The Chrono Quake Bomb (クロノ・クェイク爆弾 Kurono Kueiku Bakudan?) is a weapon developed by the Val-Fasq that incurs a phenomena known as a Chrono Quake. While it was thought that it was first used against EDEN Civilization it was used centuries earlier in the Val-Fasq's war against the administrant race that resided in ABSOLUTE.

In their attempt to conquer Eden, the Val-Fasq required the Chrono Quake to cripple Eden's military power and unleashed a Chrono Quake Bomb in the EDEN universe to completely nullify its fleet and technology, conquering them shortly afterwards. The third Chrono Quake was stopped by the Moon Angel Wing where its disastrous effects were rerouted to Another Space that was forcibly created to contain it.

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