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The Dual Chrono Break Cannon is a weapon based on the Chrono Break Cannon, created by Noah and was made to be the Luxiole's ultimate weapon. It sported a completely different look to the original cannon and shared design similarities to the Luxiole with its ability to fire independently from one another. It is seen in the final moments of the ZR where it pierced through the Shadow Moon's shields, where the Chrono Break Cannon wasn't able to.

In MK, it is reattached to the Luxiole before its expedition into the Infinite Corridor. It was used against Parfait's ship, the Astral Parfait where it only succeeded in breaking its shields and required a cooldown period to fire again.

In EK, it was reattached to the Luxiole when it headed out to the frontier to intercept the Will attack in Arms Alliance space. It was used to combat the Astral Sorbet where it was unable to pierce through its shield in its initial firing but was able to not only break through the shields but annihilate the ship in its entirety when the two cannons fired from different angles using the Luxiole's ability to split into two.

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