Creta Biscuit (クレータ・ビスキュイ Kurēta Biskyui?)was the Chief of the Elsior's engineering team.

Appearance Edit

Creta is a blonde woman of average height and curvy body who is completely dressed in a white and yellow, engineer jumpsuit. She keeps her hair brushed back with a hairband while it still reaches to her neck. She wears a black suit underneath her jumpsuit. She is also currently the only character in the series to have freckles.

History Edit

Galaxy Angel Edit

Creta is encountered during Tact's tour through the Elsior with Milfie guiding him. She is encountered most frequently in the Hangar where she and her team constantly repair and maintain the Emblem Frames in perfect conditions in any event they must sortie. It is revealed early on that she idolizes a young male singer in secret while it turns out that the rest of the engineering team adores him as well.

Galaxy Angel II Edit

Along with the rest of the Elsior's crew that was brought together to celebrate the liberation of EDEN from the Val-Fasq, Creta was onboard the Luxiole during its commemorative flight. This small vacation time would come to an end as the Elsior responded to the Infinite Corridor's signatures and arrived at Val-Rundal to assist the Luxiole repulse the Will fleet. She boarded the Luxiole after the Elsior was sacrificed and is met in the Hangar where converses with Croix and Coronet about the Braveheart. In the case Kazuya visits them, Creta will take an instant liking to Kazuya's feminine appearance.

Personality Edit

While a normally easygoing crew member, Creta has a number of quirks that set her apart from the rest of her peers. She is known to be extremely serious when it comes to the Emblem Frames as shown when she becomes angry at the notion of Ranpha's intention in wanting to "upgrade" the Anchor Claws into drills and kicks both her and Tact out of the Hangar. Being the resident tech expert, she is also the first to any new technological discoveries and becomes interested in any oddities the Elsior finds. This still occurs in Galaxy Angel II where Creta takes an immense interest in how the Braveheart functions. Her idolization of feminine, young boys still remains as she shows interest in Kazuya and wished she was a few years younger.


  • Creta's last name is derived from baked treat, biscuit.

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