Now, dance for me! The dance of death on black wings!


Dark Angels are the versions of Emblem Frames created by Noa after obtaining sufficient combat data from studying the Angel Wing. Unfortunately, Dark Angels have no H.A.L.O. Systems.

Gameplay Edit

Galaxy Angel Edit

They are introduced halfway through the game where they replace the standard fighters the Hell Hounds have been utilizing previously. They are faster, tougher, and deal more damage than their previous ships are should be prioritized first in any fight as if they find that their respective rival are not fighting them, they will target the Elsior.

In the penultimate battle, after the fight against Eonia, the Hell Hounds request safety in the Black Moon. Instead of letting them inside, Noa offered them strength which they gladly accepted to fight back one more time. This however led to Noa taking control of the ship's systems and forcibly merged the Hell Hound pilots with the machinery. This union gave the Dark Angel a considerable boost in all fields and also gave bright "wings" to the fighters.

Moonlit Lovers Edit

With the Black Moon's core retrieved, Nefuria utilized the schematics to reproduce the Dark Angel in masses. However, the tougher versions that required a human host were not utilized.