EDEN (エデン Eden?) is the primary universe where the events of the first trilogy takes place in. It is the home of the EDEN Civilization and the Transbaal Empire with all of its denizens. It housed the Val-Fasq race after their loss against the inhabitants of ABSOLUTE and was their main hub of conquest.

The EDEN Civilization created the technologies that supported the Transbaal Empire after the Chrono Quake and was separated by said event. After the events of the 2nd Val-Fasq War, the Transbaal Empire, Eden, and the Val-Fasq were united. From then on, the union between Transbaal and Eden helped nurture the growth of the NEUE universe and later assisted the UPW in helping other universes.

Its Gate Keeper is Milfeulle Sakuraba and the Chrono Gate is located near Juno. While it contained both the White Moon and Black Moon, the former was transported to NEUE while the Black Moon was eventually reconstructed.