Coronet Choucroute (コロネ・シュークルート Korone Shūkurūto?) is one a member of the Engineering Team of the Luxiole. She speaks with distinct Osaka accent.

Appearance Edit

Coronet wears a unique dark-red engineer uniform with the regular Luxiole crew gold and black emblems and trims.

Coronet's hair is a dark shade of blonde with a small tuft of hair tied on her left side of her head.

She wears an assortment of tools by her belt and a blue undershirt underneath her uniform along with her perpetual band-aid on her nose.

Personality Edit

Coronet's habits are not clearly shown but her hasty attitude usually clashes with Croix's experienced opinion on how things should be done in the Hangar. Given her young age and her prodigious skill in her craft, she is well respected among the team.

Compared to the aged Croix and the near unapproachable Steline, Coronet is the more sociable among the Engineering team and as such, is usually the one to be involved in the romantic route conflicts. For example, she is one of the people Kazuya consults with during Rico's route in MKnK as she realizes Kazuya's insecurities against Roselle. She then suggests that he takes a more aggressive, cool approach to her. She also ends up spreading the rumor that Rico and Kazuya were married during their route conflict in EKnT.

History Edit

Service on the Luxiole Edit

Much like the rest of the Luxiole's crew, Coronet is encountered in Kazuya's tour of the Luxiole. Much like Croix, there is not much of Coronet in terms of large events other than route conflicts where she usually is consulted or is involved in some minor way. She is mostly seen in the Hangar working on projects with her boss Croix but most of the time, they are seen quarreling with each other. Coronet is usually subject to Anise's wrath in the latter's insistence that no one should touch the Relic Raider during maintenance.

Like with the majority of the Luxiole's crew, Coronet's last name is learned by the beginning of Eigou Kaiki no Toki where apparently, Croix had trouble remembering it himself.

While not really a personality, Coronet's accent gives her a casual atmosphere and one of general friendliness.


  • Coronet's first name likely comes from the pastry coronet and her last name from the French word for Sauerkraut.