-Fasq Invasion of Transbaal, the Black Moon's administrator Noa allied herself with the Elsior's crew and the White Moon to combat the Val-Fasq, the true enemy of EDEN.

The siblings of Lushati and Wein revealed that EDEN had not died out at all and was alive, but not well. The Val-Fasq were revealed to have engineered the Chrono Quake using their hazardous technology and had ruled the EDEN civilization for the past few centuries. EDEN is finally freed thanks to the efforts of the Elsior and the Moon Angel Wing and become united with the Transbaal Empire and the "liberated" Val-Fasq.

Their homeplanet is Juno.

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