The Divine Sorbet is the flagship of Sorbet after the destruction of the Astral Sorbet.

Gameplay Edit

Before it was brought to the battlefield, it was part of the Astral Sorbet that had a shield which was slightly different in terms of configuration from that of the Astral Parfait. Most of the defensive power was concentrated at the front and because of this, even the Dual Chrono Break Cannon was unable to break through on the first attempt. However, on the second attempt where the shield was attacked from the sides, it easily shattered. Tapio explains this is because most of the defensive power was concentrated at the front, the sides of the shield would consequently be much more vulnerable.

With the Astral Sorbet destroyed, it's main gun was revealed to be part of a significantly smaller ship known as the Divine Sorbet and the angered Sorbet used in its final battle against the Luxiole. During this time, the Luxiole was separated into two halves and Sorbet will chase after the top half while the auxiliary cannons from the Astral Sorbet will deattach themselves from the wreckage to chase down the bottom half. The Divine Sorbet is the first enemy ship to have a Special bar and when it is filled, it can fire its main cannon, the Celtic Murderer directly at the Luxiole that causes significant damage, even more-so if an Emblem Frame is caught in the blast. After it's defeat, Sorbet attempted one last attempt to destroy the Luxiole by firing the cannon so it could propel itself backwards to explode along with the bottom half the Luxiole.